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Chapter 1 No Wedding Car

I hope a white gauze is standing on the red carpet, holding a flower ball that symbolizes happiness in his hand, looking at the end of the red carpet with the outside light of my eyes, looking forward to the appearance of the groom.

Time passed slowly, and the auspicious time had passed. The godfather’s expression became a little strange. The guests began to talk, hoping that the longing smile on their faces disappeared, and they clasped their hands tightly on the wedding dress, biting their lips, with expressions. Some grievances.

“Isn’t it about the wedding of the century? How come the bridegroom hasn’t appeared yet?”

“It’s very unexpected that the wedding can be held as scheduled. Tang Shao’s fiancee regrets the marriage. This…is a substitute! At first glance, it is for the Tang family’s property!”

“Tang Shao suffered a car accident and his lower limbs were crippled. It would be nice if a woman would marry him!”


Hope stood stiffly on the spot, her nails stuck in the flesh, her ears involuntarily collected the guests’ comments, her entire face turned pale, Tang Moqian had a car accident, and her fiancé repented of her marriage. She voluntarily married Tang Moqian because of Tang Moqian. It’s her dream!

Since Tang Moqian rescued her who was almost raped two years ago, her heart was attached to Tang Moqian, but at that time she was still a high school student, and the 25-year-old Tang Shao was already well-known throughout the business world. Soon, she could only follow him silently and pay attention to his news.

Until he had a fiancée, she felt sad because of her heart!

By coincidence, he was injured and his fiancée regretted the marriage. Isn’t it the opportunity God gave her? Let her guard him upright, take care of him, and let her love heart no longer hide! So she ignored her father’s opposition and insisted on marrying him!

But he didn’t expect that he would escape the marriage…

Hope’s body trembled unbearably, staring eagerly at the outside of the church, expecting a miracle.

“Tang Shao is here…” I don’t know who shouted, hoping to raise his head suddenly, watching the Rolls Royce covered with roses slowly open, a desperate heart finally beating, although it was a little late, he …It’s here after all!

As the wedding car stopped, the guests became agitated for a while. How could the groom not show up on such a happy day?

“Miss Shen, the young master has ordered that if you want to marry him, you should get in the wedding car by yourself. The young master will not be here today.”

Hope’s body trembled fiercely, and he staggered, almost fell, and his heart was cut like a knife. It turned out… he did it on purpose, not because of a leg injury, but… he didn’t want to marry her at all. Know, make hope both sad and sad!

“My family, what’s the matter with you?” Father Shen took a sigh of relief in his heart, and his face was completely dark. His daughter was already subject to various rumors about her marriage to the Tang family, and now the bridegroom did not escape the marriage! I hope it’s not that I can’t get married. If Tang Moqian is well, my legs are still like this… Sleepless is too insulting!

“Hope, go… Come home with me, we won’t marry!” Father Shen took Hope’s hand, angrily.

“Dad…” Hope struggled away, his face anxious.

“Steward Tang, what’s going on!” The sound of “clicking” around and taking pictures continued, and the guests talked a lot. Mother Tang looked embarrassed and quickly asked the steward.

“Madam, it’s what the young master meant…” Steward Tang looked helplessly, glanced at Shen hope, and said with a sigh: “The young master said that marrying him is a dead end. If the young lady is unwilling, this marriage will be all!”

“It’s fine, it’s not rare for our Shen family!” Shen fatherly blood surged upwards, his tone stiff.

I hope I have understood Tang Moqian’s thoughts. He is making things difficult for her and does not want her to marry him, but… Tang Moqian is her dream! How could she be willing to go to the end and just give up?

“Dad, I’ll go!” Father Shen insisted, but hoped to answer in one mouthful. He broke away from his father’s hand and walked towards the wedding car without the groom!

Father Shen looked at his daughter’s stubborn look, angry, irritable, and distressed. For a while, he had mixed feelings and turned into a long sigh! She is really outgoing, Tang Moqian, why is it worth your while?

Sit in the wedding car, hope that everything will come to my heart, from the initial grievance, sadness, to firm courage and anticipation. She swears that no matter what, she will be his wife and take good care of him.

Sitting on the wedding bed, hoping to lower his head, and scan the man by the door with the corner of his eyes. He was expressionless, his face was cold, his handsome face was thinner, and a pair of godless eyes were deeply sunken. In the eye sockets, he looks very decadent, with a gray blanket on his legs, a bit more lifeless, this rough look, nothing like a bridegroom for a wedding! I hope to see a sense of distress emerge in my heart… Tang Moqian, who is the proud man of heaven, why is he so decadent?

“Mo Qian…it’s already late!” His name was brewed in Hope’s throat for a long time before he spit it out softly. Tang Moqian’s body was taken aback, suddenly raised his head, looking at Shen Hope.

Hope that the water-like eyes stared at him, with the shyness of a bride.

Tang Moqian sneered, “So what?”

So what? Shouldn’t we rest? Shen Hope looked at Tang Moqian blankly, and looked at his legs quietly. Isn’t he unable to go to bed?

Thinking of this, I hope to walk over slowly and squat down beside Tang Moqian, “I will help you!”

Tang Moqian lowered his head and smelled the seemingly non-essential perfume from her body, the refreshing scent of lilies, with green temptation.

Hopefully, if Tang Moqian didn’t refuse, she held up his arm on her own initiative, and immediately, her perfectly wrapped chest was pressed tightly on his arm, bringing a burst of softness, which made people imagine.

“Go away!” Suddenly, Tang Moqian pushed away hope angrily, hoping to stagger under his feet and become unstable. Without the support of hope, Tang Moqian also fell heavily to the ground.

“Are you all right!” Hope endured the heel pain, looking at Tang Moqian distressedly.

“Get out of here!” Tang Moqian looked at Shen Hope coldly, and scolded: “You are very proud to see me like this! I’m just a trash, are you here to come to see me for a joke? On the wedding night, you can’t even bed. The man on the road, is it a man? Go away…” Empty is like a flower, but he doesn’t have the ability to demand her. How can this kind of powerlessness prevent a man from falling apart!

“No…no!” Hope bit her lip and shook her head heavily, no, he is her lifesaver, how could she look at him that way, no matter what, she loves him!

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