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Chapter 19 Collective resignation

Pei Yi agreed yesterday, Su Zibao and his father Su Zibao on the phone for investment. Anyway, the cooperation with Yucheng Real Estate is still too early. Su Su promised to watch first See more. If the performance of Diager Media can be increased by 10% within two months, Su Guoqiang is willing to invest 50 million yuan. With this money, it is much better to invest in TV dramas and movies or to tap artists.

Although Diage Media is just an ordinary entertainment company, it is an enterprise under the Pei Group. It is located in Beimen District, Haicheng. There are several buildings and office accommodations in the office building. Even if Di Media does not Prosperity, but also the talents of all departments are well organized.

The information in Su Zibao’s hand came from Pei Yi. The company’s internal profile, including the personal information of the executives.

“Miss Su, you are welcome to join Diager Media. My name is Xu Fan, Special Assistant of President Pei.” The car just stopped at the door of DierMedia. A black suit wearing gold-rimmed glasses looks very elegant. The young man took a step respectfully and drove the door for Su Zibaola.

Su Zibao smiled politely at him, “Su Zibao.”

“President Pei has already told me that Director Su is welcome. The company has prepared a meeting for Director Su. Will Director Su go directly to the office or take a break?” Xu Fan asked Road.

Su Zibao froze for a moment, his airborne director really needed to say hello to everyone, this is also common in other companies, nodded at Xu Fan, “Come on.” In

the office on the top floor of Emperor Media, standing in front of the French windows Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao coming out of the car and looked down at the watch on his wrist. It was half an hour ahead of 7:30, but it was on time.

“Pei Shao, you didn’t return home last night, she definitely thought you didn’t come to the company today.” Song Yingjie obviously didn’t sleep well and yawned, “Surely Su Zibao goes to work on the first day, don’t you go down and support? What attitude was it that I reported to you yesterday. If there is any problem, I will cry your little wife at that time, so don’t blame me for not reminding me. She hasn’t graduated from college yet.”

Pei Yi didn’t answer, and Mei Feng wrinkled slightly. “Should you be the director of the artist department, should you prepare to go to the meeting?”

“Yes, Master President.” Song Yingjie yawned again and rubbed her red eyes. Wearyly said, “I drank with you last night and accompanied your wife to work during the day. I really owe you. I went down, oh yeah, tell her, are you here?”

“No.” Pei Yi sits Back on the leather sofa, a pile of thick resignation reports and a joint application form were placed on the red sandalwood wooden table, many of which were the backbone of the senior management of the Earl Media. If these people are gone, the Diager Media will not be able to maintain basic operations. And this thing appears because they collectively boycott the airborne director.

He doesn’t care whether the company is losing money or making a profit, but doesn’t she have a two-month contract? If you can’t balance the pile of resignation reports, don’t try to win.

He wanted to see what she would do.

When coming out of the elevator, Xu Fan whispered, “Director Su Airborne Media, has no college diploma, so everyone’s attitude is not… well, not very friendly…” More

than unfriendly, with the encouragement of interested people, they resigned collectively Forcing her to leave in the name. Because Su Zibao’s current position as the director of the entertainment planning department is only under the president, which is very eye-catching and touches the interests of some people.

Su Zibao did not show any cowardice, and smiled at him friendly, “Thank you for reminding.”

When the door of the meeting room was pushed open, Xu Fan was embarrassed for a moment, and the empty meeting room was empty. What’s going on, didn’t you inform everyone of the new director’s meeting?

Su Zibao Dai frowned, and a familiar voice came from behind him: “Aha, I said I was going to be late. Everyone hadn’t come yet. It happened, it took the first place.”

Looking back, it was exactly Song Yingjie with a hippie smile.

“Beautiful! Miss Su really shines today, the beauty of the workplace!” Song Yingjie smiled and praised, looked around and shrugged, “However, today, it seems that only me can appreciate it, they didn’t This blessing.”

With that said, he walked to his position and sat down on his own, stretched out on the table and said, “Sleepy. Oh yeah, Miss Su, I saw a bunch of resignations in the president’s office just now. letter, and a joint application for refusal of entry you. …… how are you going to do? “

so it is. Although their method is a little bit fierce, Xia Mawei is also her expectation.

“Xu Fan, did everyone come to the company today?” Su Zibao asked, with no change in his complexion.

Xu Fan immediately replied, “All come to work normally, and should be in their place now. Director Su, if you wait a moment, I will go and notify them now.”

“No need.” Su Zibao sat down in the meeting room. In his position, he pulled out his notebook from his carry bag and smiled politely at Xu Fan, “I know you are Pei Yi’s special assistant, and the computer has reached the international top level. It shouldn’t be an invasion of our company’s computer. Difficulty. Ten minutes, is it enough?”

Xu Fan froze, raising his hands immediately. “Ten minutes, no problem.”

But how did the lady know his computer skills?

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