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Chapter 4 A paper contract

Song Yingjie and others all left, and the taste of cigarettes and alcohol remained in the box. Pei Yi was still lying on the sofa halfway so casually, his long fingers playing with the crystal glass in his hand, and his eyes fell on Su Zibao’s body.

She had just come out of the ward, wearing a blue-and-white striped medical gown from the hospital, with a white bandage on her forehead, and even more ridiculously, she was carrying a plastic bag on her hand. Su Yanchaotian, no fat powder, but even so, it can be seen as a full beauty embryo. His sharp chin is smart and his eyes are big, and the willow eyebrows have long eyelashes, like a beauty in the painting.

Pei Yi, a joke in the celebrity circle, had heard it before. Before she went abroad, she had been blinded by a joke, and the vase was wrapped in straw.

But I have to say that it is a beautiful and stunning vase.

“Pei Sanshao, what happened this morning, I can clarify that it has absolutely nothing to do with escape marriage. I am very satisfied with this marriage. Now people outside are waiting to see the jokes of our two. The reputation of the Pei family was impaired.” Su Zibao looked at him sincerely. “Anyway, this is a commercial marriage. After marriage, I don’t care how you Pei Shao is romantic. And I also promise that nothing will be done. There is no light on your face. Be at ease to be a good Mrs. Pei, not to embarrass you.”

Pei Yi raised a chuckle on his lips, “Are you satisfied with this marriage? Miss Su, I did not say I am satisfied. I didn’t want to marry you, You just escaped marriage. The reputation of the Pei family has nothing to do with me. If you want to be a joke, you can make a joke. Let them laugh. Is it possible that my Pei Sanshao will have less meat?”

Su Zibao was dumbfounded. It’s even harder. Does he even care?

“Furthermore, the joke about marrying you in the celebrity circle is enough to make everyone laugh, is it bad?”

Naked contempt and disdain.

Su Zibao thinks about what his predecessor did. Indeed, perhaps Pei Sanshao still feels that the escape from marriage just solved this trouble. She wants to marry, he does not necessarily want to marry.

“I only need three years, Pei Sanshao, you give me three years, I can sign a marriage agreement with you before receiving the certificate, three years later, as long as you Pei Sanshao, I will unconditionally clean Going out of the house.” Su Zibao gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and stared at Pei Yi. , I’m going to be your wife’s wife!”

Pei Yi’s pupil shrank suddenly and returned to his normal state with a smile instead of a smile. “Su Zibao, this is not a big loss. Just to protect the Su family’s face now, just for three years. Peace, you have to sacrifice so much? By the time I sweep you out, you will have nothing.”

“Anyway, you don’t know anything about my Su family. Grandpa’s will, if I marry you, I can Get half of the family property as a dowry. If I can’t marry you, then half of the family property will be withdrawn and let my dad handle it. And his biggest possibility is to give this family property to our illegitimate children. My Su Zibao is for you, They are never cheap,” Su Zibao said frankly. “And, if I don’t marry you, I will be swept away now. Fortunately, there are still three years of lingering panic, how can I earn it?”

Business marriage only, benefit, Su Zibao Naturally speaking clearly.

She needs this dowry, the identity of Mrs. Pei Yi, and the identity of Su’s parents and daughters. Only in this way can she revenge.

For this reason, even at the expense of marriage and the happiness of this life, we are not hesitating. Not to mention, happiness? Oh, fucking love, Su Zibao revived my life, absolutely do not believe in the so-called love, let alone the so-called happiness.

All she has to do is revenge and protect her loved ones. Even if he swept her out of the house three years later, as long as she completed her revenge, she would have no regrets in her life.

“You’re so smart, it’s too different from the rumors.” Pei Yi looked at her with her head tilted, a little more interested in her eyes, and said, “It doesn’t seem to be a rejection of a profitable business. Reason.”

Seeing Pei Sanshao finally nodded, Su Zibao was relieved and quickly pulled out a contract from the bag and handed it to him.

“This is a marriage agreement. My name has already been signed. Please sign it.” Su Zibaote handed Pei Yi a pen.

These things were ready before she came in.

Pei Yi turned it around and looked at it, and it was clear that the first one was that if they divorced after three years, Su Zibao unconditionally went out of the house, and all property was owned by Pei Yi.

In addition, there are several other articles that have attracted the attention of Pei Yi.

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