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Chapter 22 there are ethical rogue

Su Zi Bao meditation, she wrote hundreds of songs to heritage, as Luobing Wan tailored suits her best songs is not difficult. This is why Su Zibao dare is so confident.

But if Luo Bingwan is not there, it will not be so smooth.

She has only two months, and she also guarantees that she can bring Luo Bingwan’s reputation to a higher level, which is a win-win for both parties.

But at this time, only Luo Bingwan could come back, only Pei Yi. Thinking of this, Su Zibao opened the phone book, and there was a smile on his face, “Pei Shao, where is it?”

“What’s the matter?”

Pei Yi’s voice on the phone was slightly lazy, making Su Zibao think he should The long-legged girl still lying on the bed did not get up.

“Want to see you chanting.” Su Zibao closed the folder in his hand and glanced at the wall clock next to him. At 11:30, it was time for get off work.

Pei Yi seemed to smile, “Want to see me? Turn left and go straight.”

Huh? What do you mean?

Su Zibao Dai raised her eyebrows lightly, got up from the seat, and left the director’s office. Turning left is a corridor, and the innermost one is the president’s office.

In the entire top floor, there are only two offices, an open cafe living room with a very large area, and a reading room. The two offices are located at the north and south ends of the top floor, with a long promenade in between. Pei Yi didn’t like to be disturbed by others. He used to be alone, and Su Zibao took the job to give her the empty room.

“Are you in the company? Impossible, I haven’t found anyone coming since I came up in the morning.” Su Zibao walked all the way to the door of the president’s office, looking at the closed door, a trace of doubt flashed across his face.

There was no sound on the other end of the phone. Su Zibao raised his hand, thinking about whether he should knock on the door. There was a deep voice behind him, with a three-pointed laugh in his words, “Why don’t you see one day, like the third autumn?”

Su Bao Zi thought he was inside the office, I did not expect this man suddenly appeared behind, startled, back against the door in shock patted chest dramatic ups and downs, “how do you like cats, walking no sound?”

Behind Pei Yi in a white suit, burgundy tie, with one hand on the door, the other hand holding a cup of steaming coffee, it seems that he just came from the cafe.

His eyes fell on her chest, and the look on his eyes was inexplicable. Su Zibao covered her chest with both hands. Today she wore a very close-fitting shirt. Just now when nobody was in the office, she unbuttoned two buttons, breathable. I just came out on the phone and forgot about it.

From this point of view, it was good spring.

Pei Yi suddenly lowered his head, close to Su Zibao’s cheek, and warmed his breath, “Lace is pretty.”

Su Zibao flushed with a sudden face, “Rogue!”

Why come to him every time, obviously for the sake of seriousness Things can be so ambiguous that he makes the atmosphere so ambiguous.

“Then you want to see the gangster, do you want the gangster to do something to you? This blue sky, the gangster also has professional ethics.” Pei Yi teased his hand and pressed his finger to the fingerprint switch next to it, opened the door and paced Go in.

Su Zibao quickly buckled up the forgotten clothes button and walked in behind him. This was the first time he came to Pei Yi’s office. It was spacious and bright, with a desk on the left, a sofa on the right, and a bedroom suite in it.

Putting the coffee on the table, Pei Yi leaned back on the desk, looking at Su Zibao, “What do you want to eat during lunch?”

“Just whatever.” Su Zibao raised the wording.

Pei Yi picked up the phone and didn’t know who said to him, “Two copies.”

“Pei Shao, I came here to ask Luo Bingwan. I know she has a half-month vacation. The new album has some arrangements, I hope to see her and talk about it in detail.” Su Zibao raised a formal smile, said.

Pei Yi put down his phone, “Not half a month, two months.”

“What do you mean?” Su Zibao frowned.

Pei Yi yawned and said lazily, “That is to say, Luo Bingwan will not return for

two months .” Wasn’t it exactly the time she and her father agreed for two months? What does it mean?

“Pei Shao, what do you mean by that? You haven’t come back for two months, so what about the “Ban Xia” album?” Su Zibao asked.

Pei Yi looked at her, the handsome face still had a gentle smile, but there was no emotion in the deep ink pupil, “Luo Bingwan is unwell, I have allowed her a two-month leave. All announcements are suspended, and the “Ban Xia” album can be recorded after her vacation. Of course, if you want to release the “Ban Xia” album now, you can pick any artist in the company, whoever you want. Yes, anyone can sing, except Luo Bingwan.” Just like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

No matter how good the song is, sing a song after singing and a newcomer, the effect is absolutely different. And she also checked the information of the entertainer department. The singer in the Earl Media is only Luo Bingwan worth cultivating. The rest are simply unusable.

No matter the voice or appearance, it is far behind.

Even if she writes the best song, she needs the perfect voice to sing the soul of the song to achieve the most shocking effect. Without Luo Bingwan, how can she make the album hot, and how can she make the Earl’s earnings rise by ten points in just two months.

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