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Chapter 6 Are you dissatisfied with her

“A bite.”

Han Ruo touched Mo Beichen’s lips with a cookie.

The little devil’s mouth suddenly opened, and as soon as he bit, the bear biscuits were mostly eaten.

It’s really delicious, with a rich aroma of milk and a hint of vanilla, which is his favorite taste.

The little devil grabbed the jar and ate a biscuit, glancing at Han Ruo: “Well, would you consider marrying my father?”

“No.” Han Ruo refused altogether, “I would never want to be someone else’s third party, but why do you resist Miss Su as your stepmother?”

“Because I have seen it for a long time, the woman’s surface is bright and kind. In fact, her heart is like a viper, and it will suddenly come out and bite you. You better be careful!” Mo Beichen suddenly made a North Korean ruopu Past actions.

“Ah!” Unexpectedly, the woman fell sideways subconsciously and the whole person plunged into the pool.

“Hello!” Fortunately, Han Ruo knew water and lay on the edge of the pool, shouting at the little devil: “You pit me again.”

“Hey, who asked you to be so timid, I just show you how the snake bites people. Are you so afraid?”

The little devil put down the cookie and reached out to Han Ruo: “Come, I will pull you out.”

“If you pit me again, I won’t sleep with you at night.”

Han Ruo held out his hand and clasped it tightly with the little demon king. His other hand lay on the edge of the pool and kicked with his feet, climbing out of embarrassment.

“I really didn’t want to pit you.” The little devil looked sincere.

“Also say.”

Han Ruo reached out and squeezed the little face of Little Demon King Meat: “If you don’t want to pit, I’ll fall into a soup. If you want to pit it, it’s enough.”

The two were talking, not noticing that Su Anran and Mo Zicong were walking in tandem.

Han Ruo was soaked, and thin summer clothes were attached to his body, showing the inner and inner inside transparently, fullness was revealed, and his good figure was unscathed.

“What are you doing?” Su Anran’s eyes flashed unhappy, but there was still a sweet smile on his face.

“It’s your business.” The little devil stooped to pick up the small glass jar with biscuits, and told Han Ruo: “Go, let’s go back to the room.”

Han Ruo could only smile at Su Anran and followed Mo Beichen in a hurry.

“This nanny seems to be well qualified for her position.” Su Anran looked back at Mo Zicong.

The man’s eyes have been retracted, and the gentle look in her eyes reveals the imperceptible alienation: “It looks okay.”

“It’s very rare. The previous babysitters didn’t work very long. I don’t know if I would also be a babysitter for Beichen, would he like me.”

Su Anran smiled softly and grimaced.

She is obviously already Mo Beichen’s nominal stepmother and caters to him everywhere.

But the little devil never read a good word of her.

Not to mention, like Han Ruo, he can reach out and pinch the face of the little devil.

“He will accept you.”

Mo Zicong took Su Anran’s hand: “Isn’t it that you want to go shopping? Go, I can spare two hours this morning.”

in the room.

Han Ruo was blowing his hair after changing clothes.

A little devil did not feel guilty, and he looked at her with a cheek smiled: “Silly woman, I found it pretty good to see you from this angle.”

“Because you are not a man.” Han Ruo put down the hair dryer and told the little devil: “When you become a man, I have a word in your eyes, ugly.”

“So you think all men are just big hoofs.”

Mo Beichen understood, this silly woman thought his father was also a man who only looked at his appearance.

“Eh, I tell you a secret, don’t tell anyone else.” Mo Beichen came over.

Han Ruo saw that his god was mysterious, and his curiosity rose, and he gathered together: “What?”

“Actually, my father doesn’t like beautiful women, he only likes ugly ones.”

“Poof!” Han Ruo didn’t hold back, laughing, “Really.”

Mo Beichen was serious: “How many beautiful-looking women want to marry my daddy, including Su Anran, but my daddy never looks down, Su Anran has never stayed in our house, Daddy has always been I slept on my own. “

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