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Chapter 7 Suddenly treats me so well

Where do you come from, a little fart kid? “

Han Ruo was amused by him, his mouth closed: “If your father hears you say this, he will surely make your ass bloom.”

“Oh, why do you just don’t believe me?”

Mo Beichen was so helpless, and repeatedly promised that Daddy really slept by himself all these years.

“Well, even if he sleeps on his own, it is also for Su Anran to clean himself, this is love, your child does not understand.”

Han Ruo rubbed Mo Beichen’s little head and stood up: “Don’t talk to me about your father anymore. It doesn’t matter whether he loves beautiful women or ugly girls.”

“Ah!” The little devil watched Han Ruo go out, unable to figure it out with his cheek gang.

So many women want to marry Daddy, why did she not want it?

“Eh, can my bedding be placed on your bed?”

Han Ruo brought the pillow quilt over, and it was said that it was rubbish falling off the bed like the last time.

“Let me, I approve you to treat this as your room. You can do whatever you like. I have absolutely no objection.”

This is definitely the biggest compromise ever made by the Little Devil.

Han Ruodu was shocked: “Suddenly treat me so well?”

“Uh huh.” The little devil came together and raised an eyebrow: “Better are all, just see if you want to accept it.”

“Don’t, you don’t treat me too well, my heart is weak.”

The little devil smiled more like a fox.

There was a goose bump in Han Ruo’s heart, and he really felt he was holding back some bad moves.

Fortunately, no.

During the nap, she snuggled snuggly in her arms, asked her to pat him on the back, and hummed: “Sleep … Sleep …”

Han Ruo thinks he just lacks maternal love, and then finds the feeling of maternal love in her, then his attitude will change greatly.

“Silly woman.”

Mo Beichen raised his eyes suddenly and asked Han Ruo seriously: “Are you serious about saying you want me to pit you all your life?”

“Huh?” Han Ruo froze, nodding: “Yes, seriously.”

“All your life, you have to be my nanny, don’t leave?” Mo Beichen expressed doubt.

Han Ruo hugged him: “If you don’t drive me away and give me the end of my retirement, I won’t leave.”

“Haha.” Mo Beichen smiled and held out his finger: “Hook, I will give you the end of your retirement, and you will be my nanny for a lifetime.”

“Master, Han Ruo moved to the little master’s room and slept with the little master.”

Mo Zicong came back, but the butler immediately reported.

The man looked handsome and nodded: “I see.”

“Yes, Master.”

The butler was hesitant to speak, hesitating, and said: “Aunt Xu said she heard the young master telling Han Ruo promised to raise her for life.”

“Huh?” The man paused and turned to look at the butler: “What’s the situation?”

“This, this Aunt Xu is also not very clear, that is, during the nap, when she saw Han Ruo moving to the young master’s room, she listened to the movement. She heard that Han Ruo asked the young master to say that she would give her retirement or something, listen It ’s not too real. “

Butler’s due diligence.

The man frowned into a Sichuan font and turned to the study.

There was a document on the table, which was the information he sent to Mu Yang-about the origin of Han Ruo’s identity.

She looked through it carefully, and the woman’s identity was as simple as white paper, simple and transparent.

Orphans without fathers and mothers have been working around, working as full-time babysitters, and received rave reviews.

Since the last employer moved, he moved to the Mo family to apply.

There is no black history.

Mo Zicong squeezed his eyebrows and raised his voice toward the butler outside the door, instructing, “Let Mu Yang come to the study to find me.”

“Yes.” The butler turned to call.

after an hour.

Mu Yang came in a hurry and wiped the sweat on his head: “Boss, what are you looking for me?”

“Are you sure, that Han Ruo, is there no problem?” The man said blankly.

Mu Yang froze: “What happened?”

“I just don’t want to wait for her to cause any unnecessary trouble after she has established a relationship with Beichen.”

Mo Zicong rarely explained.

Mu Yang nodded quickly: “Okay, I’ll check it again. I must turn over all the eighteen generations of her ancestor.

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