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Rebirth Chapter 0 Introduction

“I am the smartest…”

“I am the smartest…”

“I am the most…”

“I’m the smartest…” said a group of children vying for the first, but without the temptation of the transparent glass, the children would fight for it, not to mention the transparent can.

“Why do you say you are the smartest?”

“My mom said, I’m the smartest, and I’m the best looking.”

“Your mother lied to you, my mother said I was the smartest.”

“Nonsense, my mother won’t lie to me, I am the smartest kid…” The children began to argue again.

“Then, I will test everyone on my debut question. Whoever can answer is the smartest child.” Jiang Xiaobai showed the expression of Grandma Wolf.

The children calmed down, and Jiang Xiaobai smiled and said: “A bottle of canned food in the supply and marketing agency sells for 1 yuan, and a bottle of my educated youth can sell for 70 cents. How much cheaper is the canned food I sell than the canned food sold by the supply and marketing agency?”

A group of children calmed down, and someone immediately said, “30 cents.”

“Three cents.”

“3 cents.” Others also said.

“I said it first.”

“I’ll talk about it first…” Jiang Xiaobai didn’t stop, and gave the canned bottle to the child who spoke first, and the other children looked disappointed.

The other children looked jealously at the child holding the canned glass bottle, and disappeared with an unhappy expression, leaving the child who got the glass bottle left. Jiang Xiaobai looked at the children who rushed towards his house and scattered. A smile appeared on his face.

“Mother, mother…” a bear kid yelled as soon as he returned home without getting the canned glass bottle.

“Play by yourself.” A middle-aged woman was feeding the pigs and said without looking back when she heard her son’s voice. Although the pigs were raised for the production team at this time, the pigs were also counted as work points.

“Mother, I want to eat canned food, and I want to be the smartest child.” The bear child yelled.

“What to eat canned food, play, and make trouble, I will beat you.” The middle-aged woman said casually, but the child who ran when he heard the beating did not run this time, and shouted again: “I just want to eat canned food. , To be the smartest child.”

“Okay, I’ll buy it for you when Mom goes to the commune, so that you can be the smartest child.” Seeing that the usual tricks are not working well, the mother is not in a hurry.

The bear child was originally prepared to make a fuss for a while, but he didn’t expect his mother to agree, and almost jumped up happily. He went up and pulled the corner of his mother’s clothes and said excitedly: “No need to go to the commune, someone came to the village to sell canned food. Right in the middle of the village.”

The mother who feeds the pigs stiffens, and the little bastard, she immediately prepares to use a trick to let the child know what is called ass blooming, but the bear child then said: “Really, it is cheaper than the canned food sold by the supply and marketing agency. 3 cents.”

“It’s 30 cents cheaper than the canned food of the supply and marketing cooperatives. How do you know?” The middle-aged mother put her hand down and asked questioningly, 30 cents. It is not a decimal for the rural areas at this time, not for later generations. It is an era when no one wants to pick up a dollar when it falls on the ground.

“Really, the educated youth said, a bottle of canned food only sells for 70 cents, canned yellow peaches are delicious, and the transparent glass is also more beautiful than the white porcelain jar at home…”

The bear children fell down endlessly, and they walked towards the middle of the village with their mothers. This kind of situation did not only happen in one family. After many bear children ran back, the situation at home was the same. Go.

Of course, attracting adults is not being coquettish to children. Children at this time are not so spoiled as later generations. Children are mostly used to being disobedient. Just a beat. What attracts people is that Jiang Xiaobai’s canned food for educated youth is 3 cents cheaper than canned food from a supply and marketing agency. money.

Looking at the crowds around the village, Wang Xiaojun looked at Jiang Xiaobai with some admiration. How could he not think of such a simple attention.

Of course, Wang Xiaojun is also a little nervous. If he fights, he is certainly not afraid, but it is the first time that he has grown up so much, and he is still a bit worried about gains and losses.

“Comrade, do you really only sell canned food for 70 cents?” The crowd was getting more and more crowded, and finally someone could not help but ask.

“Yes, we are the educated youth in Jianhua Village. The village poorly makes some canned food. In order to fill the stomach, we not only sell it for 70 cents, but also use the same grain, or eggs, and food stamps.”

Jiang Xiaobai said with a smile. The surrounding villagers nodded after hearing this. They all knew about the situation in Jianhua Village. The poor were about to be overwhelmed. There were no girls in the surrounding villages willing to marry in Jianhua Village.

“This can looks good.”

“Yes, and it’s 30 cents cheaper than the canned food of the supply and marketing cooperative.”

“Yes, it’s 30 cents. It’s a lot cheaper.” The villagers in Xiti Village gathered more and more. Later, people were talking about the situation in the previous hall. Many people were tempted, but No one sells.

Wang Xiaojun looked at the people around him and talked over and over again about how cheap canned educated youth is and how delicious the canned food is. He said it was dry, but no one sold it, but the people in the village got together more and more.

Many people watched the crowds of people, quickly put aside their work at home and ran over. There is not much excitement in the village, so of course you have to come and see.

“A bottle of canned food is 70 cents, and the first one to sell canned foods is 60 cents.” Jiang Xiaobai looked at the crowd who was talking about it and shouted loudly. He could see that people were missing a leader at this time.

“Bring me two bottles of canned food.” The middle-aged woman who was brought to the scene by the bear kid interrupted feeding the pigs and was the first to speak. This year her brother got married and it was the right time to leave relatives in the first month. .

Now this canned food for educated youth is 30 cents cheaper than the canned food sold by the supply and marketing agency, and only sells for 70 cents. What’s more, the first purchase can be another cent cheaper, so Jiang Xiaobai almost spoke as soon as she finished speaking.

“Okay, this eldest sister, do you give money for your canned food, or do you get food and food stamps in exchange?” Jiang Xiaobai smiled and took out two bottles of canned food and handed it to the middle-aged woman.

“I’ll give you the money.” The middle-aged woman unbuttoned her pockets carefully, took out a handful of change, carefully counted one yuan and three and handed it to Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai took the money and took out a dime to return it to the middle-aged woman, saying: “You can buy two bottles of canned food at a time and you can get a dime cheaper, so you can buy two bottles of canned food for only one and two dollars.”

The people around were already eager to see that middle-aged women were the first to take the lead in selling canned food, and they couldn’t help hearing Jiang Xiaobai say this.

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