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Chapter 3 Pei Yi, let go get marriage certificate

“How do you cry, baby? Don’t cry, what is wrong, tell your mother, don’t cry, don’t cry, we won’t marry, we won’t marry !” Lin Xuejiao said distressingly.

Su Zibao sniffed his nose and wiped his tears with a firm tone, “Mom, I’m not really jumping into the sea, just looking at the scenery. I don’t know who spread the news that I jumped out of the sea and escaped marriage, I am really willing to marry Pei San Less. How many people have no chance to marry Pei Sanshao, how could I be so stupid, such a good man does not marry, and still escapes marriage?”

Su family collectively stunned. Is this really what Su Zibao would say? Did she really want to marry Pei Sanshao? Isn’t she treating money as dung in pursuit of “love”? Why succumb to business marriage now?

“Really?” Lin Xuejiao couldn’t believe it.

“Yes!” Su Zibao nodded seriously, turned her head around, and deliberately widened her eyes, “Mom, what about my husband? He wasn’t even here when I fell into the water?”

Lin Xuejiao was embarrassed, “Everyone thinks you are running away from marriage If you don’t marry, if Pei’s family doesn’t work, Pei Sanshao will not come naturally. Baby, you’re real…”

“No! Don’t let him misunderstand! Mom, send me to Pei Sanshao. It’s really a big misunderstanding. I’m getting married today, how can you let some people splash dirty water on the bride’s head? Su’s parents and daughters escaped from marriage and jumped out of the sea to abandon Pei Sanshao, what a scandal.” Su Zibao A look angry than everyone else, jumped out of the bed at the moment, “Don’t stop me, I want to make it clear to Pei Sanshao!”

“Baby, you just woke up…well, let me follow You arrange a car and take you to Pei Sanshao’s company.” Lin Xuejiao is spoiled for this daughter, and naturally it is her.

Su Zibao went away, Lin Xuejiao pointed to Su Liya, “I will not care about you today, and wait for the baby to come back to you to settle accounts! Dare to splash dirty water on my daughter, you wait!”

“Aunt, I don’t have, really It was the eldest sister who wanted to escape the marriage before jumping into the sea…” Su Liya looked wronged.

But even Su Guoqiang sighed, “Liya, don’t talk anymore next time.” In the

dark night KTV’s box, Pei Yi, who hugs right and left, looks at Su Zibao who suddenly breaks in.

He is Pei’s three young men. His handsome face is sculpted like a knife. His eyebrows are deep in contour, and his facial features are exquisite and three-dimensional. The sharp eyebrows are somewhat unruly, and the narrow and long eyes are deep and evil, and this face alone is enough for many wealthy people to post upside down. Wearing an off-white suit, with a burgundy tie, lined with a blue shirt, a woman in a voluptuous pose is wrapped around her left and right hands.

Young and rich, unruly. These eight words can summarize Pei Sanshao, in other words, he is a famous playboy in Haicheng.

This is the simple information Su Zibao got from memory, but when she saw the person in front of her, she couldn’t help but stunned. Pei Yi is definitely the kind of man who can make people forget at first glance.

“Hey, I’m wondering who dares to kick our door. It turned out to be our Miss Sea Jumping Bride, Miss Su Da!” Song Yingjie, also dressed as a playboy, smiled coldly, “Did Miss Su go in the wrong place.”

Su Zibao glanced at the box, full of Pei Yi’s “fox friends”, each with his own circle, and the playboy’s surroundings were naturally indispensable.

“I came to Pei Yi to receive the certificate.” Su Zibao looked at Pei Yi and threw a noise.

“Poof!” Song Yingjie spewed out a sip of red wine. “Did I hear it wrong? Obtain a certificate? What certificate would you get if you wouldn’t marry?” Come to scold?”

Su Zibao took a deep breath and calmly walked in front of Pei Yi. “Today we are married, let’s get the certificate now!”

Because the previous Su Zibao fought to resist this marriage, they hadn’t had time to get the certificate. It is only because the wedding invitation has been sent out that it is inconvenient to reschedule, so I plan to receive the certificate while holding the wedding today.

As a result, the original Su Zibao fled into the sea early in the morning, and now the attitude of the Pei family has become unclear.

“Three young, is her brain jumping into the water? How do you say nonsense?” Song Yingjie looked puzzled.

Su Zibao turned his head to look at him with a smile that was just right, “Song Shao misunderstood, I accidentally fell into the sea when I was looking at the landscape today, I don’t know why I was passed on to be rather dead than to marry. But I was actually early Pei Sanshao is already very satisfied, how satisfied is this marriage with Sanshao, how could it be impossible for him to die? Besides, how many people in Haicheng want to marry Sanshao, I’m not stupid! “

Aren’t you stupid before? Song Yingjie was silent in his heart.

After all, Su Zibao had just returned from abroad. It was only rumours that she refused to marry in pursuit of true love. Apart from the Su family, not many people knew what was going on.

“Don’t you jump into the sea? Is it a misstep?” Song Yingjie looked suspicious.

“Song Shao should know that some people are waiting to see the jokes of our two Pei Su. So why is there such a rumors, can you understand?” Su Zibao calmly finished, looking at Pei Yi, his eyes bright, ” Give me ten minutes, if you don’t want to take care of me, I will leave immediately.” A

little surprise flashed in Pei Yi’s eyes. This Su Zibao was so much different from the one he remembered.

A low, magnetic voice said, “You go out first.”

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