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Chapter 12 Miaobao Going to School

Tang You You helped his son put on his clothes and wiped his face clean with a wet towel.

When the towel wet his younger son’s black bangs and inadvertently combed it up, revealing his full and pure white forehead, Tang You You’s gaze froze.

“This is impossible …”

Tang You You’s heart was filled with unease and worry. She must have been stressed because of her mental state.

She had nothing to do with that hateful man.

Tang Xiao Nai was much more delicate than her brother, Tang Xiao Rui. She laid on the bed with her small body, not moving at all, and continued to sleep in her sleep.

“Nene…” Wake up, have breakfast… There’s milk and bread! “

“Don’t …” The little guy muttered in a determined tone.

“And your favorite lollipop …” “Green apple taste …”

“No, no, this Mummy hates it …” I want to sleep! “

Tang Xiao Nai was immediately annoyed by the commotion, her small mouth also immediately became flat, as though she was about to cry at any time.

Tang You You could only sigh helplessly. Holding a small skirt, she let the little guy lie on the bed and helped her change into it.

“Baby, let’s not sleep anymore, okay? Mommy will take you out to play … ” Seeing that there was not much time left, Tang You You picked up his daughter and carried her out of the bedroom.

Tang Xiao Rui, who was already seated on the dining table drinking milk and eating porridge, was full of energy. Seeing his little sister, who was still sleeping soundly on his mother’s shoulder, he immediately shouted, “Tang Xiao Nai, you are really a lazy bug …”

Tang Xiao Nai who was sleeping soundly on Mummy’s shoulder immediately kicked her legs in anger and grievance, expressing her protest.

“Little Rui, stop talking.” Tang You You immediately glared at his son in feigned anger, using his eyes to warn him not to mess around anymore.

Tang Xiao Rui was most afraid that the Mummy would glare at him with his strict eyes.

“Nene, wake up. Mom will give you some milk, okay?” Tang You You patiently consoled his daughter. This little fellow was born to be attached to others, it didn’t have the natural independence that her brother had.

But it was normal for Tang You You to feel that her daughter was sticking to someone.

Tang Xiao Nai was so angry that she had already woken up, with a pair of watery eyes staring at her brother, Tang You You took the chance to place the cup of milk next to her mouth, and she started to drink.

To feed and feed the children was absolutely every mother’s greatest wish.

Under Tang You You’s coercion, the two little Meng Bao puffed up their stomachs.

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