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Chapter 11 Daddy, you are so good-looking

“You get up.”

Han Ruochong rushed over and grabbed Mo Beichen: “Hurry and explain to your father, otherwise I will be swept away.

The little devil has rudely pushed out the door.

Before the reaction came, the door slammed shut.


In the corridor.

Father and son looked at each other, Mo Beichen suddenly understood, hehe smiled: “Don’t misunderstand, a silly woman dressed like that is definitely not to seduce you.”

The man raised his eyebrows: “There are only two of us in the family, so she is to seduce you?”


Mo Beichen laughed.

Under the cold gaze of the man, the laughter stopped embarrassingly and quipped weakly: “Daddy, I didn’t expect you to be humorous.”

The man said nothing.

He who speaks is terrible, he who does not speak is even more terrible.

Even the little devil of the mixed world was very counseling, and he touched his nose and explained weakly:

“This is the case. I asked Aunt Xu to throw away the silly woman’s clothes, and she would wear it like that if she had no clothes to wear.

Besides, she has tried hard to avoid everyone.

Moreover, I plan to go to the laundry room to dry-clean the clothes during the day. Who knows that you are so good-looking, Daddy, I met him. How about, stupid woman? ”


The man chose to be silent.


The bedroom door closed, leaving the little devil alone in the corridor.


The little devil knocked on the door: “The silly woman is about to open the door. Daddy has forgiven you.”

Very loud.

Passed through the door to Mo Zicong’s ear.

The man stepped in, and the handsome face was a bit cold.

That woman is definitely not simple.

Actually, Beichen, who got up very badly, got up to help her explain in the middle of the night.

“how about it?”

Han Ruo opened the door for the first time and dragged Mo Beichen into the room.

“Of course it’s alright, I emphasized to Daddy seriously, saying that you are not interested in him, absolutely not.”

The little devil counseled.

Fearing that Han Ruo was really angry, he would never sleep with him.

He used to have nightmares.

Either walking alone on the icy street, or lying in the trash can, the most terrifying thing is that there are evil spirits who want to eat him.

He ran desperately.

Crying hysterically, twitching all over, and finally waking up from the dream, that horror.

Since Han Ruo accompanied him to sleep, he will not have nightmares, even if he occasionally appears in a dark dream.

There will also be a gentle voice calling him, and then there will be light, and even Han Ruo will appear in the dream, hug him, and smile gently: “I am there, not afraid.”

This dependence has penetrated into the soul, and Mo Beichen is afraid that he will be beaten back to its original form.

“Just be fun.”

Han Ruo pinched his small face and the two returned to bed.

The woman could n’t sleep: “The clothes are not dry-cleaned, what can I do tomorrow?”

“It’s okay.”

Mo Beichen’s rare comforter: “I will help you to bring your clothes to Aunt Xu and let her dry clean them for you tomorrow morning.

After washing, you put on your clothes and we go downstairs to eat. ”


Han Ruo was relieved and slept with Mo Beichen.

In the next room.

The man couldn’t fall asleep, turning back and forth, his mind full of the back of the woman who had just panicked and fled.

Obviously should be angry, or ignore.

But this picture seems to be imprinted in the mind, lingering.

Early the next morning.

Mo Zicong opened the door blankly, and saw his little devil in his family protruding his head, looking like a thief.

“What are you doing?”

The man’s voice was extremely cold.

Mo Beichen smiled at him: “Early daddy.”

“Uh huh!”

The man held his hands on his chest and looked directly at Mo Beichen, the invisible coercion came over him.

The little devil walked out of the room, still holding Han Ruo’s dirty clothes, smiling: “I’m not trying to give Aunt Xu the clothes of a silly woman and let her help dry-clean.”

“Why, now you are her nanny?”

Mo Zicong was very surprised.

But it was not too surprised to think of his performance last night.

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