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Chapter 5 It is eligible to be my Pei Yi’s woman

second. Party A shall not force sexual relations without the consent of Party B.

Third, both parties have to bear the obligations and responsibilities of the husband and wife.

Pei Yiyi, isn’t it the duty of the husband and wife to share the same room? The narrow and long eyes looked at each other, and when he saw them, his face was calm, but there were some uneasiness and anxiety in the dark eyes. Obviously, he attached great importance to this matter.

Men and women love this kind of thing. The woman on his bed was always delivered to him by Pei Yi.

Although the marriage agreement is simple, it is well organized, without loopholes, and has legal effect.

Pei Yi picked up the pen and named Fei Fei Wu to sign his name. He asked casually, “This is what you wrote?”

“Yes. Why? What’s the problem?” Su Zibao asked.

Pei Yi threw the signed contract back to her, and raised a meaningful smile, “No problem.”

Of course there is a problem, the problem is too big! The straw bag could even draft such a flawless contract, and the straw bag could prepare the conditions he would promise before seeing him, and even the contract was printed. It seems that his little wife is a bit interesting.

After Pei Yi signed the contract, Su Zibao grabbed his hand, “Go, get the certificate! Later, the Civil Affairs Bureau is going to work.”

“Wait!” Pei Yi held Su Zibao’s hand and pulled Su Zibao hard Sit down on his thigh, his strong arm hugged her into his arms, a charming smile appeared on his handsome face, he took a sip of red wine in his hand, and suddenly sealed Su Zibao’s lips.

Su Zibao just wanted to struggle, and the red wine had already flowed in along his lips. His palm was firmly pressed against the back of her head, making her unable to move, and forced to accept this ambiguous “feeding”.

It was hard to swallow the red wine. Su Zibao’s eyes were radiant and his face was red, “You… what do you mean!”

“Drink a glass of wine to celebrate your marriage.” Pei Yi’s face was taken for granted, and there was a faint smile on his lips. “Did you drink it from?”

Su Zibao glared at him angrily, “porto.”

” Not bad, what about the year?” Pei Yi asked again.

Su Zibao shook her head, but unexpectedly Pei Yi’s kiss was covered again. This time, the kiss was deeper and more tangled than before, as if to swallow her under the belly.


Su Zibao was red-faced, “86 years.”

“Yes! I am qualified to be my Pei Yi’s woman.” Pei Yi seemed extremely happy, haha ​​smiled, and hugged Su Zibao sitting on his lap. Go outside.

Su Zibao was surprised. Does this mean rolling sheets?

“Where are you going to take me?” “Let’s get

the card.”

Pei Yitang walked out of the box with Su Zibao embarrassed, and surprised his eyes. Song Yingjie didn’t know what was happening inside, and asked, “Three young, where are you going?”

Pei Yi’s voice was low and magnetic, “Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Song Yingjie was shocked and heard people continue to say, “Wedding banquet tonight , Proceed as usual, and the family informed that don’t let people misunderstand that Pei Yi’s wife really jumped into the sea.”

“Okay!” Although Song Yingjie was puzzled, the response was quick and she should bear it immediately.

When he finally received the marriage certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau, Su Zibao looked at the small red book with a big slap in his eyes.

In her previous life, her parents always hoped that she could get married sooner, but for Xia Chengye, she had to conceal their love affairs.

From a young girl to a surplus woman, she has imagined the scene of marrying Xia Chengye countless times, and the sweetness of her name on his account book countless times, but she waited for eight years and consumed the most precious women. At his age, he was waiting for news of his engagement with others, but for a family of three who was buried in flames.

Mom and Dad, I’m sorry, I am now finally married. If you are spirited in the sky, please bless me and you must kill Xia Chengye as a bitch!

“It’s not that you have to ask for a permit. Why did you get a permit, your face is so ugly?” Pei Yi frowned.

Su Zibao concealed the sharp edge of her eyes and raised a sweet smile, “Of course not, I just wanted to get married myself, but the grandfather who was engaged to me didn’t see it, and was a bit sighed. Oh yes, Pei Shao, Are we going home now?”

“Continue the wedding.”

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