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Chapter 2 Repatriation after a period of five years

Five years later!

On the international cla.s.s flying to Z, in the economy cla.s.s, a few girls held onto their phones as they secretly took photos of a pair of cute babies.

The little boy wore a small checked s.h.i.+rt, grey jeans, and a pair of large, jewel-like eyes. Under his small, exquisite nose was a thin, red lips, which were moist and breathtakingly beautiful.
Beside him, there was an exquisite little girl about the same age as a doll. She had waist-long black hair, thick bangs that covered her snow-white forehead, a s.h.i.+ny gemstone hairpin, and a pair of crystal clear eyes that were just like a little boy’s. She had a cute little face like a most exquisite doll, and her little mouth was pouting slightly as she bit on a lollipop, so cute that people couldn’t move their eyes away.

“Sis, stop taking pictures of us. If you continue, I’ll get angry!” Noticing that the girls were secretly taking photos, the little boy immediately tried to persuade them with a childish voice.

The 20-odd girls next to her immediately felt embarra.s.sed and turned on the camera with a red face.

“Oh my G.o.d, so cute, so beautiful Little Treasure. I can’t take it anymore, I want to steal it!”
“Can’t you see that there’s another woman sitting beside them? My mom is here, so don’t think too much. “

Beside a pair of cute babies, a young girl was napping, leaning against the back of a chair.

The girl had snow-white skin and a small face with melon seeds. Her waist-long hair had been pulled to the side and tied into a ponytail. She was wearing a loose black T-s.h.i.+rt and white denim shorts. She looked very pure.
“Brother, do you want to wake Mummy up? Mother, you haven’t had lunch yet! ” The little girl asked in her childish voice as she looked at the little boy beside her.

“Let Mummy sleep a little longer, it’s still early.” The little boy was his older brother. Although he was still young, he had an early maturity to him. His pair of beautiful big eyes gave off a wisdom incongruous with his age. He was different from the naive and adorable little girl beside him.

“Mummy is so pitiful. She hasn’t slept at all during the whole night.” On the little girl’s cute little face, there was a hint of affection.

“Xiao Nai, don’t make your mother angry anymore, okay?” Tang Xiao Rui stroked his sister’s little head as she advised her like a little adult.

“Mm, I’ll be good!” Tang Xiao Nai’s tender little face immediately bloomed into a thoughtful smile.
Half an hour later, the plane stopped at Z Capital International Airport.

“Mummy, it’s time to get off the plane!” The little boy reached out his little hand, gently pushed at Tang You You’s arm, and whispered into her ear.

“Ah …” Tang You You woke up from her stupor, reached out her hand and rubbed her sleepy eyes, then looked down at the two cute little babies.

“Sorry, Mummy is too tired. Have you guys eaten?” Tang You You looked apologetically at her baby dragon and phoenix, and asked gently.
“We’ve eaten all the bread and drank a bottle of milk. Mummy, are you hungry? I left you bread and milk! ” Tang Xiao Nai smiled sweetly, she was extremely cute.

Tang You You sighed in relief, shook his head: “I’m not hungry, let’s go!”
After undoing the seat belts of the two Goubao, Tang You You held onto one of them and walked out of the cabin.

After five years, she had finally returned!

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