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Chapter 3 Coaxing Beichen to Sleep

“Young Master, young Master is willing to let Han Ruo stay.”

Aunt Xu reported on the phone that she hadn’t been relieved from what she just saw.

The man was surprised. “Nothing happened?”

“Han Ruo smashed the laptop you gave to the young master and said that the loss was deducted from her salary.” Aunt Xu honestly explained.

“Oh, it’s interesting.” Mo Zicong’s lips and corners evoked evil Lu arc: “Then follow the buckle and see how long she can last.”

Han Ruo’s room was arranged next to the Little Devil.

That night, Han Ruo was lying on the bed and was tossing and turning to sleep.

“If Ruoah, it was all your grandfather that dragged you down. It has been so many years. Go to your child, I know you miss him all the time.”

Grandpa’s words were still there, Han Ruo turned over and looked at the night outside the window, his eyes wet.

Five years ago, Han’s Group went bankrupt and her grandfather was admitted to the hospital with severe cerebral hemorrhage. She was still a student and had no help.

For her grandfather, she can only choose to have children for others.

Although I haven’t been with my son for a day, I haven’t met again for so many years.

But after all, it was her own flesh and blood born after her blood collapsed and almost dystocia. Now she is the only relative who is connected to her blood.

In the past five years, she has been thinking about it all the time, and now she finally has her wish.

Han Ruo couldn’t sleep, simply sat up, crept open the door of the little devil’s room, and walked in.

Moonlight penetrated into the large floor-to-ceiling window glass, and the little devil in bed was sleeping soundly.

Mo Beichen’s lips were red and white, and her gently closed eyes gathered up all the spikes, like Angel Angel sleeping sweetly on the petals.

Han Ruo sat by the bed, tilting his head and staring at his unconscious aunt, laughing.

Mo Beichen’s eyebrows twisted suddenly, his hands and feet twitched like a nightmare, his teeth clenched tightly.

“Beichen?” Han Ruo anxious.

She didn’t know what to do for a while, patting Mo Beichen’s back like patting her belly when she was pregnant.

She hummed softly: “Sleep, sleep, my dear baby …”

In her appeasement, Mo Beichen gradually became quiet and re-entered her dream, and even a sweet smile floated on her lips, as if she was doing something beautiful.

Han Ruo accompanied him for a while and saw him falling asleep before getting up and leaving the bedroom.

For the entire week, Han Ruo touched Mo Beichen’s bedroom at midnight.

Seeing him sleeping hard, she would pat him on the back, sing and sing, watching him sleep sweetly, the woman’s heart was full of joy.

“Click!” It was late at night, and Han Ruo pushed the door open again.

Into his ears was the cry of the little demon king “Bang Biao”.

He curled up in the quilt, his little soft body trembling, like a kitten abandoned in the middle of the night.

“Baby.” Han Ruo whispered softly and walked to hug him, his voice soft: “What’s wrong?”

“I dreamed that my mum threw me in the trash can and left regardless.”

The little devil who never lived in the past, curled up in Han Ruo’s arms, and there were crystal tears on his face, and his voice was sobbing.

He said one word, as if hammering hard on Han Ruo’s heart.

She could not speak, but held Mo Beichen tightly, and let the guilt that overwhelmed her drown.

The little devil was quiet, snuggling in Han Ruo’s arms.

The woman’s hand patted his back and hummed in a small voice: “Sleep … Sleep …”

The door was gently pushed open, and the man stood by the door, watching Han Ruo coaxing Mo Beichen to sleep, his eyes full of surprise.

In the past, Mo Beichen was awakened by a nightmare, and it would be noisy and noisy, so that the entire mansion could not sleep all night.

Now he actually fell asleep in the woman’s appeasement, no noise, no sense of uneasiness.

Han Ruo watched Mo Beichen fall asleep, carefully got out of bed, and turned to face the man’s pupil of ink.

“Young Master.” The woman’s voice was very soft, afraid of disturbing the little devil sleeping on the bed.

“Well.” The man took a few steps back, watching the woman walk out of the bedroom, watching her take the door with extreme caution.

“Did you coax Beichen to sleep so much these days?”

The man’s magnetic voice was deep, and he felt cool in this silent night.

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