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Chapter 10 Is This you

“I don’t care, if you don’t return my clothes, I won’t sleep with you tonight.”

So annoying!

Han Ruo smashed the skirt in his hand on the face of Little Demon King, sitting angrily on the sofa, holding his hands on his chest and turning his head away.

The little devil, who had never been counseled, felt guilty at this moment.

“Silly woman.”

Erjiro’s legs didn’t tilt, and he yelled tentatively.

Han Ruo didn’t look at him or speak.

The little devil could not sit still, and got up and leaned in: “Why, people are really for your own good, at this flowering age, you should be beautifully dressed.”

“Don’t think I don’t know your abacus, you just want me to seduce your daddy.”

Han Ruo beat the table: “I tell you, I stay here just for you, not to seduce men, let alone to be a third person.

If you want me to do this, then I will be gone and I will not be your nanny. ”

“do not.”

The little demon, second counsel, hugged Han Ruo’s arm pitifully: “I promise you, won’t you force me to seduce my father?”

“What about clothes?”

Han Ruo does not eat this set.

In short, if you don’t return your clothes, this matter will never end.

“I, I asked Aunt Xu to take the trash cans. It is estimated that by this time, I have arrived at the garbage incineration site, or I will not come back.”

The little devil is like a kitten who only does the wrong thing.

Carefully observing Han Ruo’s expression, fearing that she would make a big noise, her voice is timid. If it is heard by the housekeeper and Aunt Xu, it is estimated that the big teeth can scare a few.

“I do not care.”

If Han Ruo stubbornly got up, he could not pull back the nine cows.

“I really knew it was wrong, otherwise we will buy it tomorrow and buy the same one, I will never let it go again?”

Mo Beichen was about to cry.

His head was low, his voice was trembling, and his throat was sore.

Han Ruo hadn’t seen him like this, and the anger disappeared in an instant, or glared at him: “In the future, I won’t be allowed to disturb my things without my consent.”

“Okay, I swear.”

Mo Beichen promised to be super fast.

Han Ruo was so angry that he said, “What should I do now?”

Han Ruo disliked it very much: “I was sweating and wanted to take a bath but I didn’t change my clothes. You said you, let Aunt Xu throw it so clean that I didn’t even leave a set of home clothes.”

“Would you like to wear this one first? Take this set for dry cleaning. Then tomorrow morning, after we finish breakfast, will we go buy clothes?”

Mo Beichen picked up the suspender nightdress, and just stuffed it into Han Ruo’s hand.

While the woman hadn’t fluttered yet, the little devil’s big eyes flickered, and the little elk was pitiful: “I really know what’s wrong, this time.”

What can I do?

Han Ruo looked at the time and sighed: “I’ll wash it later.”

She wanted to wait for everyone to go to bed and took a shower, so she quickly took the suit on her body and took it to the laundry room for dry cleaning.

The night is deep.

Mo Beichen fell asleep, and Han Ruo, who was wearing a sexy camisole, opened the bedroom door with dirty clothes and looked around like a thief. After making sure that no one was there, he crept to the stairs.

The night is quiet.

Despite Han Ruo’s efforts to lighten her footsteps, the sound of footsteps made her nervous in every state.


The door opened suddenly.

The man walked in from outside the door, his eyes fixed on Han Ruo.

The woman is cool.

The little devil made a carefully selected silk pyjama pajamas to outline her perfect figure. A pair of long legs without fat was white and tender and smooth, which made the man’s throat knot move slightly.

“It’s you?”

I fixed my eyes and recognized Beichen’s babysitter. The man’s eyes were cold.

“Me, my …”

Han Ruoyu is incoherent.

She wanted to explain that her brain was blank and she couldn’t say a complete sentence.

A few seconds …

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