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Chapter 5 His Stepmother

of course not.

The little devil Ao Jiao raised his head: “This little master is not afraid of fear, silly woman, I will cover you in this house in the future.”

“It’s such a drag.” Han Ruo patted his little ass: “Hurry and brush your teeth.”

The little devil came out after brushing his teeth, and on the way downstairs, he began to ask east and west, “silly woman, have you ever studied music?”

“No.” Han Ruo shook his head.

“No? Then why are you singing so nice?”

The little devil didn’t believe it.

Han Ruo squinted at him: “I will just hum, is it so nice?”

“Humph!” The little devil’s mouth pouted, his head twisted, and he looked like a kitten.

He didn’t ask anymore, and told Han Ruo to move her bedding into his room and finish sleeping with him later.

“I know.” Han Ruo looked at Mo Beichen’s face, afraid of her repentance, and was both happy and sad.

As soon as the two people entered the dining room, Su Anran’s soft and nice voice came, “Bei Chen.”

The little devil stepped in, his small face followed up, and his cold eyes, exactly like his father’s, glanced over Su Anran and turned and walked away.

“Eh!” Han Ruo froze for a while and quickly caught up: “What are you doing?”

“I don’t eat with that woman, you ask the housekeeper to send the food to the back garden.”

The little devil did not turn his head back, and ran out of the gate like a little cat with deep hair.

Han Ruo stunned. Although he had only seen Su Anran one less time, he also felt that Su Anran was good to Mo Beichen.

I don’t know why the little devil so resisted Su Anran.

In the dining room.

“Zicong, I said not to eat together, Beichen is unwilling.”

The smile on Su Anran’s face froze, looking back at Mo Zicong’s dissatisfaction, and his red lips pouted.

“Sooner or later you will be his stepmother, and you must let him adapt to you.” Mo Zicong’s rare tenderness.

When he saw Han Ruo entering the door, his expression was ashamed, and he was not angry: “If Beichen would send him to the back garden again, it would be free, and he would be hungry if he didn’t come back for dinner.”

“Why?” Han Ruo blurted out, blurting out without thinking: “He is still a child and can’t be hungry.”


The air seemed to freeze.

Both the housekeeper and Aunt Xu had incredible expressions on their faces, and even Su Anran looked at her like a monster.

“Really, really, children can’t be hungry.”

Han Ruo immediately counseled and stuttered to explain, but the point was not this at all, the point was that she dared to choke with Mo Shao.

“Go out!” The man sneered.

Han Ruo opened his mouth and wanted to protest.

The housekeeper hurried forward: “Han Ruo, you hurry to pack up the little master’s toys.”

Where there is no toy, the little devil never plays with toys, only plays with a bunch of codes that she cannot understand.

Although the nickname Han Ruo is a silly woman, she still knows that the housekeeper is helping her, and turns to leave the dining room.

“This babysitter is very interesting.” Su Anran picked up the coffee lightly and tentatively asked, “Should she get along well with Beichen?”

“Fortunately, it’s just a little bit incomprehensible.” Mo Zicong sandwiched her with a sandwich: “eat more.”

“Well, or else we’ll finish breakfast in a moment, shall we coax Beichen?” Su Anran suggested.

Mo Zicong shook his head helplessly: “You just spoiled him too much. He was spoiled by you, so he would bully you so arrogantly.”

“Where is it?” Su Anran snorted, glancing at the bottom of his eyes as he lowered his head to bite the sandwich.

back yard.

Han Ruo found the little devil sitting on the edge of the swimming pool and sulking.

“Eh.” She also sat down with a smile, “What are you so angry with?”

“Humph!” The little devil turned his head and ignored her.

“look at this.”

Han Ruo handed over a small glass jar with a cookie made by her hand, or a bear shape.

“Don’t eat.” …

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