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Chapter 13 Recruitment

When Tang You You was overseas, she got his aunt to help him contact a kindergarten in the district. At that moment, Tang You You brought a pair of treasures and went to register.

The school fees was considered expensive. After Tang You You finished paying the school fees for the two little treasures, he only had less than 10,000 yuan left in his cultivation base.

The teachers were all sighing with emotion. They had never seen such a beautiful child before.

Tang You You was actually quite at ease with his children, as they had a strong adaptability towards him. She believed that in less than a day, they would be able to befriend him and play with him happily.

Now, she was in a hurry to report to the company.

Tang You You got off the carriage and anxiously rushed to the entrance of the company’s main hall.

The company name is known as Only Idealism International Design, the name is elegant, the reputation is also superb.

Anyone who could squeeze into the design company was a leading figure in the design world.

Tang You You was able to apply for the position, other than having a unique design concept, she also had connections.

Her mother’s best friend from before she died had already worked as a chief designer in the Only Idealism Design Department. Tang You You had recognized her as his godmother even when she was young.

This foster mother was truly loyal to her. When she was young, she was the one who was influenced by her to come into contact with the design business.

Right now, her godmother was on her own, so she could give her a hand as well.

At the entrance of the main hall, Tang You You was wearing a black job suit.

She was 1.66 meters tall and had a slender figure. Her waist-long hair also revealed a hint of charm.

“Are you Miss Tang You You?” As she waited, a voice called out to her.

She turned around and nodded with a smile. “I am!”

“I’m Designer Liu’s assistant. Come with me to handle the admission procedures.” An ordinary looking assistant was shocked when he saw Tang You You’s outer appearance. He did not expect Tang You You to be such a beauty.

“Good!” “Sorry to trouble you!” Tang You You courteously followed the assistant and went through the registration procedures.

Originally, he had planned to go and greet his foster mother, but unfortunately, her mother went out to do something.

Tang You You could only plan to leave first. Tomorrow would be the day she would officially start work.

She lowered her head and calculated that she would go to the market and buy some daily necessities when she had time.

The elevator door suddenly opened.

Tang You You did not notice the group of people standing directly in front of the elevator door.

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