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Chapter 11 Trying to Cover the Child

After turning off the lights, moonlight poured in from outside the window. In the big room, there was a 1.5 meter long bed squeezed with three mothers and children!

Tang You You hugged one of them on one side while the two little fellows quietly stuck to her arms. They, who had been messing around for the entire day, were already extremely tired.

The mother and daughter pair refused to give him back her mother’s inheritance. Father would definitely return it.

Tang You You sat down, dejected. She still felt some pain as she looked at her hand that was tightly held by that man.

“Wanru, go find your dad and have a good talk with him. He’ll definitely return your mom’s things to you.” Although he was angry, Cheng Wan Lian felt even more heartache when he saw her dejected and sorrowful expression.

“Aunt, can you promise me something? Don’t tell anyone. I have two children, and they are from the Tang Clan …” Tang You You raised his head, his eyes pleading.

“Of course I won’t say it. If anyone asks, I’ll say that I accepted the money to help them take care of their children.” The aunt knew that Tang You You wanted to protect her son and daughter.

“Thank you, aunt!” Tang You You revealed a grateful smile.

Cheng Wan Lian saw that she had forced herself to laugh, and sighed heavily again, “Traceless, do you really not know who the father of a child is?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.” Tang You You had never thought about this, so she didn’t dare to think about it.

“Sigh, if a child had a father, you wouldn’t have to work so hard by yourself.”

“I don’t have any hard work to do. My child is very sensible and obedient. I can already be considered a very blessed mother.” Tang You You smiled like a child. This pair of little treasures was already her entire world, it was even more so her sunshine.

Cheng Wan Lian looked at her young face. She was obviously still acting like a child …

The next morning, Tang You You’s alarm clock rang on time. She quickly climbed out of bed, held onto a rubber band and tied her long hair, as she hurried towards the bathroom.

“You Zou, you’re up?” Cheng Wan Lian was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

“Yes, the children still have to register at the kindergarten.”

After Tang You You quickly finished tidying himself up, he started to organize the two little treasures.

She woke her son first and put on a little gentleman’s suit.

“Mummy… “Hug …” Tang Xiao Rui’s beautiful big eyes were still sleepy. It was obvious that he had not slept enough, making his look extremely cute.

Tang You You carried him onto her lap, and as he helped her put on her pants, he also secretly kissed his soft and cute little face.

Tang Xiao Rui’s expression was adorable, allowing his mother to steal and kiss him repeatedly without turning a blind eye to it.

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