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Chapter 3 Lovely Baby

Tang You You was in a bit of a trance as she lowered her head to look at Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei, who was beside her.
Five years ago, when she discovered that she was pregnant, she was determined to go to the hospital and get rid of it. However, she was told that her blood type was very rare, and if she took away her child, it would be very difficult for her to be a mother in this lifetime.

Fortunately, she had given birth to her children, a pair of phoenixes.

“Mummy, our journey is here!” A cute little baby who was only four years old and was the most naive of times, was especially novel to everything.

One big two small boxes and three small boxes were teleported in front of them. Tang You You took down the small boxes.
“Let’s go back to Aunt’s!” Tang You You came back this time because of the development of his work. A famous design company in the country had found her and was very interested in her idea of fas.h.i.+on design.

When Tang You You was overseas, she had already emptied her pocket money and the living expenses that she had swindled from her father.

Seeing that her two children needed her to raise them, she had no choice but to give up her studies and return to work.

Coincidentally, her aunt’s children had all gone out to study and work, so she was left alone at home. When she found out that Tang You You was returning, she took the initiative to help her take care of the two little fellows.

Everything seemed to have been arranged perfectly. When Tang You You got tired of wandering abroad, she especially wanted to see her relatives. Furthermore, Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei had become more sensible as she had finally decided to set foot on her journey back home.

As the three of them walked along the aisle, two incredibly beautiful babies caught the attention of the pa.s.sengers beside them.

“Such a beautiful dragon and phoenix embryo, the genes are really good.”
“So cute, so cute. I really want to hug them.”

“Is she the child of some celebrity? Why does she look so beautiful? She’s just like a doll.”

Tang You You listened to the discussions of the people around her about her children, and could not help but stare at the two treasures.

Indeed, her dragon and phoenix precious genes were surprisingly good. The two of them were carved from the same mold, but there was a gender difference.

Her son was handsome and her daughter was sweet and cute. However, the only similarity was that both of them were extremely beautiful. Not a single flaw could be seen on their facial features.

On the streets abroad, there were people who would often come over to strike up a conversation, and there were even people who wanted to go over to Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei to do some advertis.e.m.e.nts.

Tang You You caressed the little cheeks of his melon seeds. He kept having the feeling that he had not fully displayed his genes on the two babies.
Thus, what these two little fellows inherited weren’t her good genes at all, but their father’s.

Thinking of their father, Tang You You felt cold sweat trickling down his back.
The man she had dreamed of for the rest of her life!

“Mummy, what are you daydreaming for, should we stop a car?” A small hand gently pushed Tang You You, and his son’s calm and pleasant voice sounded by his ear.

Tang You You immediately woke up from her stupor, squatted down, and adjusted his son’s collar. She then patted his daughter’s head and said, “Remember what I told you to do.
“Don’t worry Mummy, our little mouth is so sweet!” Tang Xiao Rui laughed like a little demon, like a ghost.

Tang You You stopped a taxi and led Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei to it.

The taxi drove off Airport Avenue and headed towards the city.

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