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Chapter 24 does not want to be spitted

Su Zibao went back very late. When she went out, there was no one but the security guard in the media.

In the hall, the maid is arranging the meals on the table.

“Why are you cooking?” Su Zibao looked at the hot meals on the table and wondered, “Pei Yi is at home?”

It is no longer the normal meal time. Although the maids live in the backyard of the villa, they are not instructed, are they? May come without permission to cook in the owner’s house.

The housekeeper Pei An laughed, “Welcome Mrs. Young to come home. The young master is not at home, but the young man ordered, the younger lady came back later today, let us prepare dinner.”

Su Zibao stunned, seeing Pei An continued: “Young lady As soon as the door of the media was released, the security guard called and I prepared them. I didn’t know if it suits the taste of the young lady. I burned some specials. If the young lady doesn’t like it, Chinese food, Western food, home-cooked food, pasta, steak, curry can be replaced at any time.”

Su Zibao looked at the table and took a deep breath.

Pei Yi remembered that she hadn’t eaten all day. While talking about Luo Bingwan being sick, he was so thoughtful that people made these preparations. He had no affection for her, but it did not prevent him from spoiling her.

Their famous couple, Pei Yi did this enough.

“Well, I know. Thank you, you have worked hard.” The

long marble dining table, Su Zibao sat down to eat alone. The housekeeper and the maid retreated, and the empty mansion felt empty.

After eating, Chu Mei began to write lyrics on the sofa in the living room. Although it was already an information age, she used to use paper and pen every time she wrote something. Time passed bit by bit, and the stack of manuscripts in front of Su Zibao was written and painted, and then painted and changed.

Originally Su Zibao was planning to write songs for Luo Bingwan, but now she is not there. In the end, who is writing for whom there is no soul? Such a state of mind is rare, staying in the middle of the night, the manuscript was not written, and Pei Yi did not return.

Su Zibao played with the water-based pen in his hand and glanced at the wall clock on the wall. It was already two in the morning. He looked habitually towards the entrance and suddenly laughed at himself. What’s wrong with me? Is it waiting for Pei Yi to come back?

His wedding night will not return to the night, and the soft fragrance of a playboy like him is a common thing in Huai Ben. Now it seems tonight that he doesn’t know where it is and will not return.

Su Zibao put aside his pen and didn’t know what he was thinking. After the rebirth, nothing went smoothly. When I woke up, I met the original owner and jumped into the sea to escape the marriage. Finally, a contract saved the marriage. At the wedding, I was met with a scum man who was destroyed. I was almost killed by the scum man. I finally married Pei Yi successfully and thought I could get it. The dowry.

But it turned out to be nothing but a mirror.

In order to get the funds, he almost revealed his secrets to Pei Yi before he entered the Diage Media. On the first day, he encountered the resignation of the collective resignation of the executives, which was just resolved. This was immediately met with a sister of God. dry.

It’s really fateful.

But in order to avenge her, no matter how dangerous the road ahead, she will cross one by one until she broke Xia Chengye’s company and family and killed him to avenge her family.

For this goal, come on.

At this moment, there was a stern voice outside the door, and Song Yingjie helped Pei Yi, who was drunk, walk in, and saw Su Zibao stunned, “Huh? Su Zibao, are you still asleep?”

“How are you here?” Su Zibao quickly stepped forward and helped him hold Pei Yi together.

Song Yingjie also drank too high, “I sent him back to chant. You don’t know that the women in the bar are too ruthless, seeing our Pei Shao as if seeing the bones, it’s like one or two rushing up, this will not get drunk. Pei Shao is coming back, but this group of girls is disappointed… Bah, you see what I say in front of you, I won’t do it anymore, Pei Shao will leave it to you, I will go back first.”

With that said, Song Yingjie let go, and Pei Yi’s entire body was pressed against Su Zibao, and she was nearly crushed by the heavy weight.

“Hello, you wait, drink so much wine, just sleep in the room.” Su Zibao said.

Song Yingjie waved his hand, “all right, outside the driver. It …… so, hey, Pei less to you, strong and healthy, delicious fresh meat, take your time to enjoy, do not hesitate.”

He said unsteadily He went out and closed the door.

Su Zibao’s pretty face was stained with a blush. Sure enough, she was all the way with Pei Yi, and there was no serious person.

The smoke of the sky made Su Zibao frown unconsciously, and didn’t know how much the man drank. The clothes smelled of alcohol. Su Zibao looked at the sky too late, and did not want to disturb the maid, and helped Pei Yi to the sofa.

But he was too heavy. One did not stand firm and the two fell together on the sofa.

The heavy Pei Yi pressed firmly on Su Zibao. He was 1.8 meters tall and looked thin, but Su Zibao saw his eight abdominal muscles, and at this time, he could not push Su Zibao.

“Pei Yi!” The

figure on the body responded with a vague voice, and the narrow and long eyes drunkenly dazzled, looking at Su Zibao, “Huh?”

Fortunately, he could still hear the words. Su Zibao let out a sigh of relief and nudged him, “Get up!”

Pei Yiban stood up with his arms propped up, his eyebrows slightly curled, and seemed a little uncomfortable. Su Zibao was about to take the opportunity to get up and saw him like this, knowing it was uncomfortable and wanted to vomit, But he was facing her now.

God, she didn’t want to be spit out by Pei Yi!

Between the fire of calcium carbide, Su Zibao reached up and picked up the manuscript next to him, and quickly spread it under his mouth. At the next moment, the sound of the drizzle dripped the manuscript.

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