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Chapter 2 The Embarrassing Wedding Night

Facing Tang Moqian’s icy eyes, I hoped to walk over, wanting to help him.

Tang Moqian grabbed Hope by the arm, took her into his arms, turned over, and pressed Hope under him.

This woman is indeed a god-given stunner, with crisp breasts, beautiful legs, slender waist and plump buttocks, and now in a white wedding dress with exquisite makeup. Even Liu Xiahui can’t sit still. The best thing is the flowing water. Mou, timid, with natural innocence, attracts people to ruin her!

He thought so, so he did. This is their wedding night, isn’t it?

Tang Moqian whirled her face with his right hand, and his eyes were full of emotions. He hoped that he closed his eyes and trembling. Although he had been rooted in her heart for a long time, his unkind eyes still scared her.

Tang Moqian pinched her chin, lowered his head, and kissed accurately.

Hopefully, biting the tip of his tongue, his mind was blank. Her non-cooperation made Tang Moqian a little annoyed. Now that she is still pretending to be a chaste woman, shouldn’t he think of it when she insists on marrying him? With a beautiful face and good health, such a woman eagerly married him a lame man. After thinking about it, she knew that it was not a good thing, most of it was for Tang’s money!

Tang Moqian glanced at Hope coldly, and ordered: “Open your mouth…”

I hope that I only feel ashamed at first, turning his whole face to one side, ashamed of not daring to see people, and gradually, that tingling feeling replaced the shy touch.

She glanced slightly and saw the cold arc of Tang Moqian’s side.

The man who tried to save her at the beginning always carried a gentle smile, between talking and laughing, repelling the kidnappers, but now he, the face with a light smile, has frozen all emotions, making people If you have an ice cellar, I hope you feel a little distressed. Is it all because of a car accident? Or is it because of his fiancée’s escape marriage?

No matter what the reason, she will definitely try to get him out of the shadows, thinking of hope, she stretched out her hand, put her arm around Tang Moqian’s head, and indulged the two closer together.

Tang Moqian could only hold his hands on both sides and support the weight of his whole body with his hands. The initiative of hope shocked Tang Moqian’s mind. With a loose right hand, his body became limp, and his whole body was pressed on Hope.

I hope I just feel that my body is suddenly heavy, and I let out a conditioned hum.

Tang Moqian’s entire face turned black, and he lifted hope easily, a sense of powerlessness spontaneously, “Go away!”

“Mo Qian…” Hopefully, I looked at Tang Moqian who was recovering from the cold in disbelief. It was obvious that they were still passionate just now, didn’t they? Why did it suddenly become like this, did she do something wrong?

Is it because of her initiative? Hope the whole face turns red, doesn’t he… don’t like it?

There was a sneer at the corner of Tang Moqian’s mouth, his eyes seemed to look at his unconscious legs without disgust, waste, really waste!

Useless, useless! Tang Moqian suddenly punched his leg hard, “Ah…ah…a rotten leg, what else is there for you, just cut it!”

“What are you doing!” Hope rushed over and hugged Tang Moqian’s leg. Tang Moqian couldn’t stop, punching Hope’s back with a strong fist, hoping to snorted, but insisted on not letting go.

“You don’t want to leave it to me?” Hope there were tears in his eyes, and he looked at Tang Moqian distressedly. Tang Moqian’s heart was shocked by the words he uttered. For a moment, he stared at hope in a dazed manner.

The corners of his mouth twitched, Tang Moqian lifted Shen hope, “What is my body to you?”

“You don’t feel bad, I… feel bad!” Once, it was these legs that kicked off the kidnapper and saved her innocence. His little bit has turned into a dream in her heart. How can she be willing to hurt?

“Distressed?” Tang Moqian sneered, slightly raised his head and looked at Shen Hope. Her eyes were written with undisguised seriousness, such a strong feeling that made him feel flustered.

He is a useless person, what exactly does she want? money? Haha, the play is really real.

“Afraid that I won’t be able to give you “sex” blessing?” Tang Moqian looked at hope wildly, with an ironic sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Hoping to be ridiculed and blushing, he really disliked her for being too active! There is really no reserve of the newlyweds!

“No…I didn’t!” Hope bit her lip and shook her head vigorously. She heard that men are women who like to take the initiative. That’s why she is like that. She is a clean girl, where is she as unbearable as he said ?

Tang Moqian sneered and replied speechlessly.

Hopefully, looking at the cold floor, he stretched out his hand to stand up Tang Moqian, cautiously.

“May I shave your beard?” Hopefully looking at the decadent Tang Moqian, he cautiously asked.

“Why? Dislike me for not worthy of you? Then go…the door is there!” Tang Moqian pointed to the door of the room, hoping to bite his lips, his face aggrieved, how could this person’s mouth hurt so much? roll!

Hopefully, he didn’t mention shaving his beard anymore, but dragged a long wedding dress to the bathroom to bring Tang Moqian foot wash and wipe his feet.

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