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Chapter 8 Why is he here?

Pei Yanping is a relatively dignified old man. He doesn’t say anything. Today, he is very kind to Su Zibao. Pei Yi’s father, Pei Youtian, was not cold or cold. At first glance, Bai Lanzhi was the kind of lady who was more difficult to deal with than her mother. She was relatively cold to Su Zibao, but she did not deliberately make trouble.

The Pei family is actually a military family. It did not start business until the influence of the environment. The Pei family still maintains the tradition of sending children to the army. The Pei family boss Pei Changfeng is now serving in a military district and has no time to attend Pei Yi’s wedding.

Pei’s second child, Pei Qisheng, is a 27-year-old young man who is as handsome as Pei Yi, but looks more mature and stable, and a successful business person. It is said that most of the property of the Pei family is left to him. His wife is called Bai Lingxue, and the name is like Lei Guan’er in Su Zibao’s memory.

Bai Lingxue, the first lady in Haicheng, when many people mentioned this lady, they had to use Su Zibao as a foil. So even if Bai Lingxue looked at Su Zibao’s elegant and tranquil smile, Su Zibao could hardly have a good impression on her.

And her surname is Bai, Xia Chengye’s fiancee is also surnamed Bai, no doubt, it must be a family, because in the entire Chunan area, there is only one family in the rich family.

The Bai Family, Xia Family, and the Pei Family at this time, including Su Zibao’s own family, Su Family, belong to the wealthy family that has been passed down for centuries. The difference is that the Pei family is the best developed in these families.

After seeing Pei’s parents, Su Zibao’s eyes inadvertently swept a corner, a dignity flashed in his eyes.

In the humble corner of the banquet, a man in a black suit was sitting on the sofa. Although his appearance is not as good as that of Pei Yi, it also belongs to a very handsome little white face. It looks gentle and easy, and it is easy to make people feel good. A few thousand gold around him was attracted by him, and he was talking and laughing with him at this time, but his eyes kept looking around.

This man is Su Zibao’s ex-boyfriend, Han Li!

It is indeed an ex-boyfriend. The Su family, including the mother Lin Xuejiao who loves Su Zibao the most, is not satisfied with his daughter and a powerless poor boy, so he was given a half-million breakup fee to let him leave Su Zibao, but he Not agreeing, tore the cheque on the spot.

It is for this reason that Su Zibao is more determined to escape marriage, but he does not know that others deliberately approached her. Is it possible that a careful plan can be sent by half a million?

Under the intervention of the Su family, the former Su Zibao had been forced to break up with him. As for Su Zibao’s marriage certificate with Pei Yi now, it is naturally impossible for him to have any trouble with him.

Su Zibao almost died after jumping into the sea, but he was not seen in the hospital, but at this time he appeared at the wedding banquet.

“Pei Yi, I have something to deal with first.” Su Zibao quietly withdrew his eyes and said.

Pei Yi glanced at the wrist watch, the sound was magnetic, reminding Su Zibao, “There is still half an hour for the wedding ceremony, pay attention to the time.”


Getting along with Pei Yi makes Su Zibao feel very comfortable. Ming Yuanbo, but it is said that he didn’t spoil the woman, and he attracted even the celebrities who are not short of money to succeed him.

Su Zibao let go of her hand and glanced at the hall. There were many people with mixed eyes. She couldn’t go directly to Han Li, otherwise she would immediately become the focus.

“Jiaxin, you asked me to ask Hanli to tell me that I had something to find him. Let him go to the leftmost room on the first floor and wait for me.” Su Zibao walked to his sister and lowered her voice. “You should pay attention, don’t cause Other people’s attention.”

Su Jiaxin was shocked and quickly covered his mouth and whispered, “Sister, would you want to elope with him?”

“I and Pei Shaozheng both got it. Can you think of it normal? It’s about to get married. I’m worried that he’s going to sabotage. How strict is the security check here and can’t even enter without an invitation. How did he come in without power? Certainly someone brought him in deliberately. Speaking of the last sentence, Su Zibao’s teeth creaked.

Typically, someone wants to ruin her wedding. This morning was not enough, and he was arranged at night.

“Sister means someone wants to ruin your wedding!” Su Jiaxin exclaimed in a low voice, and quickly nodded, “Okay, sister I understand. But sister, do you really want to marry Pei Sanshao? Although I also think that you The ex-boyfriend is not very good, but Pei Sanshao’s reputation for fame, that’s what the whole city knows. You follow him, and you will definitely suffer from it in the future.”

Su Zibao gently pushed her, “Go quickly, other things, and later Elaborate with you.”

“Okay, sister, go down first, I will take him quietly.” Su Jiaxin waved his fist and walked toward Han Li.

Judging from the memory of the predecessor, Su Jiaxin and Su Zibao have a good relationship. The characters of the two sisters are very similar. It is either a bad person or a self-willed self-willed self, who has not been interested, and is often turned around by people.

Since she takes up the body of others, this younger sister, she will also take care of it in the future.

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