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Chapter 21: Meeting Love Enemies

Su Zibao looked through the information in her hand, and since she had set a two-month period with her father, she would go all out. In the emperor, Luo Bingwan was able to get a hand after a song, and Su Zibao also intended to work on Luo Bingwan.

The LCD screen is the most authoritative music list of Z country, Yin Yuetai. At this time, in the new song on-demand ranking, the top three places were all contracted by Yao Lianyi.

Yao Lianyi was created by Yun Zi after the song by Yun Ting Entertainment. Su Zi wrote countless songs for her, released several albums, and dozens of concerts. It is the hottest diva in the entertainment industry today, and now these three lyrics are produced, all of which are signed leaves.

She was also a good sister of Su Zi during her lifetime, but at this time, Su Zibao thought of the last words on Xia Chengye’s phone.

“Do you really think that Yao Lianyi treats you as a sister? She hates you the most, how do you think your high fever would burn your throat? In fact, she deliberately put a heavy medicine in the water you drink, that is I’m worried that you don’t hold her, but sing yourself. Your voice is broken, you will write lyrics and composition, and you can only let her sing. You can’t go on the table, and she is in front of others. Yes, of course I know Yao Ripple did it, to stop my mouth, her bed time is really good.”

The voice of hate is still in the ear, but it can also make Su Zibao more sober. For Xia Chengye, she never thought of walking from behind the scenes to the stage, wholeheartedly turning her good sister into a song. But she caused her to ruin her throat and went to bed with her boyfriend, and Xia Chengye even concealed it for her. Perhaps Xia Chengye also hopes he can never sing.

Girlfriend and boyfriend, a couple of dogs and men.

“Director Su, Director He is here.” Assistant Fan Yan knocked on the door.

Su Zibao’s eyes moved away from the Yinyue stage, he packed his emotions, and a decent smile appeared on his face, “Please come in.”

He Tao is the director of the music department and is currently working on the “Ban Xia” album. She has read the album information and the song is okay, but it is not enough for the fire.

Re-changing the title song, listing on Yueyuetai, and taking advantage of Luo Bingwan’s fame and ranking to release the album, it is bound to achieve good sales.

This is also the first step that Su Zibao wanted to do when he entered the Diage Media. If the album was sold well, the agreement with his father would be more than half successful.

“Director Su.” There was a trace of nervousness in He Tao’s eyes. They did not take the young woman who had not graduated from this university into their eyes. Is it because of their collective resignation now, after the fall?

Su Zibao gracefully gestured to him to sit down and said, “I have seen the Pinellia album. This is specially made for Luo Bingwan, right? Some songs are not bad, but the title song will be changed. I plan to change After meeting with Luo Bingwan, I prepared a few songs for her to be included in this album. This is the track I kept after screening, and the others will be kept for the first time.”

He Tao took the folder, Su Zibao almost screened Half of the songs were dropped, but her vision also surprised He Tao. As the head of the music department, He Tao’s own musical literacy is not low, and these remaining songs are basically good for him.

“This album will be released next month, and now the title song has not yet been decided, is this a child’s play?” He Tao hesitated. It’s one thing to change the title song temporarily, and where the eldest lady is going to tease Luo Bing’s song, is it better to be better than the original title song?

Su Zibao smiled and said, “I will come up with the track in half a month. Director He is assured.” The

two discussed the specific matters of the album again. It may be that Su Zibao was too powerful in the morning, or maybe he was waiting to watch half The song that Su Zibao produced later will be considered later, and there is no objection, and he is very cooperative.

One morning, Su Zibao successively received the executives of Diager Media, and basically understood the operation of the entire company. It wasn’t until I finally read the artist schedule given by Song Yingjie. Why did Luo Bingwan go abroad for a vacation?

Called Song Yingjie’s cell phone, Su Zibao said, “Can I arrange for me to meet Luo Bing?”

“I ca n’t do this. Pei Shao took her half a month off, and now people are abroad.” Come to Song Yingjie’s laughter, “But since it was our Director Su who invited me, I will call her agent over there now. As far as she can’t come back, I dare not call this elder lady, you still have to Ask Pei Shao.”

Su Zibao politely said, “Thank you.”

Song Yingjie hung up the phone and looked at Pei Yi sitting next to him, teasing and laughing, “Pei Shao, your little wife’s offer to meet rivals. You said I was helping her. , Or help her to make an appointment?”

Pei Yi

lay loose on the leather sofa and looked up at him, “What a waste.” Song Yingjie pulled the phone and explained to Sister Jin that Luo Bingwan didn’t know Speaking of something, Sister Jin complained: “Song Shao, Bing Wan said that he was unwell, and he wanted to extend the vacation, and he wouldn’t be back for two months. Please tell Pei Shao.”

He hung up the phone when he was finished.

Song Yingjie spread his hand, “Pei Shao, one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, only said that Su Zibao came to the emperor, Luo Bingwan will not come back. What should I do? Su Zibao is now working on the “Ban Xia” album, Luo Bingwan will be in vain if he can’t come back. “

Luo Bing won’t come back, and there is nothing good in the artist department.” A clever woman can’t cook without rice. What should Su Zibao do?

“She doesn’t want to come back, just let her.” Pei Yi said lightly, his narrow and long eyes deep, I didn’t know what to think.

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