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Chapter 9 Men’s Warnings

Tang You You felt extremely resentful, she did not expect this man to conclude that she was a bad woman without even asking about anything, and even scolded her for being average in looks.

“Hurry up and let me go, as I said, it’s none of your business.” Tang You You was so angry that she had almost lost all sense of reason. She had always thought that after becoming a mother, she had cultivated her Qi very well, but today, she was completely enraged by this couple.

“If you dare hit her again, I’ll chop off your hands.” Ji Xiao Han warned her coldly.
When Tang You You heard this, she was really going to break down. She gritted her teeth in hatred and bit at the back of the man’s hand.

“Hmm?” The man did not expect this woman to be a dog. Her sharp teeth and sharp mouth even bit out a thin line of blood marks on the back of his hand.
“Madman!” “Scram!” Since Ji Xiao Han was young, how could he have received such an insult? He immediately let go of his hand in anger, and roared at Tang You You through gritted teeth.

Tang You You’s little hand had gained its freedom but it had also been pinched by this man. A layer of tears appeared in her eyes as she glared at Tang Xue Rou.

Tang Xue Rou still had a pitiful and delicate look from being wronged and hurt, but when facing Tang You You’s unwilling eyes, the pleased look in her eyes was extremely obvious.

“Young lady, please leave immediately! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite. ” A few bodyguards who followed behind Ji Xiao Han ordered Tang You You to be expelled with gloomy faces.

Tang You You’s goal had yet to reach its destination, so she was not willing to leave. She wanted to rush into the hall and search for something by herself.

Unfortunately, just as she moved, she was stopped by two bodyguards. In the next second, her pet.i.te and frail body was lifted up by one of the bodyguards.

“Let me go, I’ll leave by myself, don’t touch me, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Tang You You was so angry, Tang Xue Rou was hard to deal with, and now a man came to support her. That man was obviously not someone to be trifled with, it’s over, do you want mother’s things back?

Tang You You was directly thrown out of the door. She, who was caught unawares, fell to the ground in an ugly posture.

A few bored reporters, who were waiting for the news, immediately ran over to take a look when they saw a woman being thrown out.

Seeing that someone was trying to take care of her, Tang You You was so shocked that she quickly jumped up from the ground and ran away without caring about the pain.
No matter how fast she ran, her face was still captured by one of the reporters in the video.

“Yet another crazed fan who doesn’t care for his life. Being thrown out by someone is really pitiful and laughable.”

“This bunch of brainless fans really do owe a report. Tomorrow, I will make a big headline and use this woman as a model to properly brainwash those brainless fans. See, this is the result of chasing after the stars.”

The two reporters took advantage of the fact that Tang You You had been thrown out and started chatting amongst themselves.

Just as Tang You You was fleeing in a sorry state, the internet suddenly stirred up a gust of wind.

At a very popular second recording studio, a two minute video was crazily reprinted and discussed. In the video, there was a pair of beautiful baby dragons and phoenixes, shocking the heavens.

The two of them were like Little Meng Bao from the second world. They were extremely cute. Once the video was uploaded, it immediately captivated everyone’s hearts. They left messages saying that they wanted to steal the Little Meng Bao pair and bring them back home to be raised. The pitiful Tang You You and her two sons, they still didn’t know, that very soon, they would cause a huge commotion on the internet.

A pair of children was thrown into the air, but Tang You You, this pitiful little girl, was about to be stomped on to the point that she was less than mud.

Tang You You awkwardly left the Tang Clan and stood far away. Looking at the Tang Clan villa which was lit up by the bright lights, she angrily bit her lips. If she couldn’t get it back today, she would come back.

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