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Chapter 4 Marry My Daddy

“Young Master, he didn’t sleep well, so I wanted to accompany him and calm down.”

Han Ruo whispered that his hands overlapped unconsciously.

“Oh, you’re working hard.” The man threw a sentence. Turned back to the room, the door closed gently, and the whole night was silent.

“What does this mean?” Han Ruo touched his nose and returned to the room inexplicably.

This week, she deliberately avoided Mo Zicong, but there was no intersection.

However, the strong aura of the man still let Han Ruo feel in his heart, and always felt seen through.

Early the next morning.

Han Ruo pushed open the door of the little demon king’s room, and found that the little devil who had always been waiting for her to wait on the bed was already well-dressed, and was sitting on the bed and looked at her neatly.

“Huh?” Han Ruo stepped in and looked at the little devil suspiciously: “Are you going to do anything bad to me again?”

She lifted her head and there was nothing hanging on the ceiling.

God knows why she should be so careful. This week, she has no idea how many times she has been pitted by the little devil.

For example, as soon as the door was pushed and water was poured on a basin of water, which drenched her in the heart, the little devil laughed.

She should have jumped on her feet, but when she saw the little devil smile, she laughed with it, causing the little devil to give her the nickname of a silly woman.

“Silly woman, come here.” The little devil beckoned, and the delicate face was gentle and gentle like never before.

In a burst of heart, Han Ruo approached like a thin ice, carefully: “Huh?”

“Do you want to marry my father?”

“No,” Han Ruo answered without hesitation.

The little devil opened his eyes: “So you are a stupid woman. My father is handsome and golden. You don’t want to marry him?”

“How handsome is a big pig’s hoof.” Han Ruo grunted.

The man passing by the door stepped in and turned to look at them inside the door.

When the little devil saw it, he smiled and said, “You actually scolded my father?”

Han Ruo turned his back to the door and did n’t even know that the little devil was digging and squatted down to wear shoes for him: “No scolding, I ’m just telling the truth. In particular, he looks handsome, he has a lot of gold, and he is a big oil hoof. Just look at the saliva and do n’t touch it at all. “

Someone’s lips twitched, dare to feel that he is a big pig’s hoof, or the kind of special oil.

“Hey.” The little devil suddenly raised his hand and greeted crisply: “Daddy.”

Han Ruo stiffened, and turned his head like a puppet to look at the man at the door. His smile was embarrassing and jerky.

“Huh.” Mo Zicong glanced coldly at Han Ruo, turned around and left.

“You pit me again.” Han Ruo looked sad and stared at Mo Beichen: “Hey, do you want to be so vengeful, I just hit you with a pillow.”

“Humph!” The little devil held his hands in his chest and lifted his chin proudly: “It’s not just hitting me with a pillow, you also smashed my computer. And ah, you threatened to threaten me, saying that you want to spread me as a coward rumor.”

Oh, so vengeful, worthy of Scorpio.

Han Ruo admits his destiny: “Xing Xing, you are the boss, I let you pit, let you pit for a lifetime, okay?”

“No, I decided to let go and settle with you.”

The little devil smiled, and the words on the little face of Dudu were full of kindness.

Han Ruo didn’t dare to believe it, staring at him suspiciously: “What the hell do you want?”

“Ah, people really want to reconcile with you, that is, there is a condition, especially small requirements.”

Also emphasize small requirements?

Han Ruo took a step back and looked up: “You talk about it.”

“Just you have to sleep with me, just like last night, pat me on the back and sing. How is it? Is it a small request?”

The little devil’s eyes full of smile, unconsciously prayed a little more.

Han Ruo’s heart was like being stabbed fiercely by a needle, and his eyes turned red instantly, almost without hesitation: “Okay.”

“Yeah!” The little demon jumped from the bed and smiled brightly: “I’m afraid you won’t agree.”

“Ah.”… …

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