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Chapter 25 I will accompany you

Su Zibao gave up holding Pei Yi, changed to dragging, and finally got him into the bedroom. After filling the pool with water, he threw only his underwear into the bathtub, wiped it dry and dragged it back to the bed. At this time, he went downstairs to clean up the residue he just vomited and saw the manuscript that had been thrown into the trash can. He smiled helplessly.

She pondered all the work of the night, and he vomited it all at once.

But it was too dangerous, almost spitting her face. Thinking of this, Su Zibao chuckled unconsciously.

Suddenly, the flash of light flashed and Su Zibao quickly picked up the pen and wrote down. However, I only remembered a little bit. I was a little worried about the person on the bed. I almost vomited her just now. I wouldn’t know if I was sleeping peacefully, so I went to the bedroom.

Pei Yi fell asleep peacefully in bed, and seemed to return to normal after vomiting. Su Zibao yawned while sitting beside his bed, but he was caught by his hand.

“Don’t go.”

Su Zibao looked at him in surprise and said dreams? After earning, he was so tight that he couldn’t get rid of it.

“Alan.” An

unfamiliar name came out of him. Su Zibao looked at him and smoothed down the celebrities in the Haicheng circle in his mind. He did not think of a man named Alan.

Who is this person, and what is Pei Yi’s relationship? Forget it, even if it has anything to do with him, it has nothing to do with yourself.

She is just his nominal wife. It has long been stated that he will absolutely not interfere in his private life.

Even if there was a bright moonlight hidden in his heart, and what about the night singing, all she had to do was get what she wanted while she was still Mrs. Pei Sanshao.

Unconsciously, Su Zibao slept on the bed.

In the haze, it seemed that something was dangling on his face, Su Zibao stretched out his hand, and the hair in one hand instantly woke up.

When I opened my eyes, Pei Yi teased her with her hair. When Su Zibao woke up, she raised a noble smile. “Su Zibao, the sun is drying her ass. Can you sleep so hungry?”

“Ah!” Su Zibao A carp sat up, “What time is it? Damn, I forgot to set the alarm clock last night, and I will be late for work.”

Su Zibao hurried to work, completely forgetting that he was sleeping on the bed with Pei Yi.

Seeing this scene, Pei Yi, who was leaning on the bedside table, pulled her into her arms and pointed her index finger at her head. “Using your brain, today Saturday.”

Su Zibao let out her breath. “Yes, today is On Saturday, I still thought I was too late to be late the next day at work… “

Relax, Su Zibao turned over in Pei Yi’s arms and was planning to sleep again and feel stiff instantly.

and many more!

How can I stay with him on a bed? Thinking of it, he took his hand last night, and he couldn’t break free and let him pull it.

Then…and then fell asleep?

Wake up in the morning, it is on a bed! Su Zibao touched himself, his clothes were still there, and his body felt nothing special. It seemed that nothing had happened.

This was a relief.

“Pei Yi, where is my room?” Su Zibao asked. She took care of him until midnight last night, and it would still feel sleepy, just Saturday, to make up a little more time.

Pei Yi pointed to the bed, “This.”

“Then where do you live?” Su Zibao asked again. The next time he was drunk, he helped him to his room, lest he wake up in the morning with such an embarrassing scene.

Pei Yi looked at her lazily, with a meaningful smile on his lips, “This.”

“You…you mean, you want to live with me?” Su Zibao’s eyes widened. Didn’t they sign the contract, do the same room depend on voluntary?

Pei Yimei’s eyebrows lightened, and a narrow smile cast a playful smile, “Otherwise? Newlyweds, sleep in separate rooms. Do you want everyone in the whole city to know that our husband and wife are different?”

“But …” Su Zibao still felt inappropriate.

Pei Yi rested his arms behind his head, not looking at Su Zibao, and said lazily, “You can rest assured that Pei Sanshao has never been a strong man. But since you marry me, you have to take care of Mrs. Pei’s reputation. People think that we are quite affectionate, lest Grandpa worry. Of course, if you have any needs because of sleeping next to Ben Shao, such as wanting to take a bath towel, pull a small hand, or even further… I will accompany you in the end.”

Said By the last four words, Pei Yi’s eyes fell on Su Zibao, his husky voice revealing the temptation.

Su Zibao’s face was black, “Who wants to go further with you.”

“That might be, anyway, I remember, you see me once, pick once.” Pei Yi said as he opened the quilt, exposing the white quilt, Guang Guang’s naked body grilled by Su Zibao yesterday.

On the other side, Pei Xili was complaining to Pei Qisheng, “Second lord, Su Zibao is too much. I worked hard for the media, but she fired me as soon as I came. I did nothing wrong.”

Pei Xili is the emperor. Chief Financial Officer. Regarding finance, Su Zibao will naturally be in control, which is the lifeblood of a company.

Compared with Pei Xili, the person who united to resign her to Mawei, Su Zibao made him resign by pushing the boat, and Xu Fan, who was arranged, was also his own and could control the overall situation.

Pei Qisheng and Pei Yi are somewhat similar, with a cold face, “I heard that you wrote your resignation letter.”

“That’s more than I wrote it alone, so many people wrote it, but she dismissed me, and I didn’t see it. She dismissed others.” Peixili refused.

Pei Qisheng said coldly, “Fool. Finance is the most important part of a company. She naturally wants to be in the hands. My third brother used to be a playboy. In addition to holding Luo Bingwan, everything else doesn’t matter. Finance is not in your hands. Mind. Now that Su Zibao has entered the company, she has seized the power of finance. It seems that this woman has some skills.”


“Your surname is Pei, but together with those outsiders to bully Mrs. Pei. No one will make the decision for you even if you report to the board of directors. But you can’t be the chief financial officer. I can insert you in other departments. You continue to return to the media and stare at her to see what she wants to do. “

Thank you, Second Lord, rest assured, I must be watching Su Zibao firmly!”

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