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Chapter 15 Can’t see you eat

“This dowry is divided into two parts, the first part is 50 million worth of real estate, 50 million deposits and percent from the Su Group Twenty-five shares. These real estates have houses, woods, and land. The real estate certificate and the 50 million deposits are stored in the Swiss bank. The shares will have income every year, and they will be taken care of by someone. As soon as he opened his mouth, Su Zibao froze.

so much! She didn’t even know that her family was so rich. The wealth of the Su family is worthy of being one of the four giants of Haicheng, and worthy of being a century-old family. This 50 million real estate plus 50 million in deposits is 100 million, let alone 25% of the shares, but there are millions of dividends every year.

As long as the Su Group does not fall, this income is permanent. Even if Su Zibao has done nothing since then, she can feed her to death.

Of course, now these belong to the common property of the husband and wife, but it is no problem to feed her and Pei Yi.

“For your 100 million real estate and deposits, we have arranged overseas financial planners to take care of it. The annual income is not comparable to dividends, but there should be a lot, which is more than the increase in interest rates of banks.” Lin Xuejiao added Sentence, continue to say: “The second piece is the investment fund of 200 million yuan. In the name of your husband and wife, we commissioned Su Group and Pei’s Royal City Real Estate to cooperate in a business investment plan. Together with Pei Yi accounted for 70%, Su Group and Yucheng Group each accounted for 15%. You and Pei Yi just waited to collect the money, the other don’t care. The investment to do, Su Both Shi’s Group and Yucheng Real Estate will do well.” Lin Xuejiao touched Su Zibao’s hair and said, “My good daughter will rest assured that my mother won’t let you lose.”

Su Zibao was stunned. Two billion investment, one billion. The property, 25% of the shares of the Su Group, this is her dowry.

But, no, this money, the mother did not say that she could control it. In other words, these things belong to her nominally, but she has no right to use them?

“Mom, you didn’t tell me the bank card password of the Swiss bank.” Su Zibao looked innocent.

Su Jianguo said in a deep voice, “Just know what the hell you are doing, I tell you, don’t even think about the Swiss title deposit passbook deposit, you can’t use it until you are thirty. The annual dividends of the Su Group also exist in Switzerland. On the bank card, the financial planner will pay 100,000 yuan to your personal account every month. If you are a luxury, if you are the owner, no

matter how big your family property is, you will be defeated!” No! Seeing that she could not eat, how could she use the money to enter the mall and fight against Xia Chengye?

“I promise not to spend money, I want to start a business!” Su Zibao said sincerely.

Su Jianguo showed no mercy, “No! What kind of career can you create? You haven’t graduated from university, and you haven’t gone to work in a company. What a mess.”

“Mom!” Su Zibao knew that it was useless to find his father. Looking at my mother.

But unexpectedly Lin Xuejiao, who spoiled Su Zibao on this issue, stood on the united front with Su Jianguo, “No! The mother should take care of everything else for you. This will not work. If you think you have less than one hundred thousand pocket money per month , I will let you play a little more over there, but I can’t start a business. Baby, you don’t know that the shopping mall is like a battlefield, it’s not that fun. Be good, let’s stop it. Wait for your next mom to take you out to go shopping Anything you buy is counted as mine.”

“Mom! I want it too!” Su Jiaxin immediately raised his hand.

Lin Xuejiao smiled, “Well, go

everywhere .” Su Zibao sighed, yeah, with Su Zibao’s previous actions, unless Su Jianguo’s mind was squeezed by the door, it would definitely be impossible to give Su Zibao the money.

But without initial funding, how would she kill Xia Chengye, would she start by selling songs? Let alone three years, thirty years will not necessarily kill him.

In the next breakfast time, Su Zibao struggled for his reason, but his parents were firm, and even Su Jiaxin persuaded her. Su Zibao finally understood that the one hundred million real estate and deposits were her parents’ guarantee for her life’s food and clothing, and the two of them went away one day later, and the money was left to Su Zibao, so it was absolutely impossible to move .

The investment of those two hundred million yuan can be considered.

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