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Chapter 14 Where is my dowry?

After Pei Yi left, Su Zibao removed the makeup and took a bath alone, lying on the empty bed, and the memories came like tide.

She was originally just an ordinary college student, but everything has changed since she met Xia Chengye in college. Like all stories of Prince Charming and Cinderella in this world, Xia Chengye satisfies Su Zi’s illusions of love.

In order to have enough qualifications to stand by this man, in order not to embarrass him, she forced herself to learn, to fight, to the position of Yun Ting Entertainment Director, to integrate into the high society, all just to be with him.

He said that the Xia family cannot marry entertainers in the entertainment industry, so she doesn’t even use her own name to create songs. Yun Ting Entertainment’s famous mysterious song producer has created countless singers’ mysterious leaves for Yun Ting Entertainment, which is actually her. Xia Chengye’s Ye, Su Zi’s purple, homophonic leaves.

He said that the family is fiercely competitive, and the other brothers each have their own companies, and the Yun Ting Entertainment he has received is the least popular. If he can make a performance in Yun Ting Entertainment, surpassing other brothers, he can become the heir of the Xia Family To be able to marry her. Before that, he could not have a civilian girlfriend, which would destroy the family’s assessment of him. So she was just the woman behind him, not even telling her closest parents.

She had worked hard for his company, had not slept for a few days in order to write a publicity plan, had made the work into a TV series for the popular writer Shen Xi, and Shen Xi, who spent a year to grind for a while, saw her to hide and finally created In addition, the two TV series that watched Changhong and the four movies full of venues.

Yun Ting Entertainment has transformed from a small company into the leader of the entertainment industry, like a business myth, who knows that this obscure woman has devoted eight years of her youth and all her hard work.

And everything, just because of love.

She dismissed how many people offered her a high price. How many people pursue this strong woman, she only has him in her eyes.

Oh, the murderer who killed her family with three hands!

Now as soon as he closes his eyes, Su Zibao can see the fire full of eyes and see the three charred bodies on the scene of the car accident on TV.

Sleepless at night, tossing and turning. Hateful.

Su Zibao got up from the bed, twisted off the bedside lamp, changed a set of black dress, went out and stopped a car, destination, Haicheng Cemetery.

After spending all night in the cemetery, bearing in mind his hatred, Su Zibao returned to the villa again. At this time, Pei Yi hadn’t returned yet, but she didn’t feel sleepy at all.

At the beginning, it was said that if they married Pei Yi, they would divide half of their family property. She needed this money as the initial capital, otherwise how could Xia Chengye step on her feet.

Xia Chengye, for Yun Ting Entertainment, in order to inherit Xia’s family property, deceive her, and kill their family, she now wants to take away everything he has.

Let him lose all this and watch him die before he can relieve her hatred.

“Mrs. Shao, are you going out? Your subordinates escort you.” The driver Pei Xiaochuan said immediately.


Zibao smiled politely, “Thank you, go to Su’s house.” “Hole.” Pei Xiaochuan responded and drove Su Zibao back. I thought to myself, didn’t you say that Mrs. Shao was a rude and rude girl? How do you see it is actually quite easy to get along with, not so terrible?

When I arrived at the Su family, I was catching up with my family for breakfast. Su Jianguo, my mother, Lin Xuejiao and my sister Su Jiaxin were all there, but Su Liya and Su Zhenzhe were not there.

“Baby, why did you come back in the morning? Why did Pei Shao? Why didn’t he come with you?” Lin Xuejiao smiled when she saw Su Zibao, happy, “Mother Hui, add a pair of tableware to Missy. “

Su Zibao sat down next to Lin Xuejiao and smiled, “Pei Yi has something to deal with, just because I have something to find my father, so I came by myself.”

“Why? Are you going to buy something? Clothes, shoes or bags, Mom will buy it for you.” Lin Xuejiao said immediately, and stared at Su Jianguo with his eyes, “What are you doing with your dad, his money is reserved for his bastards? Yes, when did you buy something for you? He doesn’t love you, mom loves you.”

Su Zibao was helpless. It turned out that he was such a “buy, buy, buy” image at home.

“No, something serious.” Su Zibao couldn’t help crying.

Su Jianguo snorted coldly, “What other business can you do? Just look at you and you know that it must be a disaster, let’s say, what’s the matter?”

Lin Xuejiao looked nervously at Su Zibao. In the past, Su Zibao had no trouble, and every time she pretended to be a good baby, there must be only two things.

First, buy buy buy. Second, find parents to clean up the mess.

“No, I just came to ask my dad. At first my grandfather’s will said that if I marry Pei Yi, half of my family’s property would be my dowry. What about that?” Su Zibao asked openly. She wasn’t so kind to ask about the occasion of the wedding yesterday. In fact, she didn’t even know how much she did. And where is this dowry, she hasn’t seen it yet.

As soon as this remark came out, Lin Xue Jiao gasped and giggled, “It turned out to be asking this. Well, my baby knows that he has planned for himself when he gets married, and it’s considered growing up. I told you this before, and you don’t like to listen. You can rest assured that although your dad is partial to those two, but your grandfather’s will, he dare not fool you.”

Su Zibao’s image of a “good baby” listened to her mother’s comment.

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