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Chapter 17 Satisfied with Me

Pei Yi was stunned, and then laughed with a sneer. “Pei’s wife can’t be a star, don’t make trouble.”

“I don’t want to be a star, I want to be Superintendent.” Su Zibao opened the door and straightened his chest.

Song Yingjie exaggeratedly shouted, “No, Miss Su, do you know what the director is doing?”

“Exactly the position of the director of the planning department, responsible for the planning of all the company’s projects, controlling the company’s entire annual plan, coordination All departments work directly responsible for the president.” Su Zibao said very professionally, but let Song Yingjie stunned for a moment, looked at Pei Yi, what did she want to do?

Pei Yi was still in that casual look, and yawned lazily, “Well… the back of the book is not bad, remember to go to school after the wedding leave, this year’s exam should not be suspended, good.”

“My school status has been transferred back Haicheng University, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of Country Z, is now a summer vacation, not a wedding leave, no need to go to school! And this is not my test materials!” Su Zibao said immediately.

Pei Yisha nodded his head, “No need to go to school, so… Su Zibao, do you like Venice or Provence?”

“Provence is the season of lavender bloom, and the windmill farm should be very beautiful. However, the hot summer or the medieval aquatic castle is even more so. People have good feelings,” Su Zibao replied.

Pei Yi snapped his fingers and said to Song Yingjie, “Book two plane tickets to Venice.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Su Zibao only responded. “Pei Shao, go…what’s going to Venice?”

“Summer vacation, take my little wife to spend a honeymoon.” Pei Yi reached out and rubbed Su Zibao’s hair, his actions were spoiled, it was almost drunk on his handsome face and the gentleness of his lips.

but! The topic was distracted, what honeymoon, she wants to enter the media.

“Wait! I’m telling you about going to Diager Media. You come here and I will tell you alone.” Su Zibao turned the subject back and dragged Pei Yi’s wrist directly into the room while Song Yingjie was still there Beside, some words are not suitable to speak in front of him.

Pei Yida let her pull it, and followed her casually to get up. She still didn’t forget to tease, “Don’t go to the bedroom during the day, this is not very good. I’m a serious man.”

Song Yingjie looked Holding their backs, they could not help laughing secretly.

The door slammed shut, Pei Yi stood back against the door, Su Zibao’s eyes stared at him, his eyes burning with longing, it seemed that something was brewing.

Pei Yi licked his lips lightly and his voice was magnetic and full of color. “Why, after seeing me last night, I can’t wait now? It seems that my little wife is very satisfied with my body.”

“Bah!” Su Zibao’s face Yi Hong, he was interrupted after thinking about it for a long time, and all his momentum was lost. He had to dryly say, “Do you know my dowry, the one hundred million real estate and deposits, and the Su group’s percent Twenty-five shares, we can’t move. Only after the age of 30, we have the right to use. Now at most, we give some pocket money.”

Pei Yi nodded, “I know.”

“Then do you know the value of two million yuan? The investment is the cooperation between the Su Group and Royal City Real Estate? We can’t intervene. Although 70% of the income is high, it still exists in the Swiss account, which means that it can’t be used before the age of 30.”

Pei Yi continued to nod. I know.”

“Pei Yi, grandpa can’t manage the Royal City Real Estate for you. The two hundred million investment is given to them, don’t you think it’s too bad? This is something for us, investment should also be invested To Dijue Media! Why invest in Yucheng Real Estate!” Su Zibao was filled with indignation.

As long as Pei Yi is interested in the investment of these two billions, she can propose to Pei Yi to enter the Emperor Media on the condition of winning the investment of two hundred million.

Unexpectedly, we Pei Sanshao disagreed and said, “We leave everything to Royal City Real Estate to do it. Let’s wait to get the money without doing anything. Why are you losing money? As for you, you don’t have to worry about it. The day I was there, I didn’t need to. Worried about not spending enough money.”

“Pei Sanshao, Pei Qisheng won the two most important brands of your family. Both Yucheng Real Estate and Shengshi Jewelry belonged to him. You are also the son of Pei’s family. You don’t want to rely on Diager Media Scramble?” Su Zibao was really helpless to this young master and hated that iron was not steel.

Pei Yi’s beautiful eyes blinked, “Not interested.”

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