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Chapter 19 Don’t scare this little nephew

The next morning!

Tang You You didn’t need to work, she wanted to share his aunt’s work, so she voluntarily offered to send her to kindergarten.

The two little fellows hopped around, showing off the innocence and naivety that they should have at their age.

Under the sunlight, the two exquisite and beautiful little faces were suffused with a white jade-like l.u.s.ter.

After a night of pondering, Tang You You’s mood became slightly better.

What’s the point of losing a decent job? In this world, as long as she had these two cute girls to accompany her, her life would still be filled with suns.h.i.+ne.

“Mummy… There are a lot of cars in front! ” Tang Xiao Rui pointed to a group of domineering and expensive luxury car that stopped at the side of the road in front of them.
The little boy was born with a cold towards cars, it was no wonder that Tang Xiao Rui would so excitedly shout.

On the other hand, Tang Xiao Nai lowered her head. In her arms was her pet dog toy, and the little fellow that was pulled out of bed by Mummy had an unhappy face, full of emotions.

Tang You You casually glanced at it, but did not take it to heart.

But that row of luxury car, were they really dazzling, powerful existences.
When the mother and son duo was about to walk to the center of the luxury car …

Suddenly …

Two men in black walked down from the carriage quickly and blocked Tang You You’s path with their hands.

“What are you guys doing?”

Tang You You instinctively protected the two babies behind him, and vigilantly stared at the black-clothed man who was blocking his way.
“Are you Miss Tang You You?”

Tang You You was shocked, the other party already knew his name, who exactly were they?

“Yes, I am!” Tang You You saw that the other party’s words were quite polite, she herself wanted to understand what was going on, so she freely admitted it.

“My Young Master wants to see you!”

Tang You You was so scared that her face turned pale white, and she immediately said with a cold face: “I’m sorry, I don’t have time now, I’m going to send my child to school.”

“Mummy, are they villains?”

“Maybe they are killers, the killers on TV are all dressed like this, Mummy, let’s quickly flee for our lives.”
Tang You You saw that his own child was completely terrified by them, and immediately warned them strictly, “If you want to block the way again, I’ll call the police!”

In the black car beside Tang You You, the man’s sharp, calm eyes looked at the mother and son through the window.

This kind of completely black window couldn’t be seen from the outside, so Tang You You didn’t know that there was a pair of unfathomable eyes sizing her up from the side.

Ji Xiao Han had no interest in this woman at all. His main reason was because he wanted to see this pair of cute little fellows.
At this moment, the two little fellows were clenching their fists tightly as they nervously and angrily stared at the bodyguard.

Two exquisite and beautiful little faces revealed a trace of panic and fear, which made Ji Xiao Han’s heart tremble.

How could he scare his own two juniors?

Ji Xiao Han realized that he shouldn’t have chosen to talk to this woman in front of her son.

He pushed open the door and stepped down on his long legs.

When Tang You You saw this man, his heart fiercely shrank and he hid his two children behind him even more fearfully.

“Miss Tang, don’t be nervous. I’ve come today to talk to you about something!” In front of the two treasures, Ji Xiao Han’s handsome face flashed with a smile filled with sincerity.

Tang You You was annoyed when she saw this man. He had first helped Tang Xue Rou to kick her out of the Tang Family, causing her to not be able to obtain her mother’s inheritance.

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