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Chapter 16 Miaobaocheng

“Oh right, Mummy, I have something very interesting to tell you. Today at school, the teacher took out his phone and showed it to us, saying that we are famous online.” Tang Xiao Rui immediately wanted to say something to cheer the Mummy up.

Tang You You was startled, and asked anxiously: “What’s going on?”

Tang You You was watching her daughter’s face, she did not expect her son to already take her phone to work.

But now, it had been uploaded to the internet. How could she not be angry?

She lowered her head to look at the contents of the video. It was only two minutes, and only the little guy’s face could be seen. There was no sign of her at all.

He felt slightly more at ease. As long as he did not record her in, he should be able to cut her off without attracting the attention of the Tang Clan.

“Mummy, you’re angry!” At such a young age, Tang Xiao Nai had also learned how to observe beauty.

Tang You You nodded: “Of course, how can I not be angry? Mummy does not wish for you to become famous at such a young age. “

Tang Xiao Rui put on an indifferent expression: “Mummy, wouldn’t it be better if we became famous? “If someone asks us to do an advertisement, we will be able to earn money to honor you …”

“Little Rui …” Tang You You immediately pretended to be angry and spoke with a serious face: “How old are you all? You are only four years old, how can I let you all earn money to raise me?”

“Mummy, as long as you have thick skin, it doesn’t matter.” Tang Xiao Nai secretly laughed while covering her small mouth.

“You all …” Tang You You rubbed his forehead in anger. Although this Hua-Bao was still young, he had a lot of ulterior motives.

Of course, this was sufficient proof that her child’s IQ was high, but how could she have the face to use these two little fellows to earn money?

When she thought of the money, and the fact that she had just lost her job, her mood immediately sank.

“Alright, let’s go wash our hands. Auntie will be ready soon.”

Tang You You led the two little fellows to wash their little hands in the washroom. At the same time, she reminded them in a serious tone, “In the future, if anyone steals photos of you, you have to remember that they are not allowed to.

“Understood, Mummy, I promise not to continue bidding!”

“What about you?”

“I’ll remember it too!”

The two little fellows immediately listened obediently. Mummy seemed to be in a bad mood, it was best not to make him angry at this moment.

After Tang You You finished his lunch, he sat down to submit his resume. In the afternoon, he received an interview call.

After lunch, the little guy had to go to kindergarten.

During Cheng Wan Lian’s half an hour lunch break, Tang Xiao Rui took out her phone from the table and made a call.

“Brother, who are you calling?”

“Shh, don’t talk!”

The call was connected as a woman spoke from the other end of the line: “Hello, this is Personnel Department Only Idealism. What’s the matter?”

Tang Xiao Rui immediately displayed his talent in acting: “Elder sister, hello, I am Tang You You’s younger brother. Excuse me, did Tang You You succeed in today’s interview?”

“Tang You You?”

“Big sister, I’m begging you, my big sister came back and cried until her eyes were swollen. Can you tell me the truth? I’m begging you, big sister!” ‘s tender voice, in addition to his acting talent, could make her sound so sweet when talking to her sister.

The other party was confused by his words and told him the truth.

“I understand. Thank you elder sister. Goodbye!” Tang Xiao Rui hung up the phone, her small face looking a little depressed.

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