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President Daddy’s Love Chapter 1

Hurt… Hurt…

In the morning!
Waking up from her daze due to the blinding sunlight, Tang You You opened her eyes with a splitting headache.

What she saw was an unfamiliar room, and when her gaze went further down, she found the floor was scattered with clothes.

Stretching her eyes, she used one hand to support her back, trying her best to recall what happened last night.

She had been knocked unconscious. She really had no memory of what happened last night.

At this moment, there was not a single piece of cloth on her body. The faint burning sensation of pain on her body stimulated her nerves.

No matter how slow she was, she should know what had happened.

Tang You You endured the pain of her body and pulled the blanket tightly around her.

The room was still filled with the erotic aura.

Because of having overheard her stepmother calling her mother a mistress, she was furious and let her stepbrother who hoaxed her fall off the balcony.

Subsequently, she was knocked out by her stepmother and stepsister.

When waking up, she was in this hotel.

Tang You You pushed herself off the bed in anger and quickly picked up her clothes. Suddenly, a watch fell down.

On the back of a chair beside him, there was a man’s suit jacket …
Tang You You angrily threw the watch against the wall. He had taken away her virginity, so he just used his watch to send her away?

Go to hell!
She walked to the bathroom, her bruised face reflected in the mirror.

Tang You You looked at her bruised face and thought back to the scene of the mother and the daughter violently beating her up yesterday.

Which bastard would choose to eat her so badly and still be so tough when facing her such face? He was simply a beast.

Tang You You ruthlessly scrubbed herself multiple times, to the point where she wanted to wash off a layer of skin. Only then did she shake her slender legs and leave the hotel.

Ten minutes later, the other room door of the hotel opened and a charming young girl walked out.

The girl looked proud and complacent as she quickly walked to Tang You You’s room. She took out a room card from her bag and opened the door.
Looking at the messy bed, she laughed maliciously.

Following that, she forcefully lifted the blanket, and found that the white sheet was covered in a little blood. She gritted her teeth and said, “She was indeed just a virgin, so she and Lu Xuan Chen had been together for two years, and they didn’t sleep with each other? Great, if Xuan Chen knew that she was already dirty, he would definitely kick Tang You You away. “

Just as Tang Xue Rou was about to take a photo of the evidence in the room with her cell phone for her mother to see.

There was a knock on the door.

Tang You You was shocked, she walked to the door with a guilty conscience, opened the peephole and peeked outside.

“Who is it? What are you doing?” Tang Xue Rou asked.

“I am here on behalf of my Young Master to thank you for saving his life.” The man outside said respectfully.
Tang Xue Rou was startled. After hearing the word “thank you”, she immediately extended her hand to open the door.

The man outside the door gestured to the two bodyguards in black behind him, and the two men immediately rushed in.

“Hey, what are you all doing …” Tang Xue Rou was so scared that her face turned white.
“Don’t worry Miss, we are only confirming that my Young Master did indeed spend the night in this room.” The man still maintained his polite attitude.

“Your Young Master?” Tang Xue Rou’s eyes widened a little.

At this time, two bodyguards walked out quickly. One of them was holding a suit jacket, while the other man was holding onto a watch.

The young man took it and looked it over, then respectfully gave Tang Xue Rou a name card: “This is my Young Master’s name card. Congratulations, my Young Master will help you fulfill any of your wishes.”

“Who is your Young Master?” Tang Xue Rou hesitated, but still extended her hand to accept the famous door.

“Ji Xiao Han!” The man enunciated a name clearly.

Tang Xue Rou was stunned!

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