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Meet Mr. Qin Chapter 0

The little girl is surprisingly beautiful, walking slowly and lazily, her face is calm, her eyes are full of coolness, she is a bit casual.

Everyone is speculating about her relationship with Qin Zhu.

Su Mo didn’t pay attention to this, and strode into the old man’s room.

Inside the house are various high-tech therapeutic equipment.

Two medical experts, as well as a heroic woman.

They are all the most authoritative medical professors in the world, especially women, and even the little granddaughter of the Wen family. They were rated as the best internal medicine experts by the World Health Organization at the age of 23.

The Wen family and the Qin family have always been on good terms.

Wen Yuqi has liked Qin Zhu since she was a child.

Everyone in the circle knows.

A doctor wearing glasses stepped forward and said to Wen Yuqi: “The tumor in the father’s abdomen has expanded, but the father is too old to withstand an operation.”

Another short fat doctor nodded: “It’s true, but without surgery, the malignant tumor in the father’s abdomen cannot be removed at all.”

Wen Yuqi lowered her eyebrows and groaned in a decisive tone, “If the three of us have surgery together, there should be a 10% chance of success, but if we don’t do it, Grandpa Qin will not live long!”

The two doctors looked at each other and saw the seriousness of the situation in each other’s eyes.

Finally, they agreed: “Miss Wen, we do our best to cooperate.”

Wen Yuqi nodded, planning to push her father to the operating room.

Su Mo leaned on the door frame for a while. After listening to the three of them talking, the corners of his lips were slightly lifted, and his voice was slightly cold: “I’m afraid that you will not be able to survive the operation before the operation is completed.”

The voice suddenly appeared, Wen Yuqi turned to look over.

It was a little girl with white skin, with a cold face at a young age.

The little girl was so beautiful that Wen Yuqi didn’t like it subconsciously.

Who is she?

What does it have to do with Qin Zhu?

Wen Yuqi frowned, her tone hostile: “What do you know as a little girl? Just dare to talk nonsense in front of me.”

Without waiting for Su Mo to say anything, Qin Zhu said with a cold face: “This is the guest I invited. Are you questioning me?”

He looked at the man he had admired for more than ten years, protecting another beautiful little girl.

Not to mention how uncomfortable Wen Yuqi felt.

She felt that this indifferent little girl was not pleasing to her eyes.

“Miss Su.” Qin Zhu looked at his grandfather’s bloodless face, frowning, he glanced at Su Mo, with silent urging under his eyes.

So she took a closer look at the old man.

Su Mo said calmly and indifferently: “Three days.”

Assistant Jin, who has been pushing Qin Zhui, asked suspiciously: “Do you need three days to treat the old man?”

Su Mola raised her eyebrows, yawned, and she was indescribably lazy: “Two hours of treatment, three days to heal.”

Who would believe such arrogant words from a tender-faced girl?

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