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Chapter 13 Luo Bingwan, I am married

At lotus community, villa.

Luo Bingwan is now the most popular singer of Dior Media, here is her very secret residence. The good voices in the entertainment circle are emerging one after another. The reason why Luo Bingwan can become a sister of the emperor in just two years, because she is a very rare creative singer. Now there are no shortage of good-looking singers and good-sounding singers, but there are too few singers who can compose and sing and dance, and have good looks and good stature. Luo Bingwan is very popular.

Although she is very cold and proud, but she has the strength, the emperor is willing to spend a lot of money to cultivate, and her fans like her so cold.

When Pei Yi arrived, Song Yingjie’s private doctor had already bandaged her wrist and received a nutritional injection. Because she is a public figure now, if you go directly to the hospital tomorrow entertainment headlines will definitely be her page.

Song Yingjie smiled bitterly, “I really don’t know what our big singer Luo thinks, the doctor said there is no depression, how can you not think about suicide. Pei Shao, is this because of you?”

Because Pei Yi is the emperor The ceo of Jazz Media, and Luo Bingwan is a sister of Jazz Media, the two were once rumored.

Pei Yi glanced at Luo Bingwan lying on the bed and said, “You go out first.”

Song Yingjie patted his shoulder without saying much.

“You come now and leave your newlywed wife, are you not afraid of her being unhappy?” Luo Bingwan is a beautiful embryo, very beautiful, but just looks cold.

Pei Yi sat beside her bed and said, “What do you want to do?”

“I just wanted to see if I committed suicide, would you still be able to lie down in another woman’s bed with peace of mind!” Luo Bingwan stared at Pei Yi, Beautiful eyes filled with water mist, suddenly picked up the remote control by the bed and pressed, the LCD screen on the wall immediately began to broadcast a news.

It was the live broadcast about his wedding tonight, and the picture of him carrying Su Zibao on the ship.

Luo Bingwan read it at least ten times.

Pei Yi frowned and said coldly, “Luo Bingwan, I am married.”

I was married. He summarized everything in four words.

“What about you, you don’t like her, you don’t like her at all! It’s just a business marriage, everyone knows it’s just a business marriage. Pei Yi, don’t deceive yourself!” Luo Bingwan clenched her fists, clamoring.

Pei Yi smiled disdainfully, “Then you think I will like you? Luo Bingwan, don’t deceive yourself.”

“If you don’t like me, why would you leave your newlywed wife to see me when you hear my suicide?” I, I saw it, you are worried about me! If you don’t like me, why can you sleep in the women of the whole city, but you don’t touch me, I am not the same in your heart, they are different from those people “Luo Bingwan definitely said.

Pei Yi stood up and looked at her from the top, “I came to see you, I don’t want the column of the emperor to fall down, just work. By the way, correct you a bit, if a man has no desire to go to bed with a woman, you think that Will it be like it?”

This sentence made a heavy blow, so Luo Bingwan could not break into the army.

“Don’t be so naive, Luo Bingwan, you’re not too small.” Pei Yi dropped this sentence and turned to walk out of the room.

Luo Bingwan looked at his back without the slightest nostalgia, tears could not help falling, Pei Yi, obviously you have loved me, obviously, you love me.

“Hero, you are here in Luo Bingwan. Well, her mental state is not very good. Your work at hand is stopped.” Pei Yi hung up the phone and said to Song Yingjie sitting in the living room eating fruits: “Cancel Luo Bingwan’s all itinerary arrangements within half a month, to arrange for her to travel abroad, Erow will be with her.”

Erow is Pei Yi’s personal doctor.

Song Yingjie chewed the oranges and said, “You, Pei Shao, I really don’t understand. If you don’t like Luo Bingwan, hold her like this, and even hear her commit suicide and even throw away her newlywed wife, now Bring your exclusive doctor over again, and arrange a half-month vacation for her to relax? So considerate, if I were a woman, I would like to marry you. But you have to like her, although your Pei family can’t marry entertainment The stars in the circle, but as you resigned from Pei Shao’s age, you really want to marry, and your old man can’t stop you.”

Pei Yi glanced at him, his eyes were murderous and awe-inspiring, unlike the usual dudes. children, Song Yingjie was once orange water choking, coughing flushed, no longer afraid to say, “I’ll arrange!”

said quickly pick up the phone number on a poke, “Kim sister do? Yes, Luo All of Bing Wan’s activities were pushed within half a month. What? Some can’t be pushed. The high liquidated damages company is reimbursed and pushed! Don’t ask why, it’s such a willful way to have money!”

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