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Chapter 18 Give her a chance

Su Zibao’s face will inevitably show a touch of disappointment. I wanted to make Pei Yi squabble, but people were not interested at all, let alone let her enter the Empire Media.

“Okay, let’s talk, what the hell do you want to do?” Pei Yi was very satisfied with the expression on Su Zibao’s face, and his lips raised a secret arc. This little woman actually wanted to provoke his emotions, so that he and her hated the enemy.

Really regarded him as a hairless kid who was not involved in the world.

Su Zibao deflated his mouth, “I want to enter Diager Media to prove to Dad that Diager Media has this strength, and strive for those two hundred million investment, even if we don’t give it to us, we can’t give it to Yucheng Real Estate. In fact. I want to use my ability to make some achievements within two months. A 50 million capital injection should be able to win.”

“Reason.” Pei Yi spit out two words. Why must she enter the Diage Media? Looks like it has ulterior motives.

Su Zibao took a deep breath and said seriously, “Because I want to enter the entertainment industry, I want to make Diager Media the first giant in the entertainment industry. I want to prove my ability.”

I want to break Yunting Entertainment, I To Xia’s Group go bankrupt, I want Xia Chengye to die! I want to avenge my parents who died injustice! I want to avenge myself.

This is the most real reason.

Pei Yi suddenly turned around, his left hand propped against the wall, which became Su Zibao standing against the wall, and his handsome face was getting closer and closer, and a tempting smile on his lips, magnetic The voice has an intoxicating charm: “The reason.” It is

still a simple word, clarifying the words that she did not believe. I don’t know why, in the face of this famous dude in Haicheng, Su Zibao has a very clear intuition.

Don’t fool him, don’t try to deceive him, otherwise, you will never get what you want.

“I… you might not believe it.” Su Zibao gritted her teeth, and simply let out. “I was to avenge Su Zi!”

There was a trace of inquiry and interest in Pei Yi’s eyes, and the slightly raised corner of her lips signaled her to continue.

“I…I actually have a good relationship with Su Zi. Although I am in the United States, I often video chat with her. I know everything about her. So I also know a secret. Su Zi did not die in a car accident. She was killed by Xia Chengye was killed. I don’t have any evidence. I’m saying that, you don’t believe it, but it’s true! I want to avenge Su Zi, I want to enter the entertainment world, I want to break Yun Ting Entertainment, I want to kill Xia Chengye!” She stumbled when she first said it, but when it came to the last paragraph, she was decisive.

The bitter hatred seems to have been inscribed deep in the bone marrow.

Pei Yi’s eyes flicked for a while. This legendary straw bag vase is completely different from the straw bag. In the three years of studying in the United States, the changes have changed as if I were a different person.

“I know you think I’m just a student, but I will all Su Zihui, she… she taught me a lot of things, I can guarantee that I can be a good planning director. You only need to give me a chance, two months, Within two months, if I can’t make Earl Media’s profits 10% higher than before, then I will never mention this. But if I do, I can win investment from my dad. Please let me take care of the Emperor Media.” Su Zibao’s low-eyed face lifted, her eyes filled with tears but she refused to fall down and stared at him, her tone was stubborn and persistent. “Please, Pei Shao.”

Su Zibao dare Directly telling Pei Yi to deal with Yun Ting Entertainment, it is because the peers are the enemy, if the Emperor Media is going to rise, it will definitely match Yun Ting Entertainment.

This is also the first time she tells an outsider what she has to do after rebirth, and it will also be the last one.

Although she only knew him the next day, the man was her husband, and they went in and out. Many things can’t be concealed at all, it’s better to treat each other frankly from the beginning, and to give each other a better impression.

Pei Yi’s narrow and narrow eyes narrowed slightly, this reason is more unreliable than what she just said to prove her ability.

But in his judgment, the second reason seemed to be her true thoughts. He didn’t care about the thing between Su Zi and Xia Chengye, as long as she had ulterior motives, it was better not to deal with him.

The flame of revenge at the bottom of the eyes is a familiar feeling, they are the same kind of people.

Of course, he would not believe so easily. But even if this woman wants to play tricks, let her try, and what she wants to do will be exposed sooner or later.

And if she can really do it, maybe she can still be a good helper, and he deserves this opportunity.

“Shout my name.” Pei Yi leaned closer to Su Zibao’s ear, and half of his cheeks were crisp with warmth.

Su Zibao didn’t understand how the young man’s thinking jumped here again, and he said, “Pei Yi.”

“Well, I will go to work at Diage Media tomorrow, eight o’clock in the morning.” He stretched his finger gently between her foreheads With a flick, a slight curl of smile remained in his eyes, and he turned to open the door and walked out of the bedroom.

Su Zibao touched the spot where he bounced his heart, and still felt a little unbelievable, he… he really agreed!

He was not interested in the two billion investment, and he promised to make Diager Media the first giant in the entertainment industry. She did not want to revenge at the end. She even wanted to revenge Su Zi. Even she herself felt that this reason was nonsense.

But he agreed.

For a moment, the handsome evil face was so warm.

Su Zibao exhaled gently. Did you see your parents? I finally took the first step.

Su Zibao sat in the back seat, dressed in a well-dressed professional attire, slightly applied makeup, and looked like a female lady in an urban workplace. A dazzling diamond ring on her slender fingers was the only embellishment.

“Well, mom, rest assured, just as I said yesterday, yes, I’m almost there, I won’t say it, I’ll ask you to go to the sauna next time.” Su Zibao said while hanging up the phone, closing the information in his hand, looking at the more and more The closer the emperor’s mansion’s lips raised a light smile.

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