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Chapter 9 Waiting for Him for Life

In short it is bad. “Mo Beichen said nothing.

Han Ruo will not pursue.

Although the little devil screams every day, his mouth is tight.

What he did not want to say, how to ask and how to persuade, would never say more than half a word.

“Then you are here, I will go down and serve you some food.”

At noon he only ate some biscuits and drank a glass of milk. Han Ruo feared that he would get up hungry and go downstairs to find food.

Han Ruogang had just arrived at the stairs, the study door opened, and the man walked out.

Su Anran immediately got up and greeted the past, his voice was very nasty: “Zicong.”

“Come.” The man’s cold expression melted like an iceberg in an instant, and he was very gentle: “Wait for a while, I will change clothes and go out with you.”

“it is good.”

Su Anran watched him turn around and went upstairs, and saw Han Ruo standing there looking at them. The light in his eyes was slightly convergent, and his lips raised slightly and nodded.

Han Ruo politely smiled back and walked downstairs.

When Han Ruo passed Mo Zicong, he stood next to him, avoiding all possible physical contact, even without eye contact.

“Han Ruo.”

Su Anran took the initiative to greet her with a soft voice: “These days, thanks to your care for Beichen, it must be very hard?”

“Fortunately.” Han Ruo politely responded.

“Although the child in Beichen is a bit naughty, he is not bad-hearted. If he does something bad, please bear with me. Really angry, you tell me that I will compensate you.”

Su Anran handed Han Ruo a business card with a good attitude: “There is my contact number on this, you can usually tell me more about Beichen things.”

“Okay.” Han Ruo took it and turned to the kitchen, feeling that Su Anran was really attentive to Mo Beichen.

Although Mo Beichen ignored Su Anran’s love, Su Anran still cared about him in various ways.

Su Anran’s eyes followed Han Ruo until her figure disappeared at the turn of the corridor. Suddenly she felt a bad look and subconsciously looked up.

Mo Beichen didn’t know when to stand in the corridor, staring at her.

“Bad woman!” The little devil whispered silently and turned back to his room.

The door slammed with a bang.

If he were not afraid that Han Ruo would be bullied, he would not run out.

In short, when he saw the bad woman, he felt sick and wanted to vomit, and his mood was extremely bad.

Han Ruo entered the door face-to-face, but before sitting down, Mo Beichen jumped out: “Don’t talk to the bad woman, stay away from her.

“Ah?” Han Ruo stunned: “Why?”

“Because you are stupid, she is easily eaten by her without bone residue.”

When Mo Beichen said this, he gritted his teeth, as if he had a deep hatred with Su Anran.

“Don’t always be like this, I really think she treats you …”

Han Ruo couldn’t see the past and was bitter-hearted. As a result, he didn’t finish the speech and was glared by Mo Beichen: “Shut up.”


He is the boss and listens to him.

Han Ruo pushed the noodles: “Eat it, I cooked it. If you don’t finish it, I won’t coax you to sleep at night.”

This has become Han Ruo’s killer experience, and he is unhappy with every attempt.

Ready to take a bath at night, Han Ruo went to get his clothes, and Han Ruo turned the suitcase upside down.

Her clothes were all gone, and what she left behind was a strapless nightdress that she had never seen before, or silk, which was so sexy.

“Little Master!” Han Ruo took the suspender nightdress to Xingshi and asked, “What about my clothes?”

“Throw it.” The little devil tilted the legs of Xiaoer Erlang, and he was very abandoned.

“I say silly woman, how old are you? Every day you dress like your aunt, but you don’t have no figure, why not look good?


If Han Ruo wants to cry, they are dressed like this, just to avoid being noticed, and be able to serve him as a babysitter for a lifetime.

As a result, he grumbled and helped him.

Han Ruo is 100% sure of wearing this skirt, and she will be swept out tomorrow morning.

“Boss, I’ve served you, and quickly returned my clothes.” Han Ruo begged for mercy.

Mo Beichen grinned and utterly broke: “Everything is said, all thrown away.”

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