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Chapter 10 Little Enemy

Xiao Rui sat on the sofa, playing with an electric robot. On the side, Cheng Wan Lian caressed Tang Xiao Nai’s hair that was tied to her waist gently with the electric dryer in hand.

The little guy was young, but his hair quality was surprisingly good. It was smooth and smooth, with a lot of hair quality. His face was as white as jade, and it was indescribably beautiful and delicate.

Cheng Wan Lian had already blown all of Xiao Nai’s long hair dry, and used a rubber band to tie up two braids for her.

“Mummy, we will go to sleep first!” Xiao Rui walked over and took Xiao Nai’s hand. Two tiny figures entered the bedroom.

“Big brother, I want Mummy to sleep with me …” Xiao Nai pouted her small mouth and made her request in a low voice.

Xiao Rui turned her head and patted her cheeks, “Mummy will hug you after she takes a bath, let’s lie on the bed first.”

Cheng Wan Lian immediately smiled gently. “Xiao Nai, let Aunt carry you and sleep, okay?”

“Not good… I need to get the Mummy… If Mummy doesn’t hug me, I won’t be able to sleep … ” Xiao Nai’s black eyes were immediately clouded with tears. She had always been well protected by her big brother Xiao Rui.

“Idiot Xiao Nai …” Little Rui immediately made a face at her.

“I’m not an idiot, you’re the bad brother!” Xiao Nai’s cute little face immediately became puffy, and she started scolding him in her childish voice.

Rui stuck out his tongue at her and ran mischievously into the bedroom.

Xiao Nai was so angry that her eyes were red. Cheng Wan Lian couldn’t bear to watch so she hurriedly pulled her into her embrace to coax her.

Cheng Wan Lian knew that every little fellow had their own habits before they went to sleep.

In this strange environment, the two kids were still not comfortable with each other. It was hard for them to fall asleep at the moment, and the little guys who were cursing at each other just a moment ago had somehow gotten back together and were jumping around on the bed like little rabbits.

Cheng Wan Lian stood on the side of the bed, watching with trepidation. “Be careful, don’t fall off the bed.”

When Tang You You came out from her shower, she saw that the bedroom was filled with noises. She shook her head and laughed.

“Stop, stop. Mom will take you to bed. We still need to go to school tomorrow morning.” Tang You You walked to the bedside and arranged the pillows one by one. He turned around and said to Cheng Wan Lian: “Aunt, you go sleep first, I’ll bring them to sleep.”

“Alright, when they fall asleep, come over. I have something to tell you.” Cheng Wan Lian did not care about being a child and asked her about the result.

Tang You You nodded her head: “Alright, when they are asleep, I will come over.”

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