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Chapter 23 Luo Bingwan is sick

“But… but there is no one else in the company except Luo Bingwan.” Su Zibao looked to Pei Yi, Shui Ling’s eyes were sincere, ” Is Luo Bingwan’s disease very serious? I told my mother, my mother knows a few experts, what kind of disease? You can also go back to China for treatment, and strive for an early recovery.”

Elro’s phone yesterday said that Luo Bingwan was all in good health. It’s just that because of a bad mood, the mood is not stable.

The reason for the bad mood is that Pei Yi was married.

To put it bluntly, Luo Bingwan was angry that Pei Yi was married, and Pei Yi wanted to let her relax before she sent her abroad. But now she heard that Su Zibao was in the position of Emperor Media, and she didn’t want to come back in an instant, so she made her uncomfortable and said she would not come back.

In fact, I just don’t want to see Su Zibao.

Pei Yi recalled these, but just said lightly, “Luo Bingwan is sick, I have granted her leave. No matter what you want to do, find someone else.”

If Luo Bingwan does not come back, the album plan will not succeed, the emperor benefits If you don’t go up, you won’t get your father’s investment. Without investment, we cannot develop the Emperor Media, we cannot step on Xia Chengye, and we cannot avenge ourselves and our parents.

She is alive now for revenge, and no one can stop her from taking revenge.

“Pei Yi, Dijue Media only has such a talented artist, and my dad’s agreement is only two months. If Luo Bingwan doesn’t come back, many plans can’t be successfully implemented. Qiao women can’t cook without rice!” Su Zibao I was really anxious and said, “Although Luo Bingwan is a sister of the emperor, it is far worse than Yao Lianyi. I can also guarantee that this time she will take her career to a higher level! You will follow her again Contact me.”

Pei Yiwo was on the sofa, took the coffee next to him, and took a soft sip. “Luo Bingwan was sick.”

He answered only this sentence from beginning to end.

Su Zibao bit her lip because she was wrong. She even thought that even if he didn’t help her, she would stand on her side anyway. At the very least, she wouldn’t let Trojan Media disorganize her desk. Knowing how important the two-month agreement was to her, knowing how important Luo Bingwan was to her at this time, and knowing that she was going to avenge her, but he just looked on with cold eyes.

The apparent half-month vacation has now suddenly become two months, and the so-called illness is even more perfunctory.

Su Zibao’s past life has been fought for many years, how can he not see the water in this sick leave. Luo Bingwan was only afraid of not being ill, but just didn’t know how she offended her and didn’t want to see her.

Just like the collective exclusion of executives this morning.

She can hold the executives, but at this time, she cannot always go abroad to find her when facing Luo Bingwan who doesn’t know where.

“Okay, I see.” Su Zibao clenched his fists and got up and walked out.

Pei Yi did nothing wrong, he was just her nominal husband, but the disappointment in her heart could not be contained. Yesterday, he tenderly promised her to enter the Emperor Media, which surprised her.

Today, his coldness is like pouring a pot of cold water down to make Su Zibao sober.

He is willing to help, she is grateful. Not willing to help her, that’s normal. Even if he wants to help her opponent, she can only accept.

“I ordered your meal.” Pei Yi’s voice sounded behind him.

Su Zibao said indifferently, “I don’t want to eat if I’m unwell. Pei Shao uses it slowly.”

Pei Yi looked at her back and couldn’t help but laugh. She even attacked him with “unwell”.

As soon as he left the house, Su Zibao touched Song Yingjie carrying a few big food boxes, “Huh? Su Zibao, where are you going? Pei Shao really, I’m almost at the door of the company I’ll go back and buy another one. Xu Fan was transferred by you, and there will be no suitable person at one and a half times, even let Master Ben take delivery in person, my old man did not call me so, how can I do it since I followed him Cows and horses, even the work of the takeaways is done…”

“Is Luo Bingwan seriously ill?” Su Zibao interrupted him, his bright eyes with a forceful edge.

The monk of Song Yingjie’s husband and wife was puzzled. “Isn’t sick? It’s not serious, isn’t it because I’m in a bad mood recently? Go out and relax… Bah! Look at my memory, yes, yes, sick! She’s sick!”

Su Zibao With a cold smile, “I didn’t just say that I was in a bad mood?”

“This…is this in a bad mood…that’s…depression!” Song Yingjie racked his brains and finally passed the words, “Yes That’s right, it’s depression! It’s serious. The doctor said to be quiet, and relaxing is conducive to recovery.”

Su Zibao looked at him for a long time, and Song Yingjie, who saw him, felt sweating in the back of his head. Why didn’t you think this Su’s straw bag had such a terrifying look before?

“I was still wondering how the Peugeot’s industry fell into disappointment, but now I finally understand it. Even the company’s entertainers want to go to work and go to work on vacation, but one can imagine how the company usually fights. Reasonable.” Su Zibao put aside this sentence lightly and turned towards her office.

Luo Bingwan will not come back, and Pei Yi will not let Su Zibao find her back, but don’t think she will give up.

The big deal is to write a good song first, and then find someone to sing. There is no Luo Bingwan, but she still has to go all out on this agreement.

In order to avenge her, she will never give up!

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