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Chapter 14 Has he offended someone?

The man in the lead wore an orthodox black suit that accentuated his tall and upright figure. He had a handsome face as though he was sculpted from paper and had a pair of deep eyes that didn’t seem to contain any emotion. He was cold and indifferent, making people not dare to act presumptuously in front of him.

He had a hand in a pocket of his western pants. He had a reserved temperament and a strong aura. The dazzling light made the ordinary looking men behind him look dull.

Ji Xiao Han squinted his eyes.

At this moment, the higher ups of the Only Idealism Company felt like they were facing a great enemy.

The group headquarters had just announced the news ten minutes ago, and CEO Ji Xiao Han was coming to inspect the work.

In a short ten minutes, the battlefield was chaotic.

In the company’s meeting room, Ji Xiao Han who had finished his inspection sat on a chair and was drinking tea by himself.

Assistant Lu Qing pushed the door and entered the room to report: “Young Master, that woman is a newcomer who is applying to be a designer today, his name is Tang You You.”

Surname Tang?

That’s right, the crazy woman who bit him like a puppy last night.

“Bring me her information, I want to see!” Ji Xiao Han’s voice turned cold.

Lu Qing had long figured out the Young Master’s style of conduct and had long took her information, so now, he was going to respectfully present it!

Leng Jing’s eyes, which were like pools of water, swept over the resume in his hand indifferently and then threw it to the side, “Inform Personnel Department that this person is not allowed to hire.”

Lu Qing didn’t dare ask for the reason. There was always a reason behind why Young Master did things.

Since he felt that there was something wrong with this woman, it had to be right.

Inside the supermarket, Tang You You pushed a shopping cart and stood in the children’s clothing area, frowning and thinking.

“Son’s height… “How many?”

“Nene likes pink… It’s definitely not wrong to choose this color! “

The season had changed, and the little guy grew very fast. After a few months, his clothes became shorter, so it was time to get a few sets for each of them.

Tang You You moved quickly to pick out a few more sets, and then headed towards the freshmen area!

Suddenly, the phone in his bag rang.

She quickly took it out so that it was her godmother calling, but she didn’t expect it to be the number left behind by the Only Idealism Personnel Department.

“Miss Tang You You? I’m sorry, but Personnel Department has officially informed you that your qualification to apply for the position has been cancelled. “

“What?” “But your manager just said …”

“This is our supervisor’s decision!” The other party hung up the phone hurriedly, afraid that she would become entangled with him.

Tang You You was stunned, she stared at her phone, unable to recover from her shock.

What had happened? Just now, he had been amiable enough to let her officially enter the office tomorrow.

His heart was filled with anxiety, but coincidentally, his foster mother, Liu Xi, called him.

“Wandering, I just received a call from the Personnel Department saying that your interview has been cancelled? Do you know? ” Liu Xi was also confused.

“Yes, godmother. Do you know why we canceled it? We clearly agreed on it. ” Tang You You felt wronged.

“I’ll ask again, I’ll call you back!”

Ten minutes later, Liu Xi called again.

“Mother, did you ask him clearly? Which segment was wrong? ” Tang You You asked anxiously.

Liu Xi remained silent for a moment, then said angrily: “I heard that the owner of the company’s headquarters decided not to hire you. Wandering, tell your mother honestly, have you offended our company’s headquarters?”

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