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Chapter 12 Unruly Love and Freedom


wedding proceeded in an orderly manner. Then there was no accident. Until the end of the wedding at night, Su Zibao and Pei Yi returned to the new house.

Yucheng Villa on Huaan Street is the most famous villa area in Haicheng, and Yucheng Real Estate is one of Pei’s two most famous brands.

The driver who drives the car is called Pei Xiaochuan, the housekeeper is Pei An, and there are maids in the villa, but the owners are only Pei Yi and Su Zibao. This also made Su Zibao relieved. Fortunately, Pei Yi didn’t live in Pei’s old house because of “slutty and unrestrained love,” otherwise Su Zibao was really uncomfortable with dealing with so many relatives.

After returning to the villa, Su Zibao chose a simple white slim dress in her pile of wardrobes. After a round of people who did not see Pei Yi, Su Zibao thought he was going out?

The wedding room is very big. The most exaggerated thing is that the bed has a width of two or three meters. The layout should be simple but luxurious. It can be seen that Pei Yi is a person who pays great attention to the quality of life.

I was really tired after a day of tossing today, but she was not used to sleeping without makeup removal, and she was walking towards the bathroom in the wedding room, her hand was just on the handle, and the bathroom door suddenly opened, only wrapped in a white Pei Yi, who was naked in the bath towel, faced Su Zibao.

“Peek at me for a bath?” Pei Yi looked up and down at Su Zibao, his lips grinning with evil spirits.

Su Zibao’s pretty face slammed red. She had just come in. She didn’t even know he was in the bathroom?

At this time, the two were standing close to each other. Pei Yi’s skin was fair, as strong as a sculpture, naked upper body, white towel around his waist, and eight abdominal muscles could be clearly seen. Just after taking a shower, the fragrance of the shower gel is revealed, and the drops of water on the body are sexy and tempting, not to mention the dizzying male hormone.

“No, I… I come to remove makeup!” Su Zibao quickly raised her hand and raised the makeup remover in Yang’s hand.

Pei Yi leaned forward slightly, his lips against Su Zibao’s earlobe, “I don’t mind you peeking.”

The heat he exhaled made Su Zibao half of her face numb, and she quickly took a step back. The wet water vapor on the bathroom floor, Su Zibao slipped backward and fell back, habitually grabbing forward, but Pei Yi’s skin was very slippery and he was unable to grasp at all. At the end, he

grabbed the bath towel around his waist and said, “Who is going to peek at you!” while pulling up, Su Zibao, who didn’t get up, grabbed the bath towel and slammed it to the floor.

The bath towel was just surrounded by Pei Yi at will. At this time, Su Zibao was completely torn off, and Pei Yi was completely naked!

At a glance.

Pei Yi was also stunned for a while, and then the smile on his face was even worse, but he was not shy to show it generously, and stretched out her hand to her, “Okay, say no, even the bath towels are picked up for me. Knowing that my little wife is so hungry and unbearable?”

Su Zibao quickly threw the bath towel at her, dared not to take Pei Yi’s hand, and quickly got up and rushed out of the bathroom.

On the first night of marriage, she saw him out!

When Pei Yi regrouped the bath towels, he saw that his little wife’s face was sitting on the bed like a red apple, and the lilac light was like a bud waiting to be placed.

“I didn’t mean it just now!” Su Zibao saw Pei Yi coming out and explained immediately, “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any idea about you. We signed the contract and the two parties can only share the room voluntarily, so! So tonight I went to sleep next door!”

Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao playfully, and suddenly wanted to tease her, “OK, no problem. But you just looked at me, how are you responsible?”

“Responsible?” Su Zibao was stunned.

Pei Yisha nodded his head in a serious way, “You must let me see it when you do it, and it will be even.”

“Shameless!” Su Zibao was very upset .

Pei Yi nodded seriously, looking at Su Zibao sincerely, “You were indeed shameless…hahaha…”

Su Zibao scolded himself and stared at Pei Yi with indignation, but he also understood that he was deliberately teasing her. Suddenly thought that he married such a man, it seems… the life after marriage will not be as calm as she thought?

She seems to pit herself? I was still afraid that others wouldn’t agree to catch up and hang myself.

It was at this time that a maid knocked on the cell phone with Pei Yi left in the living room, “Young Master, Song Shao’s phone.”

Pei Yi took the phone and said at random, “Song Yingjie, the Spring Festival is worth a lot of money, if Nothing important, you will be waiting for beating tomorrow.”

“Why? Did I disturb you?” Song Yingjie teased at the other end of the phone, suddenly aggravating the tone, “Pei Shao, Luo Bingwan committed suicide, just now It was discovered that I have arranged for a private doctor to pass by. Would you like to go? If you are inconvenient… Also, today is your wedding night, or should I handle it?”

Su Zibao could not hear Song Yingjie say something What, I can only see the smile on Pei Yi’s face freezes, “I’ll come over immediately.”

“Why? What happened?” Su Zibao asked.

Pei Yi got up, his index finger tuned up Su Zibao’s head, and there was a slight smile in his tone, “Why, this started to investigate?”

“Dare not, you are free.” Su Zibao shrugged, this was written in the previous treaty , They do not interfere with each other.

Moreover, she also heard a bit of stiffness in his smile.

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