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Chapter 26 Tonight I Go to Her House

Su Zibao to enter the Imperial Media, and gradually adapted to Mrs. Pei’s identity. Pei Yi deserves the name of the first playboy in Haicheng, fooling around outside every day, but now that he is newly married, he takes care of the face of the Su family and returns home every night no matter how late.

Su Zibao also wrote several songs one after another, which were included in the Pinellia album. It’s just that the biggest trouble now is that Luo Bingwan is not here. Who should sing this song.

Moreover, Ban Xia’s main song “He’s Not a Lover” is playful and cute. Even if Luo Bingwan is willing, it doesn’t meet the temperament of her beauty. The inspiration for this song comes from Pei Yi.

Such a person will remember that she didn’t have a meal to explain to the housekeeper to prepare dinner, but because Luo Bingwan was tit-for-tat against her, he was good and bad for her, and she was detached.

Every gentleness is like a surprise. Every coldness is also sober.

The tune is lively and cheerful, and the lyrics are diametrically opposite to the general grievances of this type. The way of self-spitting is somewhat unique.

Many people have also met such a person who treats themselves as detached. If this song is released, it will surely resonate with many people. And the lyrics are catchy and easy to sing. Now it is necessary for someone to be able to sing the taste of this song.

Everyone in the artist department, Su Zibao, has seen it. Indeed, as in the material, there is no one that meets the standards.

Song Yingjie has accompanied Su Zibao tossing enough these days, and said, “Director Su, Miss Su, you have seen all the people in the department, and I can’t help these people. The emperor’s family is small. If you want to find someone like Luo Bingwan, it’s really difficult. You don’t think it’s too late. Tonight, a group of beautiful women also asked me to go to KTV, so I will go first?”

“Go. “Su Zibao was looking through the documents without looking up.”

Song Yingjie was about to go out and suddenly remembered something, saying, “I almost forgot, Pei Shao asked me to call you together.”

“Ah?” Su Zibao looked blank, “What do you want me to do?”

Song Yingjie said, “What else is there, it’s hilarious. Everyone knows that we have married Pei Shao and his wife is Su’s parents and daughters, but you only came back to China, everyone I don’t even know you. It’s not because I had coaxed Pei Yi to take you to play. Pei Shao saw that you have been busy with work and refused. This is not exactly tomorrow Saturday, and you don’t go to work and leave.”

Everyone Has its own circle. Pei Yi is now willing to take her into his circle, which is also rare.

“Okay, I know. You go first, I go back to change clothes, you tell me the address, I will go by myself.” Su Zibao glanced at his professional attire.

Song Yingjie snapped her fingers, “Okay. Dark night KTV, where you went last time.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, Su Zibao wore a wine-red dress with long hair slightly curled around her waist and painted a light makeup. Carrying a bag out.

The driver Pei Xiaochuan sent Su Zibao to the dark night KTV. Su Zibao asked at the front desk which private room Pei Yi was in, and the waiter immediately led the way. Just walking into the aisle, I saw a woman wearing a black miniskirt with smoky makeup stuck in front of a man.

The man was wearing a plaid shirt with dark blue printed patterns, dark coffee-colored trousers, and high-heeled black leather boots. Although he could not see his face, only looking at a back was his handsome young man.

With a white cigarette in between his fingers, he has burned half of it, and a wedding ring on his ring finger, a low-key luxury.

Su Zibao looked at her back and felt familiar. When she saw the ring, she immediately recognized it. Not really, their wedding ring.

Exclusively customized, no one in the world.

Pei Yi!

Su Zibao had planned to go to the box directly with the waiter as if he hadn’t seen it, but they happened to be stuck on the road.

Thinking this way, the woman was approaching Pei Yi step by step while she was talking about something. Pei Yi stepped back step by step, just in the direction she was standing.

KTV music is very loud, but as it gets closer, it can also be heard clearly.

“Pei Yi, you stupid conscience, but my wife and baby called me sweetly! But now they are married to others, you tell me, what do you mean?” This is the woman’s voice, three points wronged Spoiled.

“Zhao Yuanyuan, I said this to at least dozens of girls. If I had to marry them back, then my family wouldn’t be able to let go.” Pei Yi’s voice was still lazy, and he retreated casually as he spoke.

Zhao Yuanyuan shyly angrily said, “Sure enough, men don’t have a good thing, and they don’t recognize people when they wear pants.”

“I said the same when I took off my pants.” Pei Yi brushed the dust, “What do you want to do, Zhao Yuanyuan?”

Zhao Yuanyuan looked at Pei Yi with emotion, and strode forward to Pei Yi. “Since you got married, you haven’t spent the night outside. You don’t want to miss others, they miss you. How about going to my house tonight?”

” Don’t make trouble.” Pei Yi also took a big step back, but he didn’t want to. His back obviously felt like a soft thing.


Pei Yi turned his head and saw Su Zibao standing beside the aisle. Today she is wearing a slim cut-out hollow-shouldered gauze skirt with a ruffled skirt underneath, dotted with drop-shaped crystal stones. The delicate and enchanting face was only slightly powdered, and it looked fresh and refined, bright and moving.

At this time, his little wife was looking at him with a look of “I’m just a passer-by, ignore me”.

When did Su Zibao come? As such, she heard what Zhao Yuanyuan said just now? Although Pei Yi didn’t mind being dashing outside, he didn’t show interest in showing love to other women in front of his wife. Seeing this, he simply stopped and took Su Zibao in his arms: “Sorry, I’ll go to her tonight Family.”

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