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Chapter 12 What Benefits Do I Get from You


As soon as Mo Zicong let go, Mo Beichen pulled his leg and ran, as if afraid that Mo Zicong would repent and not let him run.

The man’s eyes followed him, until Mo Beichen’s figure disappeared at the stairwell before suddenly pushing the bedroom door open.

“Eh, you …”

Han Ruo was still lying in bed.

I thought it was Mo Beichen who went back and returned, but it was the man who looked up.


Han Ruo exclaimed and hurriedly pulled over the quilt to cover his graceful body, and his pretty face was flushed: “You, you …”

After stuttering for a long time, I couldn’t say a complete sentence.

“Don’t think that beating Chen Chen, you will benefit from me.

With you, oh, even if I lay naked on my bed, I would only let people drag you to the street for exhibition. ”

The man dropped his words extremely cruelly, and then slammed the door.

After a few seconds, Han Ruo finally reacted, screaming: “The ghost is on your bed?”

Also stripped!

Damn big hoof, why not go to heaven? Why not stand side by side with the sun?

Han Ruo was so angry that he picked up the pillow and slammed it toward the door.

The pillow fell to the ground without sounding, and it could not alleviate the anger of the woman.

Mo Beichen, who was pushing through the door, was hitting the gun head, and the woman was glared hard: “My clothes?”

“Aunt Xu said she took it after washing it and it would take more than ten minutes.”

The little devil has never been so glared.

Grieved and anxious: “Silly … cough, little fairy sister, why are you so sharp-eyed?”


The mouth said no, but the woman’s movement to open the quilt was extremely hard.

Mo Beichen was more counseled, and came together: “Who made you unhappy? My father? Impossible?”

Is it because he saw you last night and said nothing, are you unhappy? ”

Not to mention okay.

Speaking of Han Ruoqi, he grabbed Mo Beichen’s collar and improved it with special force:

“I warn you, in the future I will not be allowed to tell you about your father, whether it is the name or something else.”

The feet of the mixed devil have left the ground.

Nodded vigorously: “Okay, I remember it, absolutely not to mention it.”


Han Ruo released him and turned to wash.

Looking at her breathless back, Mo Beichen wiped the cold sweat that did not exist on her forehead.

Others said that a woman is a tigress, and he finally saw it.



While Han Ruo was washing, Mo Beichen slipped out the door quietly and asked Aunt Xu to ask seriously, “What should I do if the woman is angry?”

“Give a gift.”

Aunt Xu took it for granted: “Women love to receive gifts, especially diamond jewelry.”

The little devil immediately grabbed the diamond and gave it away.

“Little Fairy Sister, I will go to the mall in a while. You can buy whatever you want. I will pay.”

finish breakfast.

Mo Beichen asked the driver to drive.

Take them to Wanda Plaza, Haicheng’s top luxury shopping mall, and the favorite place of the ladies.

“Of course you pay, you throw me all my clothes and you have to pay me.”

Han Ruoli was straight.

The most important thing is that she did not receive her salary this month, and Cary has no money.


Mo Beichen nodded again and again, just as cute as a kitten who just begged for help.

The driver driving in front of him couldn’t believe it, and couldn’t help but squeeze his face, making sure that he was not dreaming.

The mischievous demon king is so clever, and he will lose his smile.

The driver suddenly admired Han Ruo’s five-body cast. The woman looked mediocre, but even the little devil was able to subdue.

Wanda Plaza is here.

Han Ruo led Mo Beichen out of the car and was very excited when shopping with his son for the first time.

In Mo Beichen’s eyes, it was this silly woman who was so coaxing that she didn’t buy anything, and she was already so happy.

“Han Ruo?”

Walking around.

Because of the price, Han Ruo, who didn’t buy anything, was empty-handed.

The man’s surprised call came from behind, and she turned back subconsciously: “Leng Yi?”

“I will meet you here.”

Leng Yi came quickly.

The intense emotions revealed in the excited expression made Mo Beichen instantly have my family …

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