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Chapter 8 Beichen’s Birth Mother

“In short, change people and recheck.”

Mo Zicong interrupted Mu Yang with a cold voice, and then the words turned: “Isn’t there any progress for you to investigate Beichen’s biological mother?”

“No.” Mu Yang shook his head: “It is estimated that a password has been placed on the top, you said that you are really enough.

No one knows when I sleep, and I do n’t have any clue. I mean it ’s like a needle in the middle of nowhere. “

Mo Zicong killed with a look.

Mu Yang second counsel: “Ou, now I will let people re-examine it, dig the ground three feet to find the little devil’s mother.”

Having said that, Mu Yang has no clue.

Over the years, they have been looking for the devil’s mother.

Since that night, the woman disappeared like a bubble, and even the hospital that gave the birth certificate of the little devil did not leave any production records.

“Alas!” Mu Yang sighed and walked out of the Mo’s mansion. When he saw the car driving in from afar, he suddenly smiled: “Miss Su, come to see the boss again?”

“Huh.” Su Anran, who got off the car, smiled at him: “Assistant Mu, what does our family Zicong ask you to do?”

“Hey, what else is there, just let me investigate the origin of the little devil nanny, lest the little devil depend on the nanny and be pitted.”

Mu Yang said half.

Su Anran didn’t doubt it, and smiled: “The babysitter is pretty good at that. You said she was young, why would she want to be a babysitter for Beichen? Will there be any other attempts?”

“Hi, like her, even if there is an attempt, it’s useless.” Mu Yang was not sure.

“That’s right.” Su Anran dismissed his doubts when he thought of Han Ruoping’s unremarkable appearance, saying goodbye to Mu Yang and turning into the house.

“Miss Su?”

The butler greeted him: “The young master is in the study, saying there is a conference call, so you can wait.”

“Good.” Su Anran was used to sitting on the sofa at will.

The door of the bedroom upstairs opened.

Mo Beichen slept well in the afternoon and was in a good mood. He walked and jumped.

Han Ruo followed behind, shouting in relief: “Be careful, don’t fall.”

“Oh, I’m not a kid.”

The little devil was undecided, and he suddenly walked, looking at Su Anran sitting in the living room downstairs, and pouted: “How come the bad woman is here again.”

“What?” Han Ruo looked down at Mo Beichen and saw Su Anran.

“No mood.” Mo Beichen turned around and ran back to the bedroom.

The door slammed shut, showing that he was unhappy at the moment.

“Little Master.” Han Ruo pushed in.

Mo Beichen was lying on the bed, his little fist pounding hard on the bed: “Huh, bad woman, every day I want to hook up with Daddy.”

“Why do you hate her so much?” Han Ruo sat beside the bed, his face puzzled.

It stands to reason that Su Anran was really good to him, even if he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t hate it.

“Of course I hate women who are guilty of poison. I am a silly woman. Otherwise, if you hook my father, how about I help you?”

Mo Zicong stood up and stunned Han Ruo.

Although he often said nothing, he was really too scary.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I stress again, I’m bored with your father.”

Han Ruo seriously raised three fingers and swear.

Mo Beichen pouted and said angrily: “You are a stupid person, and the opportunities that others want, don’t give them to you.”

“Ah, you don’t understand the feelings of the adults, anyway, your father likes Su Anran, you try to accept her, as for making yourself angry like this? Look at you, your face is flushed. You stole the drink. “Han Ruo poked his fleshy face with his fingers.

The little devil snapped it all at once: “It’s said she’s bad, such a bad woman, I can’t accept her as my mom, even the stepmother.”

“Okay, she’s bad, so can you tell me, how bad is she?”

In fact, Han Ruo is also very strange, apparently Su Anran is Mo Zicong’s fiancee.

She remembered, however, that when she gave birth to him, Su Anran visited her eagerly in the hospital twice.

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