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Chapter 6 Besieged by the Media

in the black Cayenne. Su Zibao and Pei Yi sat side by side. After receiving the certificate, they went to change their dresses. The Italian handmade that Su Zibao wore in the morning was tailored. The customized white wedding dress has been soaked in sea water and can no longer be worn. According to the wedding procedure, the wedding ceremony was held in the morning, the ring exchange ceremony, and the one-day banquet did not end until the night.

Because Su Zibao fell into the sea in the morning, he woke up in the afternoon, and now the two are still too late to attend the evening banquet.

The radio DJ in the carriage played the latest entertainment news.

“It has been seven days since Ms. Su Zi’s funeral. On the first seven special days, let us review Ms. Su Zi’s life again. Ms. Su was born in an ordinary family, but was awarded Yangcheng First Conservatory of Music for her outstanding musical talent. Admission, after graduating from Yunting Entertainment, because she is good at tapping talents and excellent planning talent, she served as the director of Yunting Entertainment. During her lifetime, she planned nearly 100 TV series and movie online activities, many of which have been learned by other entertainment companies. Classic case. Digging out the mysterious song producer Ye Zi, the original best-selling author Jin Xi, the new screenwriter Shen Xi, and the queen Qiao Lianyi, etc. Her death is a big loss in the entertainment circle…”

Song Yingjie, who was driving, was sighed when he heard the news , “I thought that the emperor had digged her at a high price, but she refused even if she didn’t even know how much money she was interested in. She didn’t expect her to be a pretty girl, but it was miserable. The family of three burned coke.”

Su Zibao trembled, the family All three were burnt into coke. Whenever I think of that scene, the truck and the blazing fire suddenly burst in front of me. Xia Chengye’s icy, cold voice is still in my ears, as if mocking her love.

Dad, Mom, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…

If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t die. Sorry, I will definitely avenge you!

Xiang shoulders trembled, and Pei Yi next to him noticed that something was awkward, and looked at her with inquiry, “Why? You still know Su Zi?”

“Know, not very familiar.” Su Zibao took a deep breath and blocked the tears back, Road, “Did anyone find out why there was a car accident?”

Song Yingjie said, “Checked, the brakes failed, and a truck loaded with a few barrels of gasoline came over and burned up at once. The aftermath handled by Xing Chengye, the boss of Yunting Entertainment, was a touching heart that cried at the camera. They are all saying that Xia Chengye is deeply affectionate. He and Su Zi are said to be university classmates. They have struggled together for another five years. I watched the two of them may have another affair. They get along with each other, and they are both men and women.”

Su Zibao teeth bite Croak, deep affection, college classmates. Hahaha, in the end the world actually summarized them like this.

Xia Chengye, I didn’t expect my death, but I also wanted you to put on a play that emphasizes love and justice. Even my death will be taken out by you for a show.

You are waiting to be born again, I will kill you by hand!


Song Yingjie parked the car to the beach, and a group of squatting reporters immediately gathered around. Long guns and short guns, the dazzling flash shot.

“Pei Shao, Su Zibao jumped into the sea today… Bah! It’s big news to fall into the sea. Seeing so many reporters staying here is definitely waiting for you.” Song Yingjie pointed to the reporter outside the car window.

The marriage between Pei Su and the two was already a major event, not to mention the explosive news of jumping into the sea today.

Pei Yi’s brow furrowed immediately, and in a pure white suit, he was as elegant as a prince. After opening the left door and getting off, the gentleman opened the rear door for Su Zibao. The elegant action was like an ancient noble in a medieval castle in Europe. He stretched out his left hand.

Su Zibao glanced at the black figure outside, took a deep breath, a lady smile on her face, and gently put the hand wearing pure white long gloves on the palm of Pei Yi.

He led her and walked out the door of the car, killing countless films in a single action.

“Pei Shao, I heard that your fiancee Su Zibao wouldn’t want to marry you when she jumped into the sea. Is this true?”

“Miss Su, I heard that you were forced to return to your country to become a relative. In fact, you already have a heart, and Ning Ken committed suicide. Are you unwilling to marry Pei Shao, do you dislike Pei Shaohai’s reputation as the first playboy?”

“Pei Shao, now you see you appear together, is it because of the business cooperation between Pei Su and you have to go together again?”

“Miss Su, I heard that your love is a poor boy. Is it because of love, you only What about Pei Shao, who chose him instead of Gao Fushuai?”

A group of reporters blocked the two seriously. Although there were bodyguards around, they couldn’t stop their enthusiasm, and the problem was very acute.

Su Zibao is now only thankful that her predecessor hasn’t had time to say the wrong thing in front of these reporters, otherwise it would be too difficult to say white to black.

“Quiet!” Pei Yi glanced at everyone, and said with a deep voice, “I will only say it again.”

This sentence suddenly made the noisy scene quiet.

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