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Chapter 7 is really embarrassing, my family is not bad on money

“First of all, I correct a little bit, Su Zibao is my legal wife, not a fiancée, we have registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau. Second, my wife is not jumping into the sea Instead of falling into the sea when looking at the scenery, after the treatment in the hospital is no problem, so the wedding is now held normally.” Pei Yi raised a noble smile on his lips, “My wife and I have a good relationship, please do not Hear the rumors and spread the rumors.”

When he said this last sentence, he squeezed her hand tightly, and he could feel his hot palm through the gloves, letting her know that at this moment she was not alone.

“Miss Su, you and Pei Shao appeared at the same time. Does it mean that you accept the marriage arranged by the family, give up your boyfriend, and turn to the arms of Gao Fushuai! Is this the family’s forcing prostitutes for prostitutes, or is it your own arrogance of the poor? A female reporter squeezed to the front and spoke very ugly.

If Su Zibao had heard such a problem, it would have exploded long ago, but now Su Zibao just glanced at the female reporter, and her elegant smile is exactly the same as Pei Yi’s, “Could you please turn the idiom dictionary before you speak, when will you get married? Has it become’for prostitute’? It’s not like the quality that a reporter should have because she can’t marry herself.”

“Miss Su is to admit that you are too poor to love the rich, right?” The female reporter continued to ask shamelessly .

Su Zibao glanced at her contemptuously, “I’m sorry, my family is not bad.” The

female reporter was speechless. Indeed, everyone knows that the Su’s married daughter took half of her family property as a dowry. This is also called too poor to love rich? This is simply a post.

Next to Pei Yi’s lips, a smile of evil charm was raised, and Su Zibao hugged him sideways. Su Zibao couldn’t catch his neck to stabilize himself, and exclaimed in a low voice.

“Good job.” A low, magnetic voice rang in his ears, with a little appreciation.

He hugged her through the reporter’s media and walked all the way to the steamer. Even when Su Zibao met her in the morning, she did not receive this treatment, but now she enjoyed a bride hug.

Someone on the deck looked at them from afar, and when Pei Yi put down Su Zibao and led her, everyone looked at them.

The pure white wedding dress in the morning could not be worn because it fell into the sea, but Su Zibao at this time looked more stunning than in the morning. The white long skirt of the tube top is corset and slender, without too much decoration, it looks extremely streamlined, the swaying skirt behind is one or two meters, and it is like a blossoming flower on the ground, full of aura, low-key And luxury. This wedding dress has been recognized by people who know how to do it, and it is the signboard hanging on the 17th floor window of Haicheng Century Building.

I don’t know how many girls fancy it, but they don’t sell much money. I didn’t expect it to be worn on her now. It makes people feel that this is the courage of the four giants of Haicheng. Other people can’t buy it, but they are only for emergency clothes.

Su Zibao combed the bride’s bun, and the forehead was covered by the bangs because of the bruises in the water. She only wore streamlined jewelry, but all were treasures.

Pei Yi also changed to a white suit than before. It’s similar to Su Zibao. The two came in hand in hand. They were talented and beautiful, and a pair of bi.

“Brother, what’s going on? Why is she coming back again, isn’t she running!” As soon as Su Zibao and Pei Yi appeared, a beautiful woman in her early twenties glared at Su Zibao fiercely and stepped forward. Said.

Pei Yi knocked on her head, sketching a very confusing light smile, “What are you talking about, your third sister-in-law fell into the sea, and now

she came out of the hospital naturally.” “But that’s not her escape from marriage…”

“Well ?” Pei Yi’s eyes were dull, and suddenly became cold. Pei Yingyu quickly covered his mouth, but his eyes staring at Su Zibao were more malicious.

This girl Su Zibao recognized that Pei Yi’s twin sister Pei Yingyu and Miss Pride’s character had long been taught. In fact, the girls in their Haicheng celebrity circles are all like this. They are pleasingly gentle and elegant, and they hate arrogant and overbearing arrogance. The former Su Zibao belongs to the latter.

Even Pei Yingyu dared not talk nonsense, let alone the others on the deck. Pei Yi took Su Zibao into the steamship hall and instantly attracted everyone’s attention. The two first greeted the elders. Su Zibao was actually unfamiliar with Pei’s family. They didn’t know anything except Pei Yingyu, who was a small character. Fortunately, Su Zibao did not know how the two talked before they appeared. At least the Pei family didn’t give Su Zibao ugliness in the face.

“Abo, are you feeling better? You should pay attention to watching the scenery at the beach in the future.” Pei Yancixiang smiled. He is Pei Yi’s grandfather, and he and Su Zibao’s grandfather ordered this family matter.

Su Zibao was flattered and quickly smiled sweetly, “Grandpa Lao is worried, Abao will definitely pay attention in the future.” As soon as these words came out, let alone Pei Yan, the Pei family was stunned. This morning Su Zibao was a face of a late lady, as if everyone owed her millions, how could it be that way, her attitude changed a hundred thousand.

“Good, Yier can take care of Abao in the future.” Pei Yan was very happy.

Pei Yi, the modest gentleman who was pretending to be in front of his grandfather, “Yes, grandpa rest assured. Zi Bao is my wife, and I will take good care of her in the future.”

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