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Chapter 20 The Powerful and Domineering Director Su

The planning department office, Lu Xinlei sat in front of the computer with a sneer on his lips. Thirty years old this year, she is the planning director of Diager Media.

Pei Yi hasn’t taken over the Earl Media since she was already in this company. Later, Pei Yi became the CEO of the company, but the young master basically didn’t care. Apart from installing Song Yingjie and spare no effort to hold Luo Bingwan, there was no other action.

They never interfere with the operation of the company, and they have a comfortable life. But now that a planning director who hasn’t graduated from a university has been airborne, she made it clear that she wants to be the head of their group or her immediate supervisor. How can she be reconciled? Who can convince everyone?

Simply agreed not to appear, submit a resignation report, give Su Zibao a dismount.

“Director Lu, we’re not so afraid, that’s the wife of the president. What if she gets angry with the president and really expels everyone?” A woman in the planning department looked at the time on the computer. It was half past eight, and now the meeting room was empty, and the other party was definitely angry.

Lu Xinlei smiled disdainfully, “I’m afraid of anything, just to let the wife of the president know that we are not letting her squeeze. Otherwise, she will become a director with a lady who knows nothing, we can’t produce three Yue will definitely go bankrupt, and everyone will be dismissed at that time. It is better to give her a dose now and let her retreat. If she wants to be a named director in the future, it does not matter, as long as she does not point fingers.”

“Yeah , General Manager Lu made sense. The former director of the music department also said so.”

“Yeah, if this matter is really serious, the Pei Group will not let her expel us. She is a university Isn’t it a joke that students who have not graduated come to serve as directors?” After

hearing everyone’s opinions, Lu Xinlei was more proud. It was at this time that everyone’s computers in the company collectively had a black screen. When everyone was strange, the screen turned into a snowflake and flickered, and then a delicate and elegant face appeared on the computer screen.

She has a typical face of melon seeds, a pointed chin, big watery eyes, thick and long eyelashes fluttering like feathers, a noble smile on her lips, noble and elegant, demon but not charming, clear and unadorned, At first glance it feels impossible.

“I’m sorry to meet you in this form, but it doesn’t matter. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Su Zibao, and I am currently the director of entertainment planning for Emperor Media.”

Everyone was stunned, watching this invasion. Airborne Director of all computer systems.

“Regardless of whether you intend to resign, as long as you are still in Diager Media, please read the employee code and understand what an employee should do. If you decide to resign, you can go out now, so you can leave. But all Haicheng doesn’t have a lot of work like the media treatment of the emperor. The emperor will not stop if you want to go. I want to think about it again. I will trouble you to pick up the job at hand.”

“You, the music department Supervisor He Tao!”

Through the screen, the long fingers seemed to point to He Tao’s face. He Tao looked at the woman on the screen, her words were round, and she shouted his name accurately.

“This summer’s music production budget plan for Diager Media, I will immediately arrange a copy for me. From the day I joined, my position has been effective. Without the music budget plan signed by the director, the finance will not approve. So if you still If you want to make the “Ban Xia” album, please give me the plan before leaving work today.” Su Zibao said here, he turned his head slowly and slowly, “As for the head of the finance department, you have received your resignation report. You can go back now.” From today, Xu Fan, temporarily acting as the head of the finance department.”

He Tao froze, how did she know that the music department is now planning an album with the theme of “Ban Xia”? Not only remember his name, but also know what the music department is doing now.

Peixili in the Finance Department was unbelievable, staring blankly at the screen. Why was I suddenly resigned?

Xu Fan next to it is not clear. So, why did I suddenly become the head of the finance department?

“You, Du Juan, the director of the film and television department, as far as I know, there is a movie about to be released in the cinema in your department. Why haven’t you even started the publicity? The planning department is eating it? Come to me with the material of your movie The office, as well as the heads of the Operations Department and the Propaganda Department also came together. There is also Song Yingjie, the head of the artist department, to arrange the artist’s schedule. I will see all the signed artists of the company tomorrow…”

She pointed to the computer screen and issued Orderly instructions. Obviously came to work on the first day, but he knew the whole media. Remember the name of each executive, know what each department is doing now, and even a small music producer in the music department has been named by her alone.

On the first day of work, she was collectively rejected by her subordinates, but her strong invasion of all computers still performed the duties of director.

“Okay, that’s all I want to say. I don’t think it’s necessary to welcome this kind of thing. Only the next formal meeting, I hope everyone will not be absent. If we can cooperate happily, two months later, all the incumbents Staff, all wages have risen by 30%. I am very happy to meet you and wish you a happy job.”

After finishing this sentence, Su Zibao tapped the keyboard lightly, and all the company’s computer screens went black, and then returned to normal.

Song Yingjie was stunned, and after a while he turned back to his head, giving thumbs up to Su Zibao, “Great! Powerful and domineering!”

Su Zibao smiled at him implicitly and patted Xu Fan’s shoulder next to him: “With the first grade certificate of an international accountant, do This finance should not be a problem? Come on, I didn’t expect Pei Yi to have such an all-rounder beside him, so I lent you to me for a few days.”

Xu Fan wanted to cry without tears, “I… I have to go first Look for the president to apply.” In the

office of the president on the top floor, Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao, who disappeared from the screen, and raised a slightly upward arc on his lips.

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