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Chapter 16 You still don’t know what your husband is doing

“Dad, even if he is cooperating with the Pei family to invest, why not let Pei Yi be responsible, but let Pei Qisheng?” Pei Qisheng is Pei Yi My second brother, the successful business man I saw at the wedding that day.

Lin Xuejiao wondered, “Baby, haven’t Pei’s business management been separated? Yucheng Real Estate and Shengshi Jewelry are under Pei Qisheng’s care, and Diage Media has been assigned to Pei Yi. Our cooperation with Yucheng Real Estate Project, even if the income is yours and Pei Yi, it is impossible for Pei Yi to intervene.”

Su Zibao finally found out where she was stupid. She still hasn’t figured out that Pei Yi is the owner of Diage Media, and Yucheng Real Estate and Prosperity Jewelry is managed by Pei Qisheng.

How did she forget that this was also the case with the Xia family before? The family group involved in all walks of life, and the nephews underneath took care of different industries and did not interfere with each other.

Wait, Diager Media! Entertainment circle! The company had dug Su Zi before, but Su Zi didn’t flick them at that time. In the entire entertainment circle, Diager Media is nothing, but their company has a singing queen Luo Bingwan, so it is still a little famous.

Compared to today’s Yun Ting Entertainment. However, she can create Yun Ting Entertainment, and she can create a second Yun Ting Entertainment!

As long as she is given time, as long as she is invested, she will be able to.

“Dad, why do you want to cooperate with Royal City Real Estate and invest in Diager Media? That is my husband’s company!” Su Zibao said quickly.

Lin Xuejiao chuckled and laughed, “Look at this girl before marrying and protecting Pei Yi. It’s really the water from the married daughter.”

“Sister, you don’t understand this, Yucheng Real Estate is famous in our country. Real estate group can only make money by cooperating with them. As for Diager Media, it’s just Pei Sanshao’s play, a small entertainment company, how could it be possible to invest in them.” Su Jiaxin took it for granted.

Su Zibao reorganized his clues again, only to find the mess. Although she read Su Zibao’s memory, Su Zibao returned to her country, and she only had Han Li and luxury goods in her eyes. How could she know these things?

She must sort it out carefully, or even she herself feels unreasonable.

“When will this investment start?” Su Zibao asked.

Lin Xuejiao thought for a moment and said, “It has only been possible to talk to Yucheng Real Estate about the business plan in the last two months. After all, it is an investment of 200 million yuan. You should also prepare well over there. Baby, you can rest assured that your mother will stare at you. “It’s okay.”

Su Zibao whispered secretly. For two months, no matter what, the property of Pei’s family and the industry of Pei Yi should be clarified first. Then come to talk about investment with Dad.

The family ate breakfast, and on the way back, Su Zibao finally learned about the Pei family.

The Pei family business is larger than the Xia family and involves all aspects of real estate, catering, jewelry, clothing, and entertainment. There are two brands in the Pei family business that can rank in the top five in the country.

One is Yucheng Real Estate Group, and the other is Shengshi Jewelry. In addition, some industries can only be regarded as small and medium-sized.

Diager Media is one of the small and medium industries. The most important industry of the Pei family was handed over to Pei Qisheng, and only one was thrown to Pei Yi.

They are all biological sons, and I don’t know how the difference is so big? Think of the boss of the Pei family because they are soldiers and do not take care of any company, and then look at the way Pei Yi is so careless, Su Zibao seems to understand.

Even he dare not hand over the two major industries to Pei Yi. Under Su Zibao’s investigation, after he took over Diager Media, the entire company was basically not profitable under his care. The only celebrity entertainer was Luo Bingwan. That is to say, a big company is supported by this pillar.

If there is no Luo Bingwan, then Monarch Media really does not know what will be completed. Especially in the entertainment industry where the elimination rate is so fast.

Su Zibao looked at the information in his hand and shook his head. Pei Yi didn’t take the Diage Media seriously. With his attitude, the Pei family would definitely not be able to give him the Royal City Real Estate or Shengshi Jewelry.

But if you don’t get these two brands, the investment of 200 million yuan is even less likely to be given to Diage Media.

Su Zibao thought about it carefully, but decided to start with Diager Media. Because the company that Xia Chengye personally manages is Yun Ting Entertainment, if she wants to break down his company, it means that Su Zibao’s entry point must also be the entertainment circle.

If Diager Media can improve as soon as possible and prove the strength of Diager Media, Dad does not necessarily have to invest in Royal City Real Estate.

I didn’t expect that Pei Yi was still the CEO of Diager Media. No wonder Song Yingjie frequently mentioned Emperor Media before, but she did not pay attention to it at the time. No wonder they still have entertainment newspapers in their cars.

When I returned to the villa, I saw that Pei Yizheng and Song Yingjie didn’t know what to say. As soon as Su Zibao came in, the chattering Song Yingjie immediately shut up, but Su Zibao also keenly heard words like Luo Bingwan.

Su Zibao’s eyes stared at Pei Yi, and Song Yingjie thought that this rumored and frightening Su Jiaqianjin was to blame Pei Yi for staying out all night. Pei Yi’s hands and watery eyes were bright, “Are you the president of Diager Media?”

“Cough…” Song Yingjie, who held the opening speech for a long time, directly sprayed the coffee from his mouth, “You don’t know you yet What is the husband doing?”

Su Zibao was awe-inspiring. Indeed, Pei Yi, had never been clear about what her husband was doing, or did he know from the mouth of his mother that he was the CEO of MG Media.

But these are not the key points. The key point is that she can finally go to the field where she is best at fighting with Xia Chengye.

“I want to enter your company!” Su Zibao stared at Pei Yi, one by one.

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