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Chapter 9 does not give the breakup fee, Don’t think of getting married

Su Zibao took the skirt and quietly went down to the first floor while no one was paying attention.

Su Jiaxin and Han Li are already waiting there. As soon as they saw Su Zibao, Han Li immediately grabbed Su Zibao’s hand, “A Bao, I miss you so much! Did they force you to marry someone? Don’t be afraid, I am now Take you away,”

he said sincerely, but the sight of that eye shone with greed as he looked at Su Zibao’s valuable wedding dress and jewelry. Although it was well covered up, it was discovered by Su Zibao.

Sure enough, in the name of feelings to deceive the original owner, conspiracy.

“Release!” Su Zibao slammed him away and stepped back a distance. “Han Li, I’m already married and can’t be with you. Now I’m here to tell you that I can’t be with you, nor do you Don’t spoil it at my wedding, or else…” Do

n’t wait for Su Zibao to finish, Han Li looked affectionately. “Did I do something that made you angry? Ah Bao, don’t be angry. , I know you like me, didn’t you say that if one day you get married and the groom is not me, let me come to snatch the relatives? Didn’t you say, that’s the happiest thing you think? I’m here now, Bao , I will let you be the happiest woman in the world!”

Heaven! He really intends to come to snatch his relatives, and did not expect Su Zibao to be a brain-damaged girl who reads romance novels a lot, would he think that snatching his relatives is the happiest thing?

And Han Li’s affectionate face, Su Zibao looked a little nauseated. She was just killed by love, and if she believed this thing again, she would get into her head.

“The past Su Zibao is dead. The current Su Zibao is Pei Yi’s wife. He doesn’t like you and won’t be with you.” Su Zibao’s eyebrows rose tightly, staring at Han Li seriously, “I warn you, I have already obtained the marriage certificate, please don’t ruin my wedding, otherwise Pei and Su won’t let you go. Isn’t your home Haicheng’s? If you don’t want your family to have no place for you, don’t delusion .”

Su Zibao has decided to marry Pei Yi, get the dowry, and then deal with Xia Chengye. If anyone wants to destroy all this, she will never tolerate it!

Su Zibao in front of him seemed to be a different person, no longer the little girl who would love to look at him.

Han Li looked down on this straw bag before, but at this moment, she felt she was so arrogant and dazzling, at a height he could not touch.

no, I can not. Han Li couldn’t believe it. He spent a year trying to get close to this straw bag, and tried her best to make her like herself. Why has it changed all at once?

Impossible, impossible.

“Abao, I know you are thinking for me. I am afraid that the two big families will deal with me, which makes me stop. But for you, I am not afraid. Even if it is displaced from now on, as long as I am with you, there is paradise.” Han Li struggled to squeeze out a smile, maintaining an infatuated image.

Su Bao Zi’s teeth are listening, but has been moved next to the Su Jiaxin look of regret, inviting Su Bao Zi’s sleeve and said, “Sister, did not think he looked no skill, but still quite lovestruck ……”

“Shut up, obediently beside Stay.” Su Zibao glared at Su Jiaxin and turned to Han Li. “Han Li, it’s okay to deceive your little girl, we are all adults, don’t think I don’t know that you are approaching me deliberately.”

Han “You know?”

“Yes, I not only know that you are approaching me deliberately, but I also know that you are not able to get on the countertop, only the illegitimate siblings behind the slut.” Su Zibao sneered a lip. It was she who defrauded Hanli, but according to her inference, it was Su Liya or Su Zhenzhe who ordered it out of ten.

Han Li’s face was disappointed. “You even know it, you know why you… don’t take it out?”

“I just want to see what you want to do and play with you.” Su Zibao didn’t say anything, but she felt But secretly remembered, it really was the two of them.

“Now I want to get married, so this game will not accompany me!” Su Zibao said, pulling Su Jiaxin to leave.

Since she all said it was broken, as long as this Han Li is a wise man, she dare not do any more damage. After all, as long as Su Zibao doesn’t respond, no matter how Han Li makes trouble, he will only be bombarded by the people of Pei Su’s family.

If it was Su Zibao in the past and was willing to run away from Han, the fun would be bigger.

“Su Zibao!” Han Li suddenly jumped in front of the two sisters, blocking them, and no longer had the infatuation and gentleness just now, and said fiercely, “Su Zibao, I have been with you for a year, but you gave me nothing! Unfair , I wasted a year on you, accompany you as a little princess who is arrogant and arrogant and rude, and I think I am already tired of it! You have to break up, come on, five million breakup fee, otherwise free talk!”

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