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Take a mommy home Chapter 2

Hurry up. “Aunt Xu touched Han Ruo’s hand.”

The woman reacted, and hurried over, then looked awkwardly at Aunt Xu: “What about clothes?”

“The clothes are here.” Aunt Xu quickly picked up the neatly stacked home clothes on the bedside table and handed them to Han Ruo.

The woman placed the laptop in her hand by the bed.

The little devil of the mixed world stared at the computer, his eyes narrowed: “Is this yours?”

“Ah?” Han Ruo didn’t react for a while. This attitude seemed to be the default.

“Garbage!” The little feet of the mixed devil reached out and kicked.

“Bang!” The laptop hit the ground.

Han Ruo looked at him dumbfounded.

The little devil with his hands on his hips, his expression cold and arrogant: “Don’t put any rubbish on my bed.”

“This is for you.” Han Ruo weakly said: “Master asked me to bring it to you, saying that it is the latest and highest configuration laptop.”

The air instantly froze, not to mention the little devil, even Aunt Xu was dumbfounded.

“It shouldn’t be bad.”

Han Ruo stooped and picked up the laptop, about to open it, and was snatched by the little devil: “Why didn’t you say it early?”

“I was about to say that you have kicked your foot.”

Han Ruochi watched his baby lying on the bed, opened the laptop to check the situation, and wondered.

Would you like to tell him that it was sent by Su Anran?

After hesitating for a few seconds, she still didn’t intend to tell him, waved the clothes in her hand: “Do you want to wear them?”

“Wait, if the computer breaks, I’ll let you pay.” The little devil stared fiercely.

Han Ruo pursed his lips and glanced at Aunt Xu next to him.

Take a deep breath …

Take a deep breath …

She suddenly grabbed the laptop and hit the ground fiercely.

“Bang!” Aunt Xu was stunned with the little devil.

“It must be broken this time. I have no money to pay.”

Han Ruo looked innocent and his voice was soft: “It seems that he can only be a nanny here and pay off with his salary.”

“Aunt Xu, Daddy must have hatred against me. He found a woman with mental problems to be my nanny. He must want to rectify me deliberately!”

The little devil turned his head to complain.

Han Ruo walked over and handed over the clothes: “Master, do you still need to wear clothes?”

“Go away.” Mo Beichen resisted.

Han Ruo dragged him, and the clothes were put on him directly.

The woman’s voice was lowered: “I tell you, people with mental problems do not have to be responsible for killing and killing.”

The little devil stiffened.

Han Ruo smoothly put his clothes on, and he didn’t forget to vomit: “I’m five years old, and I need someone to help you get dressed. I’m not ashamed.”

“…” Little Demon’s face suddenly turned red, and Han Ruo’s eyes looked like a big monster.

He ran several nanny, each one was flattering to him to the extreme, but there was no dog tail swaying.

She was the only one who smashed his computer as soon as he came, and treated him so rudely.

“Okay.” The woman raised her hand and patted Xiaomeng’s ass.

“Hiss!” Aunt Xu gasped, looking at Han Ruo dumbfounded.

Han Ruo smiled back at Aunt Xu: “Is there anything else I need to do next?”

“Aunt Xu, I don’t want this babysitter.” The little devil was furious and took a pillow and slammed it toward Han Ruo.

“Oh!” The woman caught it, her lips licked lightly, and her hand flicked hard.

“Bang!” The pillow hit the little devil’s face hard, unexpectedly.

The little demon fell over and fell hard on the bed.

The large crystal chandelier on the ceiling is dazzling.

The little devil is doubting life, is this a nanny?

This is the enemy of the last life, come to him in this life to ask for his life?

“Little Master.” Han Ruo came over with a smile on his face and a soft voice: “If you don’t let me stay, I will tell people everywhere that you are a coward.

Because he is timid and afraid to be seen through, people who pretend to be fierce have to fight to kill and bully people. “

“Okay, I’ll leave you behind, let you die better than life.”

The little devil struggled to get up and glared at Han Ruo’s eyes, just like the angry furry kitten.

“Good.” Han Ruo rubbed his little head: “I’m looking forward to it.”

Aunt Xu’s face was dumbfounded. What is the situation?

Han Ruo beat the young master …

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