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Chapter 17 Quarterly has illegitimate children

Tang Xiao Nai who was anxiously waiting to know the truth immediately extended her hand to push him: “Brother, what’s wrong? What happened to Mummy? “

“Mummy has not been accepted by the company …” Tang Xiao Rui’s small head drooped down as he let out a heavy sigh.

Night came!

“Mu Shi Ye, do you want to die?” Ji Xiao Han swept a cold gaze across the bottom of his eyes, staring at the person who spoke randomly.

A man by the side chuckled. “Mu Shi Ye, don’t joke too much, Young Master Ji isn’t someone you can casually joke around with, it’s related to his reputation …”

“Luo He Ning, come over here and look. I’m not joking with his reputation for no reason at all …”

This man called Mu Shi Ye, had an extremely beautiful face with short, dyed brown hair, constantly displaying his arrogance and arrogance. His handsome face was filled with dissatisfaction.

Luo He Ning also had an extremely handsome face that could bring calamities to the nation, and compared to Mu Shi Ye’s playfulness, he was clearly a little more mature.

“Come here …” When Mu Shisi saw that Luo He Ning was not showing any signs of being loyal, he immediately took the initiative and went over.

“Stay away from me …” Luo He Ning glared at him with contempt.

Very quickly, two extremely beautiful little faces appeared in his eyes.

“I’ll go …” At this moment, Luo He Ning, who usually had a calm personality, was also shocked by the two faces that looked extremely similar to a certain someone, causing her to sit up straight.

Leaning on the side, Ji Xiao Han, who had a lazy temperament, saw the two people’s surprised expressions, and frowned: “Did you guys see a ghost?”

Young Master Ji, not only do you have an illegitimate child, you also have a Si Sheng Nv. These words burst out from Luo He Ning’s mouth.

“Luo He Ning…” Ji Xiao Han was already clenching his teeth.

Luo He Ning snatched Mu Shi Ye’s phone, without saying a word, he squeezed to Mu Shi Ye’s side and played the video on his phone again.

Ji Xiao Han’s brows immediately tightened into a knot.

“Where did this little guy come from?” Does it look like me? ” The moment Ji Xiao Han saw it, his heart was already shocked senseless. But very quickly, he felt that it was absolutely impossible.

He had slept with a woman before, but there was only one …

It was because she needed help that she couldn’t help but borrow her body to sleep.

Since Tang Xue Rou wasn’t pregnant, he naturally wouldn’t have children either.

“It looks like it. It looks like it was carved from the same mold.” Luo He Ning nodded with absolute certainty.

Mu Shi Ye answered in an extremely serious manner, “Xiao Han, I feel that you really need to investigate this matter. Who knows which woman it might be … “I stole your seed when you weren’t paying attention …”

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