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Chapter 15 Not a Three Year Old Child

“No, I just returned back home. How can I offend anyone?” Tang You You’s mind was currently in a blank state.

“Really? Think about it again. Have you ever met anyone? ” Liu Xi felt that this matter was not purely an accident, there must be a reason behind it.

Very quickly, a photo of a magazine appeared in Tang You You’s sight.

“Mom, it’s my fault. I screwed up. I’ll look for another job. Thank you.” Tang You You felt as if he was struck by lightning, and was shocked.

How could it be easy to find a satisfactory job in this world?

Tang You You returned home dejectedly. Her aunt was not home, but was hiding in her bedroom.

At one point, she had thought that she was very strong, but facing such unfair treatment, she would still feel sad and unbearable.

Just as Tang You You was about to let out the grievances and dissatisfaction in her heart, the door opened, and a pair of Little Meng Bao ran in with Cheng Wan Lian leading the way.

When he heard the laughter of his children, Tang You You’s body stiffened and he anxiously looked for a tissue to wipe his tears.

However, he couldn’t find any tissues in his panic …

“Mummy, are you crying?” Just as Tang You You was panicking, she turned around and saw two pairs of clear, black eyes staring at him from the door.

Who bullied you? Is it a bad guy? ” Tang Xiao Rui immediately walked over and asked with a pained look.

Tang You You immediately turned around, and used the back of her hand to randomly wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes, and forced a smile: “No one is bullying me, I was just watching TV just now … Seeing that the female lead’s life on television was so miserable, she couldn’t help but cry along with it! “

“Mummy, don’t lie to me. Do you really think we are three year old children?”

“That’s right, we are already four years old!” Tang Xiao Nai curled her lips and followed up with a strict justice.

Cheng Wan Lian stood at the door and looked at Tang You You’s red and swollen eyes while feeling heartache.

However, in front of these two little fellows, Cheng Wan Lian didn’t want to ask her about her situation, so she only comforted her softly, “Wandering, did something happen?”

“No, aunt!” Tang You You replied with a face full of shame.

If she knew that the two little fellows would come back so early, she would have gone to a deserted place to vent her anger.

“Mummy, don’t cry, I will feel heartache.” Xiao Nai immediately ran over and hugged Tang You You’s thigh. She stuck her cheeks close and said with her childish voice.

did not cry! I just missed you two too much. Seeing you two now, Mummy is in a much better mood! ” Tang You You squatted down, hugged her daughter and endured all the sadness and grievances.

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